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7 crucial tips to refine your mobile email etiquette



If you still include “Sent from my iPhone” at the bottom of your messages, it’s time you thought about the etiquette of sending a mobile email.

According to data collected in the most recent U.S. Consumer Device Preference Report, nearly 63% of emails were opened on a mobile device, while only about 37% were opened on a desktop computer. With more and more people opening and sending emails on their smartphones and tablets for both personal and professional communication, your mobile email…

Astronaut movie mashup gives you chills colder than space



Finally, a movie mashup that is out of this world — and galaxy.

Space movies typically feature two hours of pump-up speeches delivered by visually breathtaking coaches that remind us to dream big and follow wherever adventure takes us. You’ve probably never walked out of a good space movie without wanting to climb a mountain, finish cleaning your room or something else really ambitious

Use Movieclips‘ mashup of the greatest space and astronaut movies as your personal life coach.

Chinese hackers suspected in major U.S. Postal Service breach



The U.S. Postal Service has been hacked, and the likely culprits are Chinese hackers.

The USPS discovered a “cyber security intrusion” that may have compromised the personal data of its more than 800,000 employees, it said on Monday. But the agency downplayed the incident, calling it “limited in scope.”

The hackers “potentially” gained access to USPS employees’ personal data such as names, dates of birth, social security numbers and…

The lazy person’s guide to personal branding



You have a personal brand, whether you like it or not

Thanks to the Internet, everyone can present a shiny, online version of themselves as a quick way to cash in. Personal brands are no longer just for stars like Oprah or Beyonc

How a TV show from the ’80s shaped today’s leisure cruise industry



Embarking on an ocean cruise may evoke positive or negative feelings, depending on your prerogative: Maybe you envision a romantic stroll on the deck with an ocean breeze in your hair, or perhaps you imagine an outbreak of norovirus. Either way, cruises are as familiar to many Americans as apple pie.

But only relatively recently did leisure cruises — with on-board buffets, entertainment and ocean-view suites — became a popular vacation idea.

TripAdvisor’s ‘Just For You’ Feature to Offer Curated Results



TripAdvisor unveiled on Tuesday its “Just For You” feature, which personalizes results based on user preferences.

The company aims to shift its customers away from a one-size-fits-all search experience, and bring them results that adapt and improve over time based on the user.

“Just For You” recommends hotels based on personal data, such as where users have previously traveled. New search results will also vary depending on…

7 Tips for Using Social Media During Conferences



So, you’re attending a conference. You’ve paid the entrance fee, put on the best outfit ever, grabbed a big stack of business cards and made sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date.

The one piece of the conference puzzle I can almost guarantee you’re missing? Social media.

With the rise of platforms like Twitter and Instagram, it’s easier than ever for conference organizers to put their in-person events online in real time. And while this is great promotion for the conference, it’s good for…

Esquire Names Penelope Cruz ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’



Penelope Cruz is Esquire‘s “sexiest woman alive.”

Cruz, 40, is the 11th woman to be given the title by the magazine. Previous honorees include Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, Rihanna, Charlize Theron and Scarlett Johansson.

The Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Vanilla Sky actress tells Esquire that she had “an attraction to drama” in her teens and 20s but “could not be less interested now.”

Cruz is keeping quiet about her personal life….

Can All U.S. Hospitals Safely Treat Ebola?



A breach of infection control resulting in a Dallas health worker getting Ebola raises fresh questions about whether hospitals truly can safely take care of people with the deadly virus, as health officials insist is possible.

Even in the United States, with the best conditions and protective gear available, mistakes can happen that expose more people to Ebola, the new case reveals.

On Sunday, the federal Centers for Disease…

A Reddit Minecraft Community Talked a Teen Out of Suicide



Reddit users in a general discussion thread in a Minecraft subreddit helped convince a teen not to commit suicide on Sunday.

After posting his intent to take his own life, Redditor NotARomanGuy was flooded with messages and comments from other users on r/UltraHardcore who encouraged him to rethink his decision.

In his initial note, NotARomanGuy identifies himself by his Minecraft handle, CaesarOctavius, and details his lengthy…