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Burnbook: What parents need to know about the controversial app



“This app was created to increase cyberbullying. There’s no other reason.”

So begins the current top review on iTunes for the controversial Burnbook app. The social networking service has made headlines across the country in recent weeks for bringing anonymous cyberbullying and threats of violence to American high schools.

The same reviewer goes on to say, “The app has become popular at my school and is specifically targeting a small…

The Chinese government tried, but failed, to keep these grannies from dancing



These grannies, as Taylor Swift once said, “can’t stop, won’t stop groovin’.”

For the past several years, millions of senior women in China have taken a liking to line dancing in public squares at dusk or at dawn. The grannies use this time not just to exercise, but also to meet other seniors and gossip about their lives

The wildly popular practice even broke a world record in 2014, when more than 25,000 line dancers…

Where are the mainstream TV shows about American Indians?



On television screens, American Indian characters are virtually invisible.

Despite the recent TV diversity breakthrough (see: Black-ish, Fresh Off the Boat, Jane the Virgin and the record-breaking Empire), native people as a whole are still largely left out of the picture on the small screen. They make cameos in subplots (e.gUnbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, House of Cards), but don’t get the reins to their own series.

Where are the shows dedicated to this country’s American Indians?

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Instagram Launches Layout, Its Own Photo Collage App


Betting on the second royal baby name: Favourites, odds and outsiders



With Prince William and Kate’s second baby coming into the world within a matter of weeks, we thought it would be interesting to take a look at what the current odds are for the royal child’s name

As is traditional in Great Britain, bookmakers — or “bookies” — are offering bets on names as diverse as James, Joffrey, Daisy and Diana. We spoke to some of the UK’s biggest bookies to find out which names people are putting their money on.

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Want Internet Explorer dead? Be careful what you wish for



I’ve been using Internet Explorer 11 all day. Not because I like it or want to, but to prove a point: Internet Explorer was never as bad as the critics said. Nor was it as good as Microsoft promised.

These thoughts occurred to me as I watched tech web sites and pundits prematurely dance around Internet Explorer’s nonexistent funeral pyreIt’s dead, they proclaimedDing, dong, IE is finally dead.

Except it isn’t. Nor will it be any time in the…

Oh hell yes: ‘Sharknado 3′ gets title and release date



It seems Sharknado 3 has been named after everyone’s reaction to the news that there will be yet another film: Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!

The third sharknado of your lifetime will swim onto screens July 22, at 9 p.m., Syfy and The Asylum announced Wednesday

“We wanted this third title to boldly go where no shark movie has gone before,” Chris Regina, senior vice president of Syfy’s program strategy, said in a press release. “Sharknado 3:…

136-year-old pair of Levi’s blue jeans was built to last



SAN FRANCISCO — The oldest pair of blue jeans in the Levi’s archive are kept in a fire-proof safe to which only two people know the combination.

They are wide and durable enough to wear over long johns while out harvesting timber or mining silver in 1879, the year they were produced. Back then, the relic went by a different, old-timey name: waist overalls, to contrast with competitors’ popular bib overalls

The marketing slogan for the pants at the time: “For men who toil.”

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‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ gets the vintage cover it deserves



It’s safe to say that if a classic Chicago gangster such as Al Capone heard Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise,” he probably wouldn’t be able to relate to it, even though the lyrics to the song speak true to his life.

It’s not Capone’s fault, he just never lived to hear ’90s rap. But thankfully, YouTube cover sensation Scott Bradlee and his rotating cast of talented musicians known as Postmodern Jukebox created a jazzy version of “Gangster’s Paradise” that any bootlegger could relate to.

Netflix employees hack original NES to play ‘House of Cards’



House of Cards fans will do just about anything to make life exciting again after they’ve plowed through the third season of the hit Netflix show

During Netflix Hack Day, which according to their blog is “a way for our product development teams to get away from everyday work,” three Netflix employees, Guy Cirino, Alex Wolfe, Carenina Motion, were able to create a Netflix app that plays on an unmodified original NES

Just imagine how mad you would be if House of Cards froze and you had to…