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Say Goodbye to Summer With 18 Vintage Photos



Labor Day weekend has arrived. Pack away the barbecue, tank tops and beach days.

But before you think about cold weather and Pumpkin Spice Lattes, look back at summers of the 1970s documented by the National ArchivesPhotographers captured personal summer moments — everything from Florida retirees doing water aerobics to kids marching in a costume parade in Minnesota.

Farewell, summer. Read more…

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Looksee Debuts A Tinder-Meets-Instagram For Connecting Around Shared Photos


10 Things You Didn’t Know You Agreed to via Terms of Service



The terms of service, also known as the document you’re supposed to read before signing up for a site or platform, is a treasure trove of legal guidelines, rules and permissions that few people really care about.

But there are a few things you’re agreeing to, hidden within the jargon, that might change the way you use the web. Some permissions, like keeping personal information, protecting copyrights and preventing impersonation, are well-known and relatively innocuous. That said, there’s a…

George R.R. Martin Writes Back to Young Fan’s Heartfelt Letter



Who knew so many people want to be killed off by George R. R. Martin?

Martin’s wolf sanctuary crowdfunding campaign with Prizeo, through which fans could purchase an in-book death at the hands of the Game of Thrones author for $20,000, has raised more $450,000 — more than double its initial goal. While the two “martyr” slots available were both purchased (one by a Facebook employee), one young fan’s touching letter was enough to draw a personal response from the author

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IBM’s Watson Will Help Veterans Prepare for Post-Military Life



From Jeopardy contestant and customer-service agent to master chef, IBM‘s Watson supercomputer has taken on a number of roles in the past few years.

Now, IBM is partnering with United Services Automobile Association to put the world’s most famous supercomputer to a new use: helping members of the military prepare for civilian life.

USAA, which provides financial services to military personnel and their families, is rolling…

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Apple Denies Security Researcher’s Claims of iOS ‘Backdoor’



For the second time in less than two weeks, Apple is defending itself against claims that call into question the security of iOS.

The company has denied a security researcher’s claims that iOS has a “backdoor” that enables third parties to potentially gain access to users’ personal data.

The researcher, Jonathan Zdziarski, detailed the alleged security flaws in a presentation at the Hope X security conference and…

‘Halt and Catch Fire’ Episode 6 Recap: The Coding of a Soul



Can an inanimate object be infused with a soul?

In “Landfall,” Halt and Catch Fire’s sixth episode, that question is explored with computer operating systems, children’s toys, and — most importantly — series antihero Joe Macmillan, whose pathological lies and manipulative tactics seem to know no bounds.

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At Cardiff Electric, the prototype for the company’s mobile personal computer is up and running — but Cameron believes…

Tipcast Brings The Human Touch Back To Sharing


U.S. Appeals Court Rules That States Must Allow Gay Marriage



DENVER — A federal appeals court ruled Wednesday that states must allow gay couples to marry. The court ruled that the Constitution protected same-sex relationships and put a remarkable legal winning streak across the country one step closer to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The three-judge panel in Denver ruled 2-1 that states cannot deprive people of the fundamental right to marry simply because they want to be wedded to someone of the same sex.

Facebook’s Slingshot: A Prettier, More Desperate Version of Snapchat



After its accidental rollout and subsequent removal from the App Store last week, Facebook’s latest standalone app, Slingshot, has officially launched.

The app, the company’s latest (and likely last) effort to create a true Snapchat competitor, allows users to send disappearing photo and video messages. But Facebook isn’t framing Slingshot as a messaging app; rather, those who have been working on the app say it’s more a way of sharing what you’re up to at any given moment — a visual status…