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Line Targets 1BN Users Of Its Messaging App By 2015


Line Targets 1BN Users Of Its Messaging App By 2015


The Importance of Invoicing On Time


Your business just sold several products worth more than $500 in sales. The products are gone, and the customer is excited. Your next course of action is sending the invoice. An invoice provides detailed information about the sale, including product, pricing, and terms of sale. With many businesses requiring 30-day terms, you must send your invoice out quickly for a fast payment on the balance. Holding onto a sale without invoicing it can cause your business to enter the red.


BlackBerry Sells Majority of Its Canadian Real Estate



BlackBerry has announced an agreement to sell the bulk of its Canadian real estate holdings, as the handset maker stockpiles cash to help its pivot toward emerging market consumers.

The company said in a blog post the deal includes 3 million square feet as well as “vacant lands,” and that it will lease back some of the property.

Canada has been BlackBerry’s base of operations since the company was founded in 1984,

“The successful sale of…

Samsung Names Its Price for Gear Fit, Gear 2 Smartwatch



For those awaiting more details about Samsung’s new Gear 2 smartwatch and Gear Fit wristband tracker, the company announced pricing and availability on Thursday.

According to Sammobile.com, which reported Samsung’s official pricing for Taiwan, the Gear 2 will cost $299 in the U.S., while the Gear Fit will go for $199

Samsung later told Mashable that the Gear 2 Neo, which is similar to the Gear 2 smartwatch but has a plastic exterior and…

HBO to Prescreen ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 4 Premiere for 7,000 Fans



If you’re dying for the Game of Thrones premiere, HBO has thrown you a lifeline

The network is giving 7,000 fans the opportunity to see an advanced screening of the Season 4 premiere at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y., on March 20

The event will not only air the episode, but it will also allow fans to see the Iron Throne as well as costumes and props used during filming

Tickets will go on sale for $15 on Ticketmaster on March…

RFID Tags Track Marijuana From Seed to Sale, in Colorado



On New Years Day, Colorado became the first state to legalize the sale of recreational marijuana. The new legislation has provoked a Denver-bound flood of “Ganjapreneurs” and kickstarted what is sure to be a very profitable pot tourism trade

Yet the business is far less hippie and far more button-down than it appears

The Colorado state government enforces the sale of marijuana with a set of regulations (500 pages in all) designed to shut out the black market. For one, it stipulates digital…

The State of Android in 2014



It’s been an interesting year so far for the Android world. Just a month into 2014, organizational plans for Android have been set and the groundwork laid for the rest of the year. Google sold Motorola’s smartphone division to Lenovo, and the reported sales of Android devices are projected to reach 1 billion users for the first time.

So Mashable is hosting a MashTalk Hangout to discuss the state of Android in 2014 on…

Men’s Fashion Club Jackthreads Makes Online Shopping Less Lonely

Screenshot 2014-01-15 09.47.55

Jackthreads, the members-only online shopping club helmed by founder Jason Ross and Thrillist’s Ben Lerer, is working on something brand new in the ecommerce space. The goal: to make the online shopping experience more like the real-life, brick-and-mortar shopping experience.

Today, the move is but an incremental one, as the site launches a new button alongside items that shows number of views, number of times that item has been placed in a cart, and the number of times someone has “wanted”…

Star Wars VII: The Return of Luke, Leia and Han?



We expected to see Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford in cameo roles while handing over the spotlight to a new generation in Star Wars: Episode VII. Now, in the wake of a dispute over the script, the three stars will be front and center in the upcoming movie.

You can take that with a grain of salt, thoughThe Hollywood Reporter only quotes unnamed sources, and as with most Star Wars news, nothing is official until it shows up on StarWars.com. But THR is pretty well-sourced in…