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What the Ice Bucket Challenge Can Teach Us About Engagement



If you’ve paid attention to social media at all in the past several weeks, chances are you’ve seen video of everyone from Bill Gates to Oprah dumping buckets of ice water over their heads all in the name of a good cause. The “Ice Bucket Challenge” has been the viral event of the summer, just as bizarre as planking or the cinnamon challenge, but this time, the fad is for a good cause.

The Ice Bucket Challenge began in Boston in honor of Pete Frates, the 29-year-old former captain of Boston…

Hands On With the New Vine: 6-Second Videos Will Never Be the Same



The new camera features on Vine aren’t just shiny and new. They’ve totally changed the platform

It’s been nearly two years since Twitter acquired Vine and added it to the canon of notable social media platforms. Six-second looping videos simply weren’t “a thing” before Vine proved that our short attention spans were, in fact, good for something.

Scores of users descended on the simple new tool, discovering the world of complex…

YC-Backed TicketLabs Helps Small Music Venues Get More Fans Through The Door

Ticket Labs

10 Ways to Keep Your Smelly Shoes Fresh as a Summer Breeze



There are many great qualities of summer — people smells are not one of them.

We’ve all experienced the pungent, gag-inducing stench of a fresh foot after a hot day of activities. As the dank shoe comes off, the sharp aroma slaps everyone within a 30-foot radius right in the face, killing relationships, appetites and brain cells in the process.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! You can stop your stanky foot problem and…

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4 Chic Ways to Make an Enviable Fashion Set



It’s time to embrace your inner Anna Wintour.

Getting in touch with your chic side is easy with the help of online fashion sets. You know those breezy style collages of mixed and matched outfits, the kind you find in glossy magazines? You can make them on your own with online fashion templates.

Polyvore, the shopping and style community, is one of these sites. It gives users a simple template for creating delectable fashion plates. It boasts…

Android Wear Developers Can Soon Create Custom Smartwatch Faces



Android Wear developers will soon be able to create customized designs for their smartwatch faces.

Google will soon be releasing an official API that will enable developers to create third-party watch face designs for Android Wear devices

Custom watch faces is one of the most requested Android Wear features developers ask for, said Wayne Piekarski, a senior developer advocate for Google, in a post on Google+.

“Customization has helped…

Newly Discovered Water Mite Named After Jennifer Lopez



SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Pop singer Jennifer Lopez may be thinking life is funny after a group of scientists named a water mite in her honor after discovering a new species near Puerto Rico.

The music of the Bronx, New York-born entertainer, who has Puerto Rican roots, was a hit with the group while they wrote about their findings, biologist Vladimir Pesic said in an email Wednesday.

“The reason behind the unusual choice of name for the new species is … simple: J.Lo’s songs and videos kept…

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Album Art and Gaming Collide With Nightmare and The Cat’s ’2048′ Stunt



The Flappy Bird game clones have come and gone (remember the Orange Is the New Black rendition?), and now it’s time for a new addictive game to undergo the cloning process

Enter 2048, the viral puzzle game in which users move tiles to form the number 2048. Rock band Nightmare and the Cat released a feline version of 2048 called NATC2048.

NATC2048 ends with a prize. Upon completion, the band’s cover art for…

Can You Make it Through This Entire Video?



CollegeHumor has just made a very bold move.

In a video titled, “I Dare You To Watch This Entire Video,” CH challenges us, a multi-tasking Internet super-breed, to watch an entire three-minute video without skipping ahead, pausing, opening a new tab or losing interest — basically, the impossible

Is the self-awareness inspired by the knowledge that this simple task is a test enough to get us through this willfully boring…

USA vs. Germany: The Ultimate Preview For Thursday’s World Cup Battle



You could sit around a Hollywood writers’ room for hours on end and still not concoct a World Cup matchup as dramatic, juicy and all-around riveting as Thursday’s USA-Germany showdown in Group G looks to be. (It kicks off at 12 p.m. ET on ESPN; clear your schedules, folks.)

For the soccer-mad American public and its darling United States Men’s National Team (USMNT), the stakes are simple: After a stirring win over Ghana and crushing draw against Portugal, draw or (somehow) beat the loaded…