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13 essential DIY beauty products every man needs



Guys, it’s time for some real talk about your skincare routine.

That “just got out of bed” look isn’t going to be cute forever. Beauty maintenance can be expensive, you don’t need to drop tons of cash to treat your hair, skin and nails with the tender love and care.

Just take a few tips to create some homemade concoctions that are customized just for you. Don’t be surprised when your lady friends steal all your fancy DIY stuff for…

Whipclip threatens to upend YouTube by letting you cut and share TV clips



Comedy Central’s upcoming roast of Justin Bieber, led by comedian Kevin Hart, will inevitably fill social media with clips of the greatest — and perhaps meanest — jokes made at the baby-faced pop star’s expense.

Whipclip wants viewers to have a piece of the action


Whipclip launched its app publicly on Thursday, offering users the chance to create high-quality snippets of television shows and share them on…

Social Good Summit quotes to inspire you before Friday’s +SocialGood UK



Tickets are going fast for Friday’s +SocialGood UK conference in London, which will bring together elected officials, activists, leaders and influencers to explore how technology and digital media drive social change in the UK and beyond.

Inspired by the Social Good Summit, +SocialGood UK aims to amplify the voices of people who want to share world-changing ideas, and spark action throughout the global community.

With just a…

Viggo lets you ‘throw’ photos and contacts into the air to share with others



With all the technology advancements in recent years, sharing content should be the easiest thing in the world, right? And yet, how many times have you needed to share a photo, a file, or a contact with a couple of people, and the task turned out to be way more cumbersome than it should?

Enter Viggo, an app that makes sharing all sorts of content a breeze. You start the app, and “throw” your content into the air, where it becomes available for everyone within Bluetooth range

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27 songs that are all about that bass



Singers and guitarists get all the love, but music lovers know that a good bassist is an essential foundation for any band.

To honor these unsung heroes of rock and funk, we compiled a Music Monday playlist full of songs that showcase the best bassists of all-time laying down slick grooves. Throw on these tunes and get ready to spend some time slappin’ d’bass, man.

Image: Tumblr, wellwiishthisneverends

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Instagram Launches Layout, Its Own Photo Collage App


Everything is awesome in Lego ‘The Matrix’



Neo and Trinity are back, but this time they’re Lego and their feet snap into the floor

Following the awesome trend of recreating movie scenes and trailers with Lego, YouTuber Snooperking recreated the infamous lobby scene from the 1999 film, The Matrix.

The stop-motion recreation was no easy task, as shown in this behind-the-scenes clip which highlights a six second portion that took an hour and a half to film and…

14 Twitter haikus to celebrate World Poetry Day



Stop thinking in characters, and start thinking in syllables.

To celebrate World Poetry Day, the Internet‘s more literary minds have found the perfect way to express their innermost thoughts and feelings: a haiku

When you think about it, all tweets are just haikus waiting to happen.

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11 super smooth DIY projects you can make with suede



Add a touch of softness to your spring style.

There’s no other fabric that lets a fashion-forward DIY lover play with textures and styles quite like suede. The tough, yet smooth material is the perfect supply for any maker looking to update their look

Whether it’s bohemian chic or clean and minimal, this versatile fabric has you covered with plenty of easy projects you can tackle.


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10 completely candid comedian quotes about sex



There’s a reason comedians joke so frequently (and frankly) about sex.

The strange and intimate details of one’s personal sex life — or lack thereof — can be challenging to work through. It helps to do so with a sense of humor.

Whatever the state of your sex life, a little blunt humor might put things in perspective

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