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Indian court orders WhatsApp to not share user data with Facebook collected before Sept. 25



WhatsApp’s move to share some of users’ information with Facebook isn’t sitting well with India. The country’s Delhi High Court today directed WhatsApp to make two critical alterations to its forthcoming policy changes for Indian customers.

A bench of Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court ordered WhatsApp to delete data of users who choose to opt out of WhatApp’s policy changes before Sept. 25. Furthermore, WhatsApp was…

6 ways you’re being too open online



By now, most of us have gotten used to the idea of being “open” online. We freely exchange information over email, post content to social media, and peruse websites with reckless abandon, assuming there are security and privacy measures in place to protect us from any unseen dangers.

‘Fast & Furious’ with toy cars is miniature movie magic



The Fast and the Furious popularized underground racing, drifting and Paul Walker’s hairHomemade Movies has included all this and more in our ambitious recreation of the final race between Dominic (Vin Diesel) and Brian (Paul Walker) from the original film.

Australia is taking on revenge porn, but young people are still at risk



The distribution of revenge porn, an act of digital harassment, is slowly being criminalised across Australia.

Trump praises Mexicans in surreal speech that sounds nothing like what he’s said before



Donald Trump has now gone from demonizing Mexico to commending the country in little more than a year.

The Republican presidential nominee praised Mexicans on Wednesday during a joint press conference with Mexican President Pe

Watch YouTube musicians Sam Tsui and Casey Breves tie the knot in adorable video



LOS ANGELES — There’s nothing quite like a YouTube love story.

YouTube musicians Sam Tsui and Casey Breves released a music video

‘Rick and Morty’ co-creator launches a new VR studio, Squanchtendo



Justin Roiland, co-creator of the Adult Swim hit Rick and Morty, is getting into the virtual reality business.

Roiland teamed up with Tanya Watson, a former executive producer at Epic Games, on a new VR studio that they’ve dubbed Squanchtendo. The name is a clever portmanteau that combines “Nintendo” with “Squanchy,” one of the more colorful characters from the TV series.

The two share a goal of wanting to create in VR. Watson…

WhatsApp to share user data with Facebook for ad targeting — here’s how to opt out


Instagram castrated Snapchat like Facebook neutered Twitter

Facebook Instagram Twitter Snapchat

Twitter calls out Donald Trump’s anonymous sources with #ManyPeopleAreSaying



Donald Trump went back to one of his favorite phrases on Monday, using his infamous phrase “many people are saying” to back up a tweet directed at Hillary Clinton.