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Ventoura App Combines P2P Guiding And Traveler Matching


Not All Social Media Platforms are Equal – How to Pick the Ones That Work for You

Launching a new business? Or promoting an existing one? Either way, my guess is that social media figures pretty high on your priority list when it comes to marketing your brand.

Over 70% of all online adults in the United States have a Facebook account. For the first time ever, 56% of senior citizens are on social media. That figure stands at 89% for young ’uns, or users from 18 to 29 years of age. The millennial generation, consisting of young adults born between 1980 to 2000 and…

For some strange reason, Periscope users are obsessed with your fridge



What’s in your fridge? Periscope users want to know.

In the days since Twitter launched the live streaming video app, requests to peek into other users’ fridges have, by our unofficial polling, proven more popular than just about any other comments during a Periscope video. Some enthused users are even using the #fridgeview or #showusyourfridge hashtags on Twitter.

Aaron Trent, a 29-year-old…

5 creative ideas for one-second Snapchats (besides full frontal)




Image: Mashable, Tyler Tronson

Seriously, why do one-second Snapchats even exist? Well, besides the obvious…

We’ve got some super cute ideas for one-second Snapchat messages for your nearest and dearest

Whether you’re Snapchatting with your bae, your bestie or even your mom, these are sure to put a smile on their faces. Take a look through our sweet suggestions below

Sneak peek of a gift


Image: Flickr, cutiepie…

Facebook Took The Scenic Route, But Now It’s Nailing Mobile

Facebook's Family

Anonymous Social App Cloaq Lets You Secretly Comment On Anything


Secret Is Working On New Apps, Won’t Shut Down Original Product


Why developers want to be on WhatsApp so badly



SAN FRANCISCO — Facebook is good at putting on a conference. Attendees at this year’s F8 were greeted with a splashy tent-filled venue full of colorful lights, sounds of a carefully curated playlist, and piles of food around every corner

If that wasn’t enough, day one’s announcements and technical sessions were topped off with custom Patagonia vests and a Deadmau5 concert as a parting gift to the developers who paid nearly $500 to attend.

But swag, snacks and a free concert aside, for many…

Whipclip Launches So You Can Legally Share Your Favorite TV Moments

Whipclip screenshot

Whipclip threatens to upend YouTube by letting you cut and share TV clips



Comedy Central’s upcoming roast of Justin Bieber, led by comedian Kevin Hart, will inevitably fill social media with clips of the greatest — and perhaps meanest — jokes made at the baby-faced pop star’s expense.

Whipclip wants viewers to have a piece of the action


Whipclip launched its app publicly on Thursday, offering users the chance to create high-quality snippets of television shows and share them on…