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10 ways Facebook has ruined your life



Facebook has ruined your life. You might think it’s this awesome, free resource to keep you connected to your friends and family, but it’s slowly breaking you

We have a very important list of 10 ways the social networking site has crept up on you, killed your confidence and joy, and stolen small pleasures.

Take a look through our reasons below. Did we skip a way in which Facebook has changed your life for the worse? Share it in…

Google misses on Q4, but investors shrug it off



Google ended 2014 with a whimper, at least in Wall Street’s eyes

The search giant missed analysts’ estimates for its fourth quarter, prompting a 4% drop in the stock in after-hours trading at one point, though it later leveled off and was essentially flat

The company reported earnings per share of $6.91 versus the $7.08 that analysts had expected. Revenues came in at $18.1 billion, which was short of the expected $18.46 billion….

Sunday playbook: The Super Bowl’s effect on web traffic and spending



If statistics can tell us something about advertising, this year, on Super Bowl Sunday, here’s how the playbook is likely to look.

There’s a lot at stake for marketers as the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots clash on the field. Major revenue — and big-ticket advertising budgets — are on the line. Not surprisingly, this year, mobile is making an impact. Here’s the big picture.

  • As consumers tune in to the Super Bowl — most of them with their smartphones by their side — the…

Seattle vs. New England: The pop culture showdown



This year’s Super Bowl is a microcosm of the debate that rages daily between the East and West: Which coast is the best coast?

It’s an endless argument with no qualitative, non-biased decision. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t fuel the fires. Besides, who cares about the best football team, when there are more important things to debate, like the best beer?

Before you make a decision about which side to fight for, let…

How to use Snapchat’s new Discover feature



Snapchat is no longer just for sharing selfies with friends

The messaging app stepped up its business in a big way Tuesday with its new Discover feature, its first major update that has nothing to do with messaging. The long-rumored update adds a series of channels where media outlets can share streams of photos, videos and articles — with all the app’s users.

Snapchat was quick to emphasize the feature is not social media…

24 animals that hate snow more than you



Every time it snows, the Internet is bombarded with adorable animals enjoying the frozen precipitation.

But just because that cute Husky loves frolicking in the fresh powder, that doesn’t mean all pets can appreciate the wintery weather, especially cats

So, if you see snow start to fall and think to yourself “this is the worst thing that can possibly happen,” just know that you are in cute company. But please, Internet — keep your…

11 on-point reactions to Microsoft HoloLens on Twitter



The future, as predicted by 1989 Marty McFly Jr., is now

Microsoft unveiled the HoloLens at its event on Wednesday, the company’s first holographic headset. Unsurprisingly, people are losing their minds over the thought of poking fake buttons no one else can see while wearing a headset that looks like your grandma’s oversized wraparound sunglasses.

So, what exactly are people saying about the HoloLens? In short, we’re…

5 things to know about Obama’s new cybersecurity proposals



Hacking and cybersecurity really went mainstream in 2014, grabbing headlines almost every week.

In the year of the famous Internet vulnerability Heartbleed, the massive data breaches of Home Depot and J.P. Morgan, and the hack on Sony Pictures, President Barack Obama wants the government to get more involved in improving cybersecurity

The president mentioned cybersecurity only in passing during his State of the Union

State of the Union by the words: Economy, jobs, families



The White House posted the full script of President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address to Medium on Tuesday night, just before he began his speech to Congress and the nation.

So we took a quick look at which words seemed to come up often, and which ones didn’t. Below is a graph that tracks the number of times each word was used. (Sorry, no word clouds.) We removed a lot of words that were relatively generic, trying to focus on words that spoke to the issues addressed in the…

Netflix will stream ‘The Interview’ starting this weekend



Netflix is the latest company to offer up The Interview on demand

The online video service announced Tuesday that it will offer The Interview, which it dubbed “the controversial comedy,” to its subscribers in the United States and Canada for no additional charge starting on Jan. 24. Google Play, Xbox and Apple TV previously offered the movie for purchase after the movie was pulled from many theaters following threats from hackers