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Privacy laws gutted in Australia’s court ruling on ‘personal information’



In possibly Australia’s most important privacy case to date, a Federal Court ruling Thursday dealt a severe blow to Australia’s information privacy laws by narrowing the definition of “personal information.”

Australia’s data privacy laws only protect “personal information,” which is defined by whether a person is identified or identifiable from data.

By reasoning that data is only “personal information” if a person is the actual subject matter of that information, the court’s decision means…

What a Soldier really gets from the U.S. Army



Cpl. Delgado has done more than sharpen his technical skills during his time in the U.S. Army. In addition to fixing essential equipment, he’s also building a path towards a future career in technology and science.

An important reminder on Donald Trump and ‘fake news’



President-elect Donald Trump just slammed BuzzFeed—one of the most prominent, visible media organizations in the world—as “a failing pile of garbage” during a Wednesday morning press conference.

The venom is a direct response to the news outlet’s controversial publication of an unverified dossier alleging close ties between Trump and Russia. The report contained unproven claims of a highly personal nature—some…

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BMW’s futuristic new concept car interior uses holograms



Functional holograms, TV screens, personal speakers and a living room in your back seat. The future of driving may be more advanced than expected.

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ facts that’ll have you racing to watch it again



The 2015 action film, directed by George Miller, was the fourth installment in the Mad Max franchise. With awards season upon us, we dug up some things to know about a film that had audiences fired up worldwide.

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Drone picks up delightful footage of a gray whale and her calf



On Sunday, a group of whale watchers off the coast of Laguna Beach, California, captured remarkable footage of a gray whale and her calf passing beneath its boat.

Single-wheeled GeoBlade electric skateboard is straight out of a sci-fi movie



LAS VEGAS — Last year, Hoverboard Technologies’ Robert Bigler came by Mashable HQ in New York to show me the Hoverboard, a skateboard deck with a disc-shaped wheel at its center.

As futuristic as the Hoverboard was, it was just too expensive at $4,000 for the fully-loaded model. With the product’s failed Kickstarter under his belt, Bigler returned to CES 2017 to show a cheaper version called the GeoBlade.

‘How I Met Your Mother’ writer gives ’70s sitcom reboot a personal twist



In her first sit down with Norman Lear, writer Gloria Calder