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Thousands in Liverpool walk the runway to break a world record



Thousands of people did their best Zoolander impression on a catwalk in Liverpool Saturday in an attempt to break a world record.

The event, called Very Big Catwalk, invited models, celebrities and local community groups to take to the runway on the Liverpool waterfront, according to the Liverpool Echo.


Very ambassador and member of The Saturdays Rochelle Humes opens the Very Big Catwalk.

Image: Anna…

This is what it takes to eat 62 hot dogs in 10 minutes



In a big upset Saturday, Matt Stonie out-ate reigning champion Joey Chestnut in Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest on Coney Island.

Chestnut had previously taken home the gold for eight years in a row, but this year, Stonie devoured 62 hot dogs while Chestnut only ate 60

Today I claimed a belt that hasn’t changed hands in 8 years.
62 Hot Dogs in ten minutes.
#Happy4thJuly pic.twitter.com/0Ao0cXh60R

— Matt Stonie (@MattStonie) July 4, 2015

Sixty-two isn’t the all-time record, though; that…

Watch as Coney Island hot dog-eating champ defends his 8-year title streak



Joey Chestnut is going for a hot dog-eating record Saturday on Coney Island — to break his own previous record.

Last year, the hot dog-eating champ downed 61 franks in 10 minutes. If Chestnut wins on Saturday, he will take home nine straight Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest titles. In all of the years that Chestnut has held the title so far, he has eaten a total of 507 hot dogs.

Chestnut set the all-time hot…

Europeans are trying to beat this crazy heat every way they know how



Summer in Europe has been off to a sweltering start.

A record-breaking heat wave has caused temperatures to exceed 40 degrees Celsius, or 104 Fahrenheit, in Spain. Paris reached its second-highest temperature ever recorded, according to Meteo France, with a high temperature of 39.7 degrees Celsius, or 103.5 degrees Fahrenheit. This falls just short of the all-time record of 40.4 degrees Celsius, or 104.72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tourists and locals alike are finding clever ways to cool down this…

FAA will crack down on Patriots, Giants and Cowboys for using drones



As if the New England Patriots needed another investigation.

With all the recent advancements in drone technology, no wonder that various National Football League teams have been trying to get a leg up by filming their practices with drones. The only issue is that it’s illegal to fly drones for commercial purposes without

Motorcycle racer saves himself from a brutal crash, finishes race on his knees



Not only did this racer save himself from a would-be a brutal collision, but he went on to finish the race with style.

Niklas Ajo, a 20-year-old motorcycle racer from Finland lost control his bike in the most elegant fashion while cruising in 8th place at the Motul TT Assen Moto3 in the Netherlands on Saturday

Fortunately, Ajo was able to stabilize his bike as he headed off of the track into the grass and ended up crossing the finish line in 17th place while dragging his knees.


Baby can’t say ‘mama’ but the family dog totally can



After listening to this baby’s parents beg and plead the child to say “mama,” the family dog got fed up and said it instead.

The dog’s mysterious blue eyes cloud its intentions — does the dog just want food, or to impress its beloved family? Has the dog begun speaking English as a step toward domination of its human owners?

One thing is for certain — that dog is growing more powerful than your average pet. Surrender your food or else.

This swimming grizzly bear is acing summertime



This bear‘s relaxation game is totally on point

Bruiser the bear lives at Single Vision Wildlife Sanctuary in Florida. And, on hot summer days, he gets to take a dip in the swimming pool — which makes him a pretty content grizzly. In fact, Bruiser loves the water so much that he repeatedly belly flops into the pool like an excited puppy

You do you, Bruiser. You are officially the King of Summer, with your very own pool party.

A mile-long pizza in Italy just set a Guinness World Record



Italy has safely secured its place as pizza capital of the world.

As part of Milan’s Expo 2015, a horde of 60 pizza makers gathered to make one colossal pie on Saturday.

Image: Kyodo/AP Images

They used 1.7 tons of flour, 1.5 tons of mozzarella and 2 tons of tomato sauce to make a pizza that measured 1.59545 kilometers long — just short of one mile. It was cooked using five ovens.

longest pizza

Image: Daniele Mascolo/ANSA via…

66 surfers break world record by piling onto a huge surfboard



As if hanging ten weren’t difficult enough, try hanging 660

On Saturday, 66 surfers piled onto a 42-foot-long surfboard off the shores of Huntington Beach, California, affectionately nicknamed Surf City, to break the Guinness World Record for “Most People Riding a Surfboard at Once.” Because the previous record, 47 people, just wasn’t enough.

#BigBoardHB World record! 66 people for 13 sec ride

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