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This Could Be the Smartest Coffee Mug in Your Kitchen



This smart coffee mug has a surprise with every cup

To jazz up your morning routine, the mug comes equipped with an e-Ink display, which shows a new photo every time you fill it with a hot liquid. The image can then be uploaded to social media, be it an inspirational quote or a sweet picture. Users control the cup with an app, and the heat from the hot liquid powers the display.

The mug is a collaboration between Paulig, a small…

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Photographer Shows the Sweet Side of Pit Bulls



Dogs bring joy, tail wags and companionship to their humans — no matter the breed

Pit bulls’ muscular strength have earned them a label as being aggressive or dangerous, but as thousands of dogs endure abuse and end up locked away in shelters, there has been a push to help these animals overhaul their reputation.

Photographer Douglas Sonders began his photography series, Not a Bully, in 2012 to help dogs in need — specifically ones who are labeled as “bully breeds,” a term used for 14 dog…

Captain Al Gore, He’s Our Hero



Children of the ’90s learned the importance of environmentalism from the animated antics of Captain Planet and the Planeteers. Adults received a more formal education by a man equally important and compassionate about Earth: Al Gore.

Though lacking in blue skin and green hair, Gore’s intelligence and environmental insight paired with Captain Planet’s sparkle creates a superhero force that Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Heart combined could only dream about

HBO Renews ‘Silicon Valley’ for a Second Season



Silicon Valley is getting a second round of funding from HBO.

The cable network announced on Monday that it has renewed Mike Judge’s freshman comedy, the day after its third episode aired.

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It’s no surprise that Silicon Valley is powering up again: The show debuted to around 2 million viewers earlier this month, its best-rated new half-hour series since Hung in 2009. Judge brings his Office Space sensibility to the tech…

GoPro-Equipped Drone Offers Bird’s-Eye-View of NYC



The best views in New York City aren’t accessible by subway

Equipped with a DJI Phantom drone and a GoPro Hero 3 camera, New York photographer and director Randy Scott Slavin captured some stunning views of the city usually reserved for the birds.

AERIAL NYC – RANDY SCOTT SLAVIN – DJI PHANTOM from director. randy scott slavin on Vimeo.

Thanks to the small size of the Phantom drone, Slavin was able to maneuver his craft between…

‘Orange Is the New Black’ Season 2 Trailer Promises ‘Next-Level Crazy’



Netflix released the official trailer for season two of Orange Is the New Black on Thursday, and summer can’t get here soon enough because Litchfield prison is promising to be “next-level crazy.”

The trailer begins with Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) in solitary confinement, a place she now calls home, thanks to a bloody brawl with Pennsatucky at the end of season one. We also get a glimpse at Morello replacing her jumpsuit with a wedding dress, and Red confronting an old friend of…

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The Next Generation of Twitch Plays Pokémon



If you were one of the tens of thousands of people playing a simultaneous game of Pok

Muggles Rejoice: Hogwarts Is Offering Online Classes



No need to look for Platform 9 3/4 — now Hogwarts will come to you.

Superfans of the book and film series have launched their own online version of Harry Potter‘s alma mater: Hogwarts is Here. The site offers a full catalog of Ministry-approved classes for “all aspiring witches and wizards” across the world.

Hogwarts is Here

Though it is similar to the franchise’s interactive ebook website Pottermore, this…

NASA Tweets More ‘Cosmos’ Photos for Space Lovers



The universe is full of unseen elements, but the sixth episode of Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey

PAX Gaming Convention Adds Fourth Event in Texas



BOSTON, Mass. — The Penny Arcade eXpo (PAX), America’s biggest consumer video-game convention, is adding a fourth annual date in Texas. PAX South will debut in San Antonio, Texas on January 23 to 25, 2015.

Creators of web comic Penny Arcade, Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins, created PAX in 2004. The first convention in Bellevue, Wash., drew around 4,500 attendees, but now draws more than 65,000 to Seattle each Labor Day weekend.