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Matt Damon on helping Harvey Weinstein squash allegations: ‘I just wouldn’t do that’


As the dominoes surrounding Harvey Weinstein’s years of sexual misconduct continue to fall, Hollywood’s leading men are under sharp scrutiny for their responses.

Matt Damon, who essentially owes his career to Weinstein for bringing his feature debut Good Will Hunting to life — and then the Oscar stage — responded Tuesday to a report that he helped the producer kill a New York Times story that included sexual misconduct allegations in 2004.

Snapchat is building a secluded R&D lab in Lehi, Utah

Harvey Weinstein made up Jay-Z lyrics in worst sexual harassment response ever


Memo to powerful men: If you’re caught in the crosshairs of a major news story filled with years of sexual harassment claims, don’t even consider responding the way Harvey Weinstein just did.

UK gives WhatsApp another spanking over e2e crypto

Facebook partners with ZipRecruiter and more aggregators as it ramps up in jobs

job listing

Walmart wants to deliver groceries to your fridge while you’re not home


Walmart is now offering to stock your fridge for you—even if you’re not home.

Blue Ivy strutting around in Beyoncé’s heels is seriously too cute for words


Can you wear pink, glittered stiletto heels better than Blue Ivy Carter?

Selena Gomez opens up about her recent kidney transplant


Selena Gomez has often taken a candid approach to discussing her struggles with lupus. On Thursday, she shared another part of her personal life, revealing that she underwent a kidney transplant this summer.

The actress and musician told her story though an Instagram post thanking her family, her team of doctors, and fellow actress Francia Raisa (of The Secret Life of the American Teen fame) for donating a kidney.

Apple Music Festival cancelled after 10-year run


Apple’s 10 year run of festival organizing is over. For now, at least.

Apple confirmed on Monday with Music Business Worldwide that the annual Apple Music Festival had been cancelled for the foreseeable future.

Try not to cry watching this emotional ‘Game of Thrones’ video about Jon Snow


Warning: This video is spoiler central. Consider yourself warned.

Jon Snow’s true parentage has been a focal point of Game of Thrones since Season 1 episode 1. Ned’s last words to Jon were a promise to finally tell him about his mother — a promise he was never able to fulfill.

This fan video about Jon’s true identity would have made Ned proud. It’s essentially an emotional supercut of Jon’s life — from his birth as the…