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10 most clichéd hashtags you’re still overusing



#justsayin. #truestory. #nature.

When a hashtag usage becomes synonymous with social media, you know it’s a problem. And while there may be a grain of truth to every clich

James Cameron: ‘Avatar’ sequels are going to be bitchin’



James Cameron has one word to describe the next three Avatar sequels: “bitchin’.”

The director told Empire magazine in an interview that he’s hard at work on scripts for three sequels to Avatar, the most successful movie in history (unadjusted for inflation).

Cameron, whose credits also include Aliens and Titanic, declined in the interview to share plot details following the end of first movie, in which (spoiler alert if you’re one of…

15 selfie gifts for picture-perfect holidays



Selfies aren’t going away anytime soon, so it’s best to embrace the takeover. Fortunately, they make a perfect holiday gift for anyone who loves looking at themselves.

This year, give your loved ones selfie-inspired gifts to help them step up their Instagram game — they’ll thank you when the “Likes” come pouring in

Snap up these gadgets and accessories for your favorite little narcissist

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15 fun wrapping papers that will make your holiday gifts stand out



After carefully picking the perfect gift for your loved ones, watching them open your package last after all your hard work is a huge bummer.

To avoid rejection, make sure you don’t neglect the final step of holiday gift-giving and wrap up your offerings in an appealing and clever way. This isn’t like regular wrapping paper, it’s cool wrapping paper

Your present will definitely stand out with these great buy or DIY papers.

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11 gifts under $25 that look expensive



Forget spending a fortune on impressive gifts for your loved ones this year

Whether you’re on a tight budget or have a long gift list, you’ll probably run into the problem of wanting to buy quality presents, but not wanting to break the bank. The solution? Shop smart and choose items that look pricier than they are, and trick your gift recipients in believing you spent way more (all in the name of the holiday spirit, of course)

We’ve put together a…

It’s now much easier to share public tweets via DMs on Twitter



Today in features you may not have known you wanted: Twitter is letting you directly share public tweets through its private direct messaging system.

If you copy and paste a tweet’s URL into a direct message (DM), it will embed itself in the message for easier viewing. You can also hit the “” icon under a tweet and select “Share via Direct Message.”


Previously, if you tried to paste the URL of a tweet into a DM, it…

13 best stocking stuffers you can score for free



This year, save money by stuffing your loved ones’ stockings with freebies.

If you’re a smart shopper on a tight budget, you’ll want to maximize your rewards and minimize your spending this holiday season. From beauty products to fragrances to gift cards, you can score great stocking stuffers without eating up your wallet

Below, we’ve rounded up 13 of the best gifts you can get right now for free.

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24 nostalgic gifts to remind you of holidays past



The holidays inevitably bring out the inner-kid in everyone

Whether you’re crashing in your childhood bedroom or not this holiday season, you might get a visit from the Ghost of Christmas past as the memories come flooding back to you. Did you ever get a Beanie Baby but not the right Beanie Baby? What about the Barbie Dream House or a N64?

Check out these nostalgic gift ideas to remind people in your life of wish lists…

Mittens: The kitten-monkey hybrid animal we wish existed



We can only hope that this particular interspecies breeding will become a reality of the future.

Artist and hybrid animal Photoshop expert Sarah DeRemer shared her latest animal mashup, which is a little bit adorable and definitely weird

Sure, tigers can mate with lions and zebras can breed with horses, but we just wish these mittens, or kittens crossed with monkeys (or konkeys?) actually existed.

They still probably wouldn’t…