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This sad looking grilled cheese will make you hangry cry



Just when you’ve taken the time and care to make yourself lunch, you find out you’ve made a huge mistake.

Reddit user

Baby helps dog find treat at the end of a long struggle



Dogs and babies — a friendship made in GIF heaven.

Facebook swells to 1.65B users and beats Q1 estimates with $5.38B revenue

Facebook MAU

Northern Ohioan dares you to try and top his speed limit high score



If this speed demon ever gets pulled over for exceeding the speed limit, they will have irrefutable evidence against them.

While paying a visit to their grandfather in northern Ohio, Redditor

Facebook swells to 1.65B users and beats Q1 estimates with $5.38B revenue

Facebook MAU

Biz Please — Cuba’s long road ahead



Check your mental picture of Cuba at the door.

Dog is tail-waggingly overjoyed to be reunited with owner



LONDON — There are few things in this world more cheering than the sight of a happy dog.

The pooch in the video below is called Sandy. His owner is Scottish health and fitness blogger Maria Maciocia.

Last weekend she returned home to Scotland and saw Sandy for the first time in seven months.

She shared his reaction — which, when he finds her hiding behind the bed, is deliriously gleeful —

Scottish dad has blunt response to his daughter saying she wants a boyfriend



LONDON — When it comes to the subject of first boyfriends, fathers often feel quite protective of their daughters.

Scottish dad John Tierney has taken this one step further.

In a video he shared Sunday on Twitter, Tierney is very clear about what will happen to the boy who dates his little girlVery clear.

Take note, young bachelors in the Blantyre, Scotland area: John Tierney is not messing around.


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Ad shows why our relationship with dogs is more special than you think



It’s hardly a surprise that dogs can help humans feel happier.

But could your heart be in sync with your canine companion? Perhaps so, if this touching advertisement by dog food manufacturer Pedigree is to be believed. The company monitored the heart rates of three dogs and their humans, and found they began to mirror each other when in close proximity. We’re not saying it’s science, just that it’s cute.

7 things you didn’t know you could do with Snapchat’s chat features



Between motion-tracking emoji and face swapping with saved photos, there’s been no shortage of feature-packed Snapchat updates of late.