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POW! Batman Medley Video Blends 50 Years of Music and Batmobiles



Like a Batarang to the face, this medley of Batman music hits you hard with its classical arrangement and stunningly meticulous visuals that include three Batmobile replicas from the superhero franchise.

Batman Evolution” is the latest creation from The Piano Guys, a group known for taking familiar songs and transforming them into piano-cello renditions for the YouTube audience. The Piano Guys shared the video first with Mashable.

What’s More Adorable Than 1 Baby Turtle? 150 Baby Turtles.



A baby turtle is cute, but multiply that cuteness by 150

Leon Duplay grabbed his camera for a journey with 150 turtles from their birth to their excited sprint into the sea. The little guys got an assist from some human friends on Lankayan Island, northeast of the island of Borneo in southeast Asia.

They run, they swim, they squirm — all essential to the cuteness of tiny turtles

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Stephen King’s Book About the Kennedy Assassination Is Coming to Hulu



Here’s a TV power couple if we’ve ever seen one: Hulu announced Monday that it has ordered straight to series a project from J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot and Warner Bros. TV based on the novel 11/22/63 by Stephen King

The thriller, released in 2011, tells the story of a teacher who travels back in time to prevent the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, a journey that leads him to encounter Lee Harvey Oswald and face a past that may not want to be changed

6 Secrets to Millennials’ Workplace Happiness



You might have heard some rumors about millennial workers: They’re entitled, lazy and always looking for a pat on the head

Take these assumptions with a grain of salt: Millennials are the future, and it’s impossible to paint an entire generation with one single swipe of the paintbrush

As more Boomers retire and millennials flood the workforce, you also can’t ignore the secrets to keeping these tech-savvy workers…

Tumblr and truTV Are Going to Make a Show About Life Hacks



Tumblr users, this is your moment

A new TV show coming to truTV, home of such series as Hardcore Pawn and Impractical Jokers, is set to enlist the help of Tumblr users in order to produce a show about ways to make your life easier (because that iPhone 6 can’t do everything for you…yet)

People hoping to contribute ideas to the show, called Hack My Life, can do so at hackmylifetrutv.tumblr.com

The show marks the first time “Tumblr…

Mind-Bending Photo Series Blends Models Into NYC Landscapes



Thousands of New Yorkers hustle all over the city, never noticing the sights, sounds or other people around them. Take a second look and you might find you’ve missed something important.

Every human being is a part of their environment, especially when it comes to the models in artist Trina Merry‘s series, New York City Camouflage. Her models are painted from a single perspective to create an optical illusion in each of their specific locations around the city.

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Woman Tests Beauty Standards With Bold Photoshop Experiment



Journalist Ester Honig’s photography series, Before and After, explored what it is to be beautiful. By Photoshopping her image using beauty standards in several different countries, Honig showed how many different ways a woman’s face can be distorted to fit society’s standard of beauty.

Fellow journalist and close friend to Honig, Priscilla Yuki Wilson took the series one step further by applying the same experiment to her own face, with drastically different results. Wilson, who is African…

‘The Mighty Ducks’ Explained in 2 Minutes



When you think about the truly great stories of our existence, a few names come to mind: The Epic of Gilgamesh, The Odyssey, D2: The Mighty Ducks. That’s it, really

The latest installment in our Too Long; Didn’t Watch series explores the latter of these universally recognized and beloved stories, The Mighty Ducks.

In just two minutes, we uncover every theme and motif, every character’s journey throughout the trilogy. Really, we do it. It’s…

Batman Delayed: ‘Arkham Knight’ Release Date Pushed Back to June



Apparently Batman needs a lot more time to tune up the old Batmobile before he’s ready to fight more crime

Rocksteady Games announced Batman: Arkham Knight will be out June 2, 2015, a full nine months after its originally-planned October release. The studio made the announcement via Twitter on Monday.

Batman: Arkham Knight is officially released on June 2nd 2015 – head to http://t.co/Q9rzs8cXd0 to reserve your copy pic.twitter.com/R4hJ7E92EY

— Batman Arkham (@BatmanArkham) September 8,…

4 Tips for Moving on From Your First Post-Grad Job



To the college graduation class of 2009 and other alums that graduated soon after, here’s a hardy congratulations — you officially no longer fall under the “recent grad” category of employee. In fact, you have now joined the ranks of the “experienced” worker.

As the dog days of summer approach, you’re not getting ready for another year of college, but for another level of advancement in your career. For most junior hires — particularly those that graduated during the recession — the first…