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Neil deGrasse Tyson answers all of your curious questions about space



Neil deGrasse Tyson is doing what he does best: blowing minds.

The acclaimed astrophysicist sat down with Mashable to answer SnapChat users’ interesting and downright strange questions about the universe.

The most pressing conundrums that have been weighing on your mind have finally been answered, from whether aliens exist to what dogs smell like in the cold, empty vacuum of space.


Russian opposition activist Boris Nemtsov’s life in pictures



Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was gunned down in front of the Kremlin on Friday

Photographer Evgeny Feldman spent time with the charismatic activist before he was assassinated. We’ve compiled a gallery of Feldman’s photos of Nemtsov, below:

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10 Leonard Nimoy quotes that inspired us to boldly go



Goodbye to Leonard Nimoy, who died Friday at age 83. You have been, and always shall be, our friend.

The actor, photographer and author inspired millions — not only with his role as Mr. Spock in the ultimate sci-fi series Star Trek, but also with his kind and motivating words throughout the years.

He and his signature character’s wisdom are celebrated by both old and new Trekkies whenever they need a loyal, logical friend to inspire…

16 optical illusions more fun than that damn dress



Well, if we’ve learned anything from the Internet today, it’s that your eyes can play tricks on you.

A photo of one dress revealing what we suspect is an optical illusion split the Internet into two teams on Thursday: Team Blue and Black, and Team White and Gold

This optical illusion is cool, but a mind-bending optical illusion should make you say, “Whoa, dude,” and question everything you thought you knew about…

Report: iOS and Android closer than ever to ‘total domination’



When it comes to the smartphone market, Microsoft and BlackBerry have more catching up to do than ever before.

Android and iOS now account for a record amount of the worldwide smartphone market share, according to a new report.

Together, Android and iOS made up 96.3% of all smartphone shipments in 2014, according to new numbers from research firm IDC

Globally, Android is still on top with 81.5% of the world’s…

17 times people handled life like a boss



Sometimes, things just work out.

Despite all the odds ready to strike you down with every step you take, life finds a way and hands you a freebie on occasion

Whether it’s a trip that was gracefully pulled off or a smooth move that should have never actually worked, it’s time to celebrate all of those times where people handled life like a boss

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‘What are we doing this for?’: Netflix’s tense ‘House of Cards’ sneak peek



Things are more tense than ever in the latest House of Cards promo

We knew from previous trailers that Claire and Frank were on anything but good terms. The latest sneak peek, though, shows a couple on extremely shaky ground

Beyond that, it looks as though life has not slowed down for the First Couple. There’s campaigning, visits to war zones, note-burning and, of course, more of Claire’s aggressive rowing

House of Cards premieres on Netflix Friday, Feb. 27, assuming we don’t see any more

Oscar-nominated films perfectly explained in graphs



With only one day left until the 87th Academy Awards, you are essentially out of time if you’re short of seeing all the nominated films and performances.

But don’t worry — we’re here to help.

We’ve created a handful of short, understandable and incredibly accurate charts and graphs that explain all you need to know about some of the biggest films up for awards at this year’s Oscars.

Take a look, and think seriously about…

‘Whiplash’ would be awesome with the Muppets’ Animal



Miles Teller is a talented drummer, but he’s no Animal.

Earlier this week, Mashable shared a Sesame Street parody of the Oscar-nominated film Birdman, featuring none other than Big Bird

One of our astute YouTube commenters suggested that we create a version of the film Whiplash featuring drumming Muppet extraordinaire Animal.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 6.39.53 PM

So, here it is, Internet — a GIF of Animal enduring J.K. Simmons’ fury in Whiplash.


‘The Voice’ will debut a real-time GIF Keyboard for Season 8



LOS ANGELES — If you watch any televised live event or competition show, you’ll often see tweets such as, “Someone needs to GIF that moment” or “I need a GIF of X doing X stat.”

NBC’s The Voice is remedying this for Season 8 by teaming up with GIF Keyboard to offer GIFs of the show’s standout moments in real-time.

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