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14 artistic shots of hands that tell stories



Hands can tell you a great deal about a person — his or her personality, health, experiences and more. While palm readers meticulously study skin ridges and finger lengths to conduct a reading, a lot can be said through a simple photograph.

Last week, we challenged you to tell stories through artistic images of handsTua Marika, a designer and photographer who has mastered this technique, was our guest host.

“Hands are so expressive, thats why I enjoy photographing them,” Marika said. “A…

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7 baby steps for a holiday tech detox



Ditch the Kindle and grab a real book.

During the holidays, it’s difficult to appreciate free time and family when you’re constantly plugged in. Technology is ingrained in our everyday lives, so taking time off is a foreign feeling

If you think parting with your devices is such sweet sorrow, there are some baby steps you can take to unplug. Delete some apps, give up your tablet and take things slow.

We interviewed Levi…

Goal-Tracking And Self-Improvement App Lift Adds Personal Coaching, Raises $1.1M More


Single girl’s Christmas card shows that the holidays are better alone



Bridget is the single girl’s answer to the cheesy family holiday card that everyone despises, yet partakes in — like listening to Ariana Grande or going Black Friday shopping

Because her family stopped allowing Bridget to partake in their annual Christmas cards — her parents feeling their single, 20-something daughter was too old for their card, and her four sisters having husbands and families of their own to be photographed with — Bridget, the Rudolph of her family, decided to spread cheer…

Indiegogo Life lets you fund personal causes for free



Indiegogo launched a standalone service Monday that lets users raise money for anything from medical expenses and tuition payments to vacations and parties — without charging them a fee

The Indiegogo Life platform caters to personal causes that directly impact the life of the individuals involved and waives the site’s usual transaction fees — which traditionally go up to 14%, depending on the funding plan and method of payment. The new service also claims to offer a more simple set-up…

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10 creative latke recipes to fry this Hanukkah



Latkes — potato pancakes with crisp, browned edges and soft, savory centers — are a Hanukkah staple

These salty, browned patties make a delicious base for apple sauce or sour cream, and can quite easily be made in large batches for hungry friends and relatives.

With a recipe as simple as potato, egg and flour, there’s enormous room for unusual, but delicious additions. Think flavorful vegetables like scallion and leek, or savory…

6 essential gadgets for single people



Who needs a partner when there’s technology?

We’re not talking about a Spike Jonze-ian world of Siri-like virtual pals. We’re talking about helpful gadgets that make life for one just a bit easier, for those times you need a helping hand.

From simple jar openers to tools for clasping difficult jewelry, here are the six gadgets single people can enjoy.

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5 techie accessories to upgrade your stodgy cubicle



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St. Louis Rams row with police over Ferguson symbols



It was a simple act by the five NFL players from the team from St. Louis on Sunday. The players entered the field with their hands held high in acknowledgement of the “Hands up, don’t shoot” mantra that has become a rallying cry for supporters of Michael Brown in nearby Ferguson.

But the response to it has been anything but simple — and by Monday night, the St. Louis Police and Rams management were embroiled in a row over whether the team had apologized for the gesture

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Marshawn Lynch answers almost every question with ‘yeah’ to avoid fine



Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch is a man of few words. Yeah.

After receiving $100,000 in fines following his third violation of the NFL’s Media Policy on November 19, Lynch seems to have devised a new ingenious strategy for not answering questions without being fined. That strategy revolves mostly around the use of the word “yeah.”

Lynch, clearly having a good time, answered nearly every question reporters asked him with…

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