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Easy cheesy stuffing rolls will be the star of your Thanksgiving table



Bread crumbs, cheese and sausage inside an awesome tiny bread bowl come together as the ultimate Thanksgiving side. Read more about this great, simple recipe: http://on.mash.to/1HgJHrx Read more…

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Vine’s new feature lets you grab audio from any Vine to make your own



Want the Duck Army sound for your Vine? It’s now as simple as tapping two icons.

Vine announced a new feature which allows users to pull the audio from one Vine to remix into your own creation, in a post on its blog Wednesday. Accompanying this Audio Remix feature is the new ability to search Vines based on the audio used.

To use this feature, find a Vine you like and tap on the ellipsis on the right side of the screen….

Shy gorilla joins his friends for a little dance in the rain



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Making new friends takes courage. Even enormous, terrifying gorillas can get a little nervous in new crowds.

On Tuesday, Imgur user undercovergiraffe uploaded this video of a group of gorillas playing in the rain. While the confident, athletic gorillas boogie down, the largest gorilla stands awkwardly on the side, just watching. Despite his size, he seems woefully intimidated. He’s a little awkward, okay?!?!

After a period of time, the gorilla gathers all his…

Watch ‘xkcd’ explain space travel using the simplest words possible



Good news: We now have a easy way to explain space travel and the science of rockets — sorry, up-goers — that should make sense to everyone.

“The best way we know of to get to space and stay there is an up-goer that burns fire water, usually made from old dead animals or the kind of air that once burned a big sky bag and people died.”

See? Simple.

The space travel lesson was created by the popular YouTube channel Minute Physics to help promote xkcd creator Randall Munroe’s new book,…

New OTT service aims to connect creators to consumers across devices



A new, premium, over-the-top service is hoping to give content creators more tools to monetize their work by making it easier for them to connect with consumers.

Rise, launched by video technology company Beachfront Media on Tuesday, is designed to help video creators and digital media networks “deploy apps directly to all the places millennials consume content.” This includes connected TVs (Apple TV, Roku, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV) as well as iOS and Android devices

“The message is…

Circle with Disney gives parents full reign over their kids’ devices



When Kickstarter campaigns are unsuccessful, we assume those products never get to see the light of day. In 2013, Circle, a device that lets parents manage online content on all devices in their home network, failed to meet its funding goal. Two years later, the smart device is now available, and not just that, but it has a partnership with Disney, too.

Circle with Disney launched Wednesday for $99. Kids probably won’t be the biggest fans, but it’s a simple, stress-free device that parents…

Genius kid provides the best reasoning to his math problem



Always show your work. Well, that’s what they said in math class anyways, which was incredibly annoying but also aided the learning process and showed your teacher where you may have went wrong.

Well, this kid doesn’t play by those rules.

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After correctly answering a simple currency question, the 6-year-old boy was asked how he ended up with this answer. This is part where the kid…

Why It Is Important To Save Energy


Simple Payback

Payback is a relatively simple concept. If caulking costs $ 100 and allows you to save $ 100 / year in fuel costs, has a recovery period of one year. If insulation work costing $ 1,000 and save $ 200 / year in fuel costs, it has a recovery period of five years. Think about the cost of the improvement that the money deposited in a savings account that you can remove (maybe) if you sell the house. Caulking have a return of 100 percent in a year, 20 percent of isolation in…

This robot uses artificial brain cells to navigate like a human



The behavior and interplay of two types of neurons in the brain helps give humans and other animals an uncanny ability to navigate by building a mental map of their surroundings. Now one robot has been given a similar cluster of virtual cells to help it find its own way around.

Researchers in Singapore simulated two types of cells known to be used for navigation in the brain — so-called “place” and “grid” cells — and showed they could enable a small-wheeled robot to find its way around….

Live GIF Turns iPhone 6s Live Photos Into Shareable GIFs

Live GIF