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Women Are Vastly Underrepresented in On-Screen Workforce, Study Finds



Hopefully you’ve already heard of the Bechdel test, which asks if a film (or, really, any work of fiction) meets three criteria: There are two or more female characters with names, they talk to each other and the topic of conversation is about something other than a man

It seems simple enough, but as of June, half of 2014′s films failed the test. Now, according to a new U.N.-backed report from the Geena Davis Institute on Gender and Media, we see that women aren’t equally represented in…

Ello Is No Facebook Killer



I’m afraid to say how I feel about Ello.

I’ve been in this position before. A new social media platform arrives, everyone proclaims it the next big thing and better than all that’s come before or currently exists. I look at it and feel a profound sense of meh

It’s not really Ello’s fault. The social network that seems to encourage big images, short thoughts and unthreaded conversation launched over the summer. I don’t recall hearing about it. In fact, Ello was flying way under the radar…

Facebook Relaunches Atlas Ad Platform With Cross-Device Targeting And Offline Sales Tracking

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Google Doodle Celebrates Its 16th Birthday



Happy sweet 16, Google Doodle!

The quirky art featured on the search giant’s homepage celebrated its 16th birthday on Saturday with, appropriately, an animated Google Doodle. In it, the G in Google’s logo measures the growth of the O and L.

google doodle

Image: Google

Google’s unique art has celebrated a variety of people, events and causes over the years. Its topics have ranged from sci-fi show Doctor Who to iconic actress Audrey Hepburn, as well…

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Shoutout Aims To Be The Simplest Way To Share Photos With Friends


Ello Cofounder Doesn’t Think Facebook Is a Social Network



Ello, the independent, invitation-only and ad-free social network that went viral almost overnight, is often compared to Facebook. In fact, the still nascent social network has already gained a reputation as the “anti-Facebook.”

But Ello cofounder Paul Budnitz doesn’t put much stock in those comparisons. In part because he thinks Facebook’s users have become so commoditized that the platform stopped being a true social network long ago.

“The advertisers are the customer and the user is the…

What’s Up With Ello, the Anti-Facebook Social Network?



By now, you’ve probably heard something about Ello, the ad-free, invite-only, independent social network that has seemingly gone viral over the last week.

The ad-free social network has quickly — and somewhat inexplicably — gained a reputation for being the “anti-Facebook.” Which is odd, because new users tend to boast on Facebook about having scored an invite to the service.

While it’s not clear what’s behind the site’s sudden surge in…

Time-Lapse Selfies Are Now a Thing, Courtesy of Instagram’s Hyperlapse



If there’s one app that can be credited with the rise of the selfie, it’s Instagram. But now the Facebook-owned photo app is introducing a new kind of selfie — the “selfielapse.”

Hyperlapse, Instagram’s newest standalone app for time-lapse videos, got its first major update Thursday that allows users to shoot videos from their iPhones’ front-facing cameras.

The updated app now has a small button next to the shutter that toggles…

Ello, Ello? New ‘No Ads’ Social Network Ello Is Blowing Up Right Now

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Social Platform Hootsuite Adds $60M To Its Coffers, Buys Zeetl To Integrate Voice

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