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‘Dancing With the Stars’ Week 2: A New Leader Emerges



Last week, after the at home audience chimed in, four couple found themselves in hot water after the first dances of the season: Leah and Artem, despite having some of the highest judges scores; Betsy and Tony; Michael and Emma; and Keo and Lolo faced jeopardy of going home

Ultimately, Lolo and Keo met their demise, and while we couldn’t help but have sympathy for first-time pro Keo’s early exit, the show must go on and that it did.

Telenav Copies Foursquare’s Swarm With New Social App, HopOver


NFL’s Roger Goodell Just Had the Press Conference From Hell



Where is Roger Goodell? The football-loving world finally got its answer on Friday afternoon when the embattled NFL commissioner made his first public appearance in over a week to address his league’s spiraling domestic abuse and discipline crisis

It went downhill in a hurry. Goodell was criticized by current players on Twitter during the conference, a prankster interrupted him during the appearance before being dragged away, pundits on TV generally panned his performance afterward and NFL…

Facebook Won’t Budge On Letting Drag Queens Keep Their Names

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Dial Back: 7 Ways the Phone Call Has Evolved



Consider the history of the telephone call. In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell secured a patent that would go on to define the device for the majority of its commercial life. To say we’ve come a long way since then is an understatement that probably warrants its own busy signal.

Close to 140 years after Bell first spoke to Watson over a wire, our very concept of how we use the phone has transformed

Once mechanical objects with specific applications, for many of us, phones are now primarily our…

Why Facebook Is Deleting Drag Queen Profile Pages


12 Unique Apple Watch Bands We Want on Our Wrists



Tim Cook calls the Apple Watch the most personal device the company has ever created

We’d like it to be a bit more personal

The new Watch, which starts at $349, is highly customizable, with a variety of different bands, from leather, to stainless steel to fluoroelastomer. But much like the original iPhone case, it’s only a matter of time before third party designers start creating their own unique wristbands

There’s so…

Kick-Start Your Job Search in One Immaculate Day



Do you spend the first 30 minutes of every workday scrolling through job postings and fantasizing about the day you’ll leave and finally start working at a gig you love? Maybe you read all the advice you can find online about finding your passion and landing that dream job, but you just can’t seem to find the time to follow through.

Well, consider this your wake up call. You’re going to take a full day off from work, stop daydreaming about your new position, and actually do something that’ll…

If Ray Rice Never Plays Again, Please Don’t Credit Ethics



In the roughy 35 hours since a leaked video showed the world something everyone already knew happened — NFL star Ray Rice knocking his then-fianc

Say Goodbye to Summer With 18 Vintage Photos



Labor Day weekend has arrived. Pack away the barbecue, tank tops and beach days.

But before you think about cold weather and Pumpkin Spice Lattes, look back at summers of the 1970s documented by the National ArchivesPhotographers captured personal summer moments — everything from Florida retirees doing water aerobics to kids marching in a costume parade in Minnesota.

Farewell, summer. Read more…

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