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Air France Crews Petition to Stop Flights to Ebola-Affected Countries



More than 700 Air France staff have signed a petition asking the airline to stop flights to the West African countries hit hard by Ebola. Air France flies to Conakry in Guinea and Freetown in Sierra Leone.

Despite assurances from world-health officials that Ebola’s spread by air travel is unlikely, British Airways and Emirates have already canceled routes as a precaution. At least 1,145 people have died in the worst outbreak of Ebola on record.

Rumor: iPhone 6 Will Have Two Release Dates



The still-unconfirmed upcoming iPhone, presumably called the iPhone 6, has been expected to debut in two versions, one large and one small. But sources are now saying that the two phones’ release dates will be staggered, one in September and one in later months, to avoid pitting the two against each other in sales.

However, not everyone is buying it.

DigiTimes — which we’ll note has a very mixed track record in terms of accuracy — is reporting…

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Jack White’s Resting Bitchface at Cubs Game Strikes the Internet



Jack White is the subject of a new meme, thanks to a sour case of resting bitchface.

White is currently on tour supporting his latest album Lazaretto, but took a night off Tuesday to catch a Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field. But while most photos show what looks like a perfectly pleasant night out, White’s resting bitchface betrayed him in one particularly damming screenshot.

party of the century jack white

As is the norm with unflattering celebrity…

Typhoon Rammasun Slams Mainland China as One of Its Strongest-Ever Storms



Super Typhoon Rammasun came ashore over the northern tip of China’s Hainan Island on early Friday morning, eastern time, bringing sustained winds of 150 miles per hour, heavy rain and a storm surge that may have exceeded 20 feet. The storm killed at least one person on Hainan Island, having made a staggeringly rapid comeback after weakening when it hit the Philippines earlier in the week.

The typhoon killed 54 people in the Philippines. In mainland China, Rammasun will go down in history as…

Rocket-Shaped Bicycle Could Set New Land Speed Record



For the past eight years, Cameron Robertson and Todd Reichert have dedicated themselves primarily to engineering human-powered flying vehicles. Now the Canadian founders of AeroVelo are taking their work to ground level by designing a bicycle that could set a new world record for human-powered vehicles, which is currently 133.8 kilometers per hour (83.1 mph). Robertson and Reichert plan to show off their Eta bike — the name is inspired by the Greek letter that in engineering circles stands…

Five Records Set in Germany’s 7-1 Demolishing of Brazil



Germany’s win over Brazil in the World Cup semifinal was one for the record books, which will now need to be reissued due to numerous new marks set by Germany … and one by Brazil.

  • Most goals scored by a player in World Cup history

  • World cup: Miroslav Klose scores second goal for Germany to become World Cup’s record scorer with 16 goals http://t.co/OyYQKOpx52

    — BBC Sport Breaking (@bbcsport_ticker) July 8, 2014

  • Most goals scored in a World Cup semifinal

  • Germany has just set the record…

British Sound Artist Makes CDs Playable on a Turntable



London musician Aleksander Kolkowski is giving new life to a

8 Things You Should Know About the New ‘Super Smash Bros.’



This year’s E3 was all about the Smash. Nintendo’s looming E3 booth was always crowded with fans waiting to play Super Smash Bros., and one of the most popular attractions of the conference was a huge screen showing constant live four-player matches.

It’s been eight years between the upcoming Smash Bros. and its previous iteration the Wii. Fans of Nintendo’s fighting franchise, which stars most of its popular characters, are clamoring for any new information about the game.

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Watch a 5-Minute Playthrough of ‘Super Mario Bros.’ Break a Record



You probably never played Super Mario Bros. like this as a kid. Gamer “Blubber” posted a video of his speedrun through the original Super Mario Bros. from 1985, in which he beat the previous record by a second.

Blubber broadcast his run on Twitch over the weekend. He utilizes every possible warp pipe and glitch, along with excellent timing, to defeat bowser and save the princess. His total time was 4 minutes and 57.69 seconds, and he never stopped for a single mushroom.

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9 Crucial Questions for the World Cup’s Tweeting Soccer Ball



Brazuca, the official ball for the 2014 World Cup, introduced itself to the world last December in a very 2014 kind of way — with a tweet

I’m @brazuca, match ball of the 2014 FIFA #WorldCup. Yes I’m a ball. Yes I’m tweeting. Join me on my journey! #ballin pic.twitter.com/KerKWgFdez

— brazuca (@brazuca) December 3, 2013

Since the World Cup began on June 12, Brazuca has had a blast. The tournament’s group stage, which concluded Thursday, saw a World Cup-record 136 goals scored, many of them…