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EBay to Spin Off PayPal Into a Separate Company in 2015



EBay has announced a plan to split its PayPal business into a separate, publicly traded company in 2015.

The move has been advocated for some time by minority shareholder Carl Icahn, though his January 2014 proposal for the spinoff failed in April.

After the two companies are separated into two entities, Devin Wenig, currently the president of eBay Marketplaces, will become the CEO of eBay. Dan Schulman, previously the President of American…

Apple Sells 10 Million iPhones Over Opening Weekend, a New Record



The sales of Apple‘s new iPhones are off to a strong start.

Apple announced Monday that it sold more than 10 million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus units during the first three days the devices were on sale in stores, setting a new record for opening weekend sales

“Sales for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus exceeded our expectations for the launch weekend, and we couldn’t be happier,” Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, said in a statement. “While our team managed the…

First iPhone 6 Drop Tests Show Mixed Results



Apple’s two new iPhones went on sale Friday, so naturally the Internet responded by seeing how quickly they could destroy them.

The new smartphones have been on sale less than 24 hours and the first wave of drop test videos are already making the rounds. The results are somewhat varied, but there are predictably tragic endings for some displays.

First up is a TechSmartt tester, who compared how the iPhone 6 fared when…

Alien Nutri-Grain and 11 Other Bizarre Things On eBay Australia



SYDNEY — It was the year 1999. Australia claimed the cricket World Cup, kids around the country caught Pok

Atlanta Hawks Co-owner to Sell Interest in Team After Racially Charged Email



ATLANTA — Atlanta Hawks co-owner Bruce Levenson said Sunday he is selling his controlling interest in the team, in part due to an inflammatory email he said he wrote in an attempt “to bridge Atlanta’s racial sports divide.”

Levenson said he regrets the email sent to the team’s co-owners and general manager Danny Ferry two years ago as “inappropriate and offensive.” In a statement released by the team, Levenson said he sent the email due to his concerns about low attendance and a need to…

Apple iWatch Coming in September, But You’ll Have to Wait to Buy It, Report Says



Put that hammer away! Don’t smash your poor, inadequate watches just yet

As it turns out, an earlier report that said Apple’s iWatch will arrive in September has been updated with a very important caveat: You’ll have to wait to buy it

Re/Code, the same website that revealed Apple’s wearable device will debut at the company’s now confirmed September event, reported on Friday that the so-called iWatch will only be “announced,” and not…

9 Valuable Things You Didn’t Know Are Lying Around Your House



Without even knowing it, you may be sitting on a shiny goldmine.

Don’t be so quick to toss out those worn-out books and dusty toys. Your basement of junk may be a treasure trove of items worth a fortune. After all, no one wants to throw out a Pok

Amazon’s Video Shorts Site Turns Casual Viewing Into a Shopping Opportunity



Imagine if every video on YouTube were accompanied by items related to the video that you could buy instantly — sort of like YouTube meets the Home Shopping Network. Or, more accurately, YouTube meets Amazon

That appears to be the general idea behind a new part of Amazon’s Instant Video website called Video Shorts.

Pointed out in a recent report from Techcrunch, which claims that the site launched without much fanfare just a couple of…

Beats Goes After Chinese Counterfeiters With Multimillion-Dollar Lawsuit



Just over a month after Apple’s acquisition of Beats Electronics, the headphone maker made its first major post-acquisition move by filing a lawsuit against Chinese counterfeiters

The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois on July 9, names as defendants “individuals and business entities who, upon information and belief, reside in the People’s Republic of China or other foreign jurisdictions.”

20 Years Ago, Apple and Kodak Launched the Digital Camera Revolution



Back in Apple‘s dark ages — during Steve Jobs’ interregnum in the mid-1990s — the company experimented with some strange products. Everyone remembers the ill-fated Newton PDA, for instance, which was considered ahead of its time. Less memorable was the QuickTake 100, the first mass market color consumer digital camera

First unveiled at the Tokyo MacWorld Expo on February 17, 1994, the QuickTake 100 went on sale 20 years ago from yesterday — June 20, 1994. It was priced at $749 and initiated…