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Snapchat no longer shames you with white borders in Stories


Those ugly white borders on Snapchat Stories may soon be a thing of the past.

A recent update made a small but significant change to how photos uploaded to Stories from Snapchat’s Memories will appear: they’ll no longer have that hideous white border.

A quick refresher: Snapchat has allowed users to share saved snaps and photos from their Camera Roll to their Story since it first…

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Snapchat will no longer show a white border around old Memories

Serena Williams pens a sweet note to her future child


In what promises to be an excellent year in celebrity pregnancies, Serena Williams announced last week that she’s expecting.

7 activists tell us the best thing about being autistic


Forget what you’ve heard — autism isn’t something to cure. In fact, it’s a condition we should embrace and celebrate.

About 1 in 68 people in the U.S. are autistic, meaning they communicate and experience the world in ways not typically expected. There isn’t a “missing piece” to their cognitive puzzle. And they definitely don’t need your pity.

This Redditor is trolling the Conservatives with these sneaky websites


In the wake of Theresa May’s sudden general election announcement on Tuesday, Britain is in full meltdown mode.

Some people are taking advantage of the chaos, though.

Shortly after the news of the election broke, Reddit user u/justthisguyiknow took to r/unitedkingdom to share some exciting news — they’d purchased the domains conservatives2017.co.uk, conservatives2017.uk, and conservatives2017.com and…

Pornhub’s new app creates ‘SFW’ naked selfies you can share with everyone


Finally there’s a way to share your naked selfies with your friends and family in a SFW way. Wait…whaaaaa?

It may sound strange, but it’s true. Pornhub, the massive adult entertainment platform, is launching its own take on Snapchat for nude photos. TrickPics, as they’re calling it, is an app that let’s you put little filters over your most private bits so you can share them on regular social media platforms. It’s available today for both iOS and Android.

Amazon is closing in on Flipkart in India, one metric at a time


Amazon’s big $5 billion bet in India might be enough for the company to win the country’s ecommerce race.

Amazon India is quickly closing in on the lead Flipkart assumes in the country’s ecommerce space, according to data from intelligence firm 7Park Data. At least in some metrics.

When it comes to mobile engagement, the data suggests, Amazon India is showing promising growth. As of March 2017, four-year-old Amazon India…

Forget ‘Lean In’ circles — join Sheryl Sandberg’s ‘Option B’ groups


Lean In is over, and the latest proof is here.

Ancient Greeks and Aboriginal Australians saw constellations in common


Look up on any clear night and you can see myriad stars, planets, and the Milky Way stretching across the sky. The chances are that you know some of the constellations.

The International Astronomical Union recognises 88 constellations, ranging from the giant water-serpent Hydra to tiny Crux (the Southern Cross).

These are largely based on the mythology of the ancient Greeks. But they share remarkable similarities with the constellations of the oldest living cultures on the planet.


It’s time for Google and Facebook to freak out about Amazon


Amazon dominates online shopping, cloud computing, and now, it has its sights set on advertising.

The online shopping giant has been quietly beefing up its ads business in recent months, and Wall Street is starting to take notice.

An analyst at Morgan Stanley predicted this week that the company could pull in $5 billion in ad revenue by next year. For context, that’s more than twice Snapchat’s