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Fred Armisen jumps onstage with Blur, totally rewrites ‘Parklife’ lyrics



‘Parklife’ might be a very British ode to humdrum life in the city, but take Phil Daniels out and add in Saturday Night Live alumnus and musician Fred Armisen and you have a very different beast.

Armisen joined Blur onstage at the Hollywood Bowl earlier this month and completely rewrote the song, making it more appropriate for the LA crowd.

Out went dustmen, pigeons and sparrows and in came personal trainers,…

This new ad will convince you to never again judge a mom



We might not admit it, but we’ve all judged a mom at least once in our lives

We’ve looked down on the woman whose 2-year-old is crying on a plane, the friend who has a cesarean section, the co-worker who leaves early for her kids, the family member breastfeeding her toddler, the mom at the park whose children wander off

It’s human nature to see someone else’s choices, make a personal comparison and feel smug or superior — even if for…

Hillary Clinton slows Joe Biden’s roll with Democratic debate win



In the hours leading up to the first Democratic presidential primary debate, all eyes were on Vice President Joe Biden, the affable former Delaware senator said to be weighing his own presidential bid.

Would Biden parachute into Las Vegas hours before the debate, claiming the sixth lectern that CNN had saved in case he changed his mind? And even if he didn’t physically take to the debate stage, would his name or…

Not all queer people decide to come out, and that should be okay



When it comes to coming out, the biggest myth is that the experience fits a single stereotype: tears streaming down your face; a tough conversation; turmoil — even agony. And then, a light: in the end, it is relief. A celebration. A more authentic life.

But not all coming-out narratives happen the same way. For some, coming out is radically different than the stereotype. For some, accepting a queer identity is personal. The sound others hear is…

13 bloody amazing ‘Game of Thrones’ cosplayers



Brace yourselves: More cosplay is coming.

New York Comic Con was packed with plenty of cosplayers from every fandom, including plenty of Khaleesi (Khaleesis?), Jon Snows and a few Free Folk making the convention center floor their own personal Westeros.

One thing we’ve learned this weekend: You’ll never see a casual Game of Thrones cosplayer. Read more…

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Kendall Jenner goes topless for a shower photoshoot, which makes sense



Showering daily is a vital element of maintaining good personal hygiene and an active social life — just ask Kendall Jenner!

The model and reality star posed for photographer duo Mert and Marcus in Paris, washing off her eyeliner, sins and whatever else a busy model needs to scrub away

Water should be everyone’s must-have beauty product

The male top knot must die now



Dear Internet,

I’m David Yi, Mashable’s resident style dude. You may know me from that time I wore a dress to men’s fashion week, or when I styled puppies to look like dapper humans. Maybe I helped prevent your smelly summer scrotum

It’s safe to say I’m best known for writing about trends that bum me out, while pissing people off in the process

DSID Gross Face

Whether it was declaring beards a little trite, the heinous sin of open-toed sandals or why the boat shoe needs to capsize, my words seem to…

Drone captures beautiful footage of whales swimming near tiny human



Impeccable timing has led to a drone flyer capturing stunning footage of two whales swimming next to a paddle boarder off the coast of Esperance in Western Australia.

Jaimen Hudson, a local from Esperance, told Mashable Australia about the marvellous footage he managed to capture of two southern right whales getting up close and personal with the paddle boarder, his neighbour Dave Price.

“It just so happened that he was out at the time, and a few people let me know there were whales on…