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‘Rick and Morty’ co-creator launches a new VR studio, Squanchtendo



Justin Roiland, co-creator of the Adult Swim hit Rick and Morty, is getting into the virtual reality business.

Roiland teamed up with Tanya Watson, a former executive producer at Epic Games, on a new VR studio that they’ve dubbed Squanchtendo. The name is a clever portmanteau that combines “Nintendo” with “Squanchy,” one of the more colorful characters from the TV series.

The two share a goal of wanting to create in VR. Watson…

WhatsApp to share user data with Facebook for ad targeting — here’s how to opt out


Instagram castrated Snapchat like Facebook neutered Twitter

Facebook Instagram Twitter Snapchat

Twitter calls out Donald Trump’s anonymous sources with #ManyPeopleAreSaying



Donald Trump went back to one of his favorite phrases on Monday, using his infamous phrase “many people are saying” to back up a tweet directed at Hillary Clinton.

Meet some of the YouTubers vlogging from the Olympics



LOS ANGELES — Google got into the Olympics spirit this year by sending 15 of its most popular global YouTube stars to Rio.

The creators will provide everything from commentary of the Games’ celebrations to on-the-ground tours of Rio.

7 stylish Singaporeans tell us what they’ll be wearing on National Day



Singapore’s 51st birthday is just around the corner and as the nation gears up for celebrating, many Singaporeans are ransacking their wardrobes for something to display their patriotism.

While pairing a red top with a white bottom — Singapore’s national colours — might seem like the easiest option, it’s not always the most exciting sartorial combination.

We got seven Singaporeans to share with us their National…

Why Iranian men are sharing photos of themselves wearing hijabs



A movement has surfaced in Iran called #MenInHijab in which men share photos of themselves wearing the Muslim head scarf typically reserved for women.

Dating apps attach themselves to the Pokémon craze


A reminder that Amazon sells stuff but is really a web services company



Amazon sells a lot of stuff, but it doesn’t make all that much money from it.

Amazon also helps power the web, and it makes a lot of money from it.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) accounted for more than half of the company’s overall profits in the second quarter of 2016, helping the company beat expectations.

For years, investors had waited for Amazon to turn its ability to generate a ton of money through sales into meaningful profit. If the last few…

Will Facebook be your next call center operator?