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Who will replace fashion’s old guard?



At its core, the business of fashion is an endless quest for something new. Problem is, some of the biggest names are getting rather old.

Giorgio Armani and Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld are in their 80s, Roberto Cavalli is 74, and Bernard Arnault, chairman of the company that owns Louis Vuitton, turns 66 in May. Of these, only Cavalli seems ready to swap his sketch book for slippers, as he’s trying to sell his business. The rest present succession quandaries that could reverberate long…

5 tips for getting customers to stay loyal to your brand



I make no apologies for using the well-used analogy of comparing a brand’s relationship with its customers to that of a budding romance between two lovers. It’s a clich

Microsoft owes Windows RT an obituary



One thing that’s been a near certainty in the history of mobile devices: The operating system you’re using today won’t be around ten years from now.

Taken in the context of today’s duopoly of platforms, Android and iOS, that might seem like an antiquated notion; the latter was introduced almost eight years ago, and unless some drastic shift in consumer preference happens (which it has in the past), it seems unlikely that iOS won’t make it to the decade mark.

Unboxing the Microsoft Surface 3 on Periscope: The lightest Surface to date



Mashable’s Lance Ulanoff unboxes a Microsoft Surface 3 on Periscope for the first time. Watch a condensed version of the event in the video above.

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Social Media Mistakes: Are You Making Them?

When digital media is the way of the world, an online reputation is almost as important as a first impression. As we perfect our social media profiles, we do so with the intention of gaining respect and attention. All too often, however, we make avoidable mistakes that are potentially damaging and find it difficult to rectify those mistakes.

A good social media profile possesses certain items such as a straightforward image that could be used professionally or candidly. Due to the fact that…

Personal details of world leaders go to wrong email address because of autofill



That damn autofill

The Guardian has revealed, an unidentified officer at the Australian immigration department accidentally emailed personal details of world leaders to the wrong person ahead of the G20 Summit in Brisbane in November, 2013.

In a dinner party list to die for, the security breach included the personal details of U.S. president Barack Obama, Russian president Vladimir Putin, German chancellor…

Bindle Is Group Chat Without All The Noise

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The Guardian backtracks privacy allegations against Whisper



The newspaper behind a series of serious privacy allegations against anonymous sharing app Whisper has backed away from many of its claims.

The Guardian published several articles last October alleging the app collected and shared users’ personal data — including location — even when they had opted out of sharing such information.

On Monday, the paper removed an op-ed titled “Think you can Whisper privately? Think again” and issued a lengthy statement on the matter.

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Why Hillary Clinton couldn’t put two email accounts on the same BlackBerry



Hillary Clinton has finally spoken out about the controversy that has dogged her for a week since it came to light that she used a personal email server for her activities as secretary of state.

Speaking at a press conference Tuesday, Clinton implied that she prioritized her personal convenience, since she didn’t want to carry two devices on her: one for personal email, and one for her official business.

“It would’ve been…