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IBM Identity Mixer wants to better protect your personal data from hackers



Data breaches are everywhere. Be it Target, Home Depot or JPMorgan Chase, millions of consumers have lost personal data to hackers.

Personal data can be anything from an email address or phone number to something like your birthday or home street — things hackers want to get their hands on. IBM has developed a cloud-based cryptogram that it’s calling the Identity Mixer, and it makes it so that the services we use never even have access to our most sensitive personal information.

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Did Microsoft just become cool?



Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella set what he called a “bold goal” at the Windows 10 launch event Wednesday: “We want to move from people needing Windows to choosing Windows to loving Windows.”

Needing Windows? Certainly, with an installed base of 1.5 billion users, more than a few of us fall into this category. The decision to make you a Windows user can often be traced back to a corporate IT department a decade or more ago. Choosing Windows? Not when it comes to the more personal decision of…

Obama: Our data will be protected. Hackers: Nope.



President Barack Obama publicly announced the first of his initiatives aimed at improving digital privacy for Americans on Monday, turning his focus on students and consumers.

In the meantime, the Twitter and YouTube accounts of the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) were hacked by ISIS supporters on Monday as Obama rolled out his cybersecurity proposals. The hacking group, which calls itself Cyber Caliphate, posted several Pentagon documents, army rosters and other information.

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6 inspiring mantras to help you master work-life balance



As CEO of eight different companies, it’s become a conscious decision for me to maintain a positive work-life balance. Over the last 20 years of entrepreneurship, I’ve learned that the key to maintaining this balance is managing my time efficiently; to help myself and my fellow entrepreneurs achieve this, I created Taskworld, an online task management program

To further help balance work and my personal life, I abide by…


5 apps to turn your smartphone into a personal assistant



We all want a personal assistant

V.A. enlists IBM’s Watson to help veterans suffering from PTSD



IBM’s Watson beat the odds on Jeopardy! Now the big question: is it smart enough to help solve what ails the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs?

The past couple of years have been pretty rough for the V.A.. In June of this year, it got blasted for underreporting veteran complaints, which ran the gamut from slow response time to poor care. Eventually the Secretary of the V.A., Eric Shineski, resigned

The new secretary, Robert A. McDonald, appears to be presiding over a high-tech pilot…

‘The Newsroom’ finale stays true to the series — for good and for bad



The Newsroom ends, but the show goes on

That’s what we’re left with in the final shot of Sunday’s series finale: Jeff Daniels as Will McAvoy, back at his desk (sans cigarettes) ready to do The News

Sure, some things have changed. Pregnant McKenzie is now the news director at ACN. Maggie and Jim love each other. So do Sloan and Don. Neal is back and more self assured. But really, it’s the same old crew doing the same show

As a journalist, that…

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How drones changed the way we saw the world in 2014



Drones brought news junkies to new heights in 2014, allowing viewers to experience the scope and scale of international events like never before

Although the Federal Aviation Administration has tried to tighten regulations around the commercial use of drones, citizen journalists still embraced the technology.

From pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong to record-breaking snowstorms in upstate New York, reporters gained unprecedented access to some of this year’s biggest stories. Check out some…

With Lima climate talks entering critical period, Kerry tries to rally leaders to act



Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Lima, Peru on Thursday afternoon just as it appeared that the latest round of global climate treaty talks were on the verge of limping toward a dispiriting conclusion

Kerry has long been dedicated to moving the world toward a future with lower emissions of greenhouse gases blamed for causing global warming, and he challenged all nations, rich and poor, to overcome differences over draft negotiating text and take a crucial step closer to reaching a new…