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6 ‘Game of Thrones’ buddy film posters to celebrate Westerosi odd couples



While it may not seem like it week to week, HBO’s Game of Thrones is as much a show about odd couples as it is about agonizing pain and murder.

It’s these relationships — between two opposed characters learning how to not kill each other — that give the show the little heart it has.

As fans of both buddy movies and Westeros, we felt it fitting to create some spin-off films George R.R. Martin can work on once he’s done writing…

Watch this woman propose to her girlfriend after Irish equality vote



On Saturday, Ireland overwhelmingly voted ‘yes’ on same-sex marriage in a historic vote.

In western Ireland, Billie, 41, wasted no time in proposing to her girlfriend, Kate Stoica, 26, popping the question within minutes of the final tally at Limerick count centre

The couple, who have been together for more than six years, live in the countryside in a 180-year-old cottage that they’re renovating

With this vote, Ireland becomes the first country in the world to approve same-sex marriage by…

Microsoft’s new free Office apps arrive on Android phones



Android smartphone owners can finally get their hands on Microsoft‘s new free suite of Office apps.

The company will begin rolling out the preview versions of Word, Excel and Powerpoint to Android users on Tuesday, the first time standalone Office apps have been available on Android smartphones. Previously, people were limited to the Microsoft Office Mobile app, which had a much more limited feature set.

The new…

11 ‘Mad Men’ epilogues to give you closure at the end of an era



Just because Mad Men is over doesn’t mean the story stops there.

Will Don come back for his kids? Will Peggy leave McCann for greener pastures with Joan? Will Pete ever get his hair back? After seven years of Mad Men, the audience is left with plenty of memories, emotions and questions about what comes next — especially since it’s the 1970s.

It’s officially the end of an era, but all stories need a good epilogue to feel complete. The SC&P…

How to drink wine like your favorite ‘Game of Thrones’ lushes



Punishment on Game of Thrones can be (and usually is) harsh, so you know Cersei, King Joffrey and Daenerys aren’t going to sugarcoat their thoughts on what really matters — wine

Vivino, an app that provides a database of wine reviews, imagined what Game of Thrones‘ amateur sommeliers would think of the wines of Westeros

It’s nice that Daenerys has something to take the edge off while she tries to make the best of her endless…

Mad Max Men: If characters from ‘Mad Men’ were in ‘Mad Max’



Don Draper is going beyond Thunderdome.

AMC’s hit TV show Mad Men has a subdued style, but we’ve all learned over the last seven seasons that the employees at SCDP are full of surprises — and perhaps a few explosions.

How would Don, Peggy, Roger and Joan fare in the post-apocalyptic hellscape of Mad Max? That’s nothing after working in advertising.

Admit itFury Road: End of an Era is a pretty good film title.

Have something to…

Blues legend B.B. King’s extraordinary career in photos



B.B. King, who died Thursday at his Las Vegas home aged 89, had a remarkable career over the past five decades.

As tributes to the late musician pour in, here’s a look back at some of the key moments in his life, from his early days in West Memphis to his globe-trotting years bringing the blues to millions of fans worldwide.

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Facebook Starts Hosting Publishers’ “Instant Articles”

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Custom-made jewelry designs for fancy nerds



Nerd kings and queens need impressive bling to go with their impressive fandom.

Pittsburgh jewelry designer Paul Michael Bierker creates gorgeous, custom-made jewelry inspired by your favorite cult movie and TV shows like Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Harry Potter and Doctor Who.

Any one of Bierker’s designs would make a regular geek feel as rich as Lucius Malfoy or Tony Stark

You can find more of Bierker’s designs on his website,

20 stoned cats that definitely got into the catnip stash



Listen, man, it’s totally legal.

If you’ve been wondering why your cat has been laying around the house all day and won’t respond to his own name, that’s because your cat is totally stoned and has completely forgot his own name.

Think about it — has your cat ever responded to its own name? Do they even do anything? Please consider finding a better hiding place for the catnip.

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