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Google lures businesses with new Android for Work program



Businesses: Google really wants your company using Android.

The company is finally rolling out Android for Work, a new program that optimizes Android for large businesses and organizations, Google announced on Wednesday.

First previewed last year during the Google I/O developer conference, the company’s plan is for employees at a range of companies and organizations to be able to use a single Android device for both business and personal use, regardless of company IT policies. To enable…

5 lucrative tech careers to pursue in 2015



Looking to make the biggest bucks in the fastest growing industry?

There are two crystal clear — albeit unsurprising — commonalities among the top 10 highest paying jobs in the tech industry. If you want to cash in the biggest checks, you have to:

    Step 1: Become a killer programmer or big data expert.
    Step 2: Move to the West Coast.

Most of the highest paying jobs are, naturally, in the root of tech innovation in Silicon Valley….

Content Curation Startup Livefyre Raises $47M More, Brings On Adobe And Salesforce As New Investors


Amazon does the obvious, picks up its 2 best drama pilots



Amazon has done what pretty much everyone thought they should do and picked up to series their two strongest scripted pilots, as well as a docu-series and two kids shows.

The move comes a little more than a month after Amazon put out its latest batch of pilots for customer sampling. As per Amazon’s pilot process, which they began in 2013, viewer feedback informed the studio’s decision on which shows to pick up for full seasons.

Photo series spans cultures to show real beauty around the world



True beauty extends far beyond magazines and runways.

Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc set out to prove how beauty crosses borders and cultures in her series called The Atlas of Beauty. In it, she captures ordinary women from different countries.

“Now I can say that beauty is everywhere, and it’s not a matter of cosmetics, money, race or social status, but more about being yourself,” Noroc told Mashable.


Famed cartoonist Ralph Steadman’s ‘Breaking Bad’ portraits go on display in London



Ralph Steadman, the genius illustrator that brought some of Hunter S. Thompson’s most deranged creations to life, has turned his pen to Breaking Bad.

Steadman teamed up with show creator Vince Gilligan to create a series of Blu-ray steelbooks, each featuring a different cover. Walter, Jesse, Gus, Mike, Hank and Saul have all been given the ink-splattered treatment.

The Blu-ray illustrations are being put on…

Less is more: Channel your inner minimalist for our photo challenge



For this week’s Mashable Photo Challenge, cut out all distractions and channel your inner minimalist

With minimalism, it’s more about deciding what to leave out of the frame than what to include in it. This means lines and patterns, geometric shapes, strong contrasts and lone subjects. It means extreme spareness and simplicity

Tony Hammond, a UK-based television producer and Instagrammer, will be our guest host

Ever since…

Sony Xperia E4 promises 2-day battery life



Sony has a new competitor in the increasingly crowded mid-range smartphone space: The Xperia E4, a stylish, 5-inch phone with exceptionally long battery life.

According to Sony, the device’s 2,300mAh battery can deliver two days of “active use” battery life and Sony claims you can extend that even further by using the device’s STAMINA and Ultra STAMINA modes of operation

On the design side, the E4 has pretty much…

Albuquerque hopes for another tourism hit with ‘Better Call Saul’



ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico — New Mexico’s largest city is back to being featured in another television show more than a year after the end of AMC-TV series Breaking Bad.

Better Call Saul premiered Sunday, and city officials hope the prequel to the hit series sparks more interest in Albuquerque after Breaking Bad spawned tours, sales of novelty items and even a political ad during the last election.


Teens don’t understand why anyone bought Nintendo’s Power Glove



Ah, the ’80s. A time when video game technology had all the promise in front of it. A time of weird experimentation, where a lot of things didn’t exactly work as advertised.

That’s the story of Nintendo’s Power Glove, an early motion controller released in 1989 that paired with sensors to control early Nintendo Entertainment System games (which it did rather poorly). The Fine Bros.’ “Teens React” YouTube series, which is known for torturing youngsters with technology that pre-dates them,…