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‘House of Cards’ fans are confused about when Season 3 arrives on Netflix



If American history has taught us anything it’s that new seasons of House of Cards arrive at 3:01 a.m. ET, not 12:01 ET, you confused East Coasters

Mashable confirmed with Netflix that all 13 episodes of Season 3 will come out on Feb. 27 at 3:01 a.m. ET and 12:01 a.m. PT, so you still have time gather snacks and beverages

Even House of Cards showrunner Beau Willimon can’t keep the release time straight:

Sorry folks, had…

3 little changes that will make a big difference in your online advertising



Online advertising has come a long way from the tacky, blinking banner ads of the 1990s. Today, sophisticated, highly targeted online ads are delivered through a plethora of digital channels, from search engines to mobile apps – and a growing number of marketers are reaping the benefits.

With the right strategy, savvy tools, and smart resource allocation, even the smallest of businesses can take on the giants of the online advertising world.

Here are a few small changes you can make to…

Wait, what? Kanye West publicly apologizes to Beck … and Bruno Mars



LOS ANGELES — Out of the blue, more than two weeks after criticizing Beck for winning Album of the Year at the Grammys, Kanye West has publicly apologized on Twitter

“I would like to publicly apologize to Beck, I’m sorry Beck,” he tweeted Thursday

It was the first part in a two-part apology spree in which West also said sorry to Bruno Mars, the “Uptown Funk” singer that he dissed in 2013 as being “overrated” for winning “all the motherf*cking awards and sh*t” at the MTV Video Music…

10 Twitter marketing tricks we learned from the Oscars



With Twitter in the midst of a new product push that includes the introduction of a native video tool, all eyes are on the site to see whether it’s a “sustainable business.” One thing is certain: it remains the place to go to measure consumer sentiment and zeitgeist in response to major events. After Sunday’s Academy Awards, the media once again took the pulse of viewers by analyzing the tweetstorms that swept across the platform. “What’s the trick to watching the Oscars without a) falling…

Vurb Is Crazy Enough To Fight Google


This smartwatch comes with a separate screen that doubles as a battery



If looks were the deciding factor for the success of wearable devices, the new Neptune Due would already be a hit with some

But making a wearable look inviting is just one piece of the puzzle, the real test is functionality, an area where the Neptune Duo offers a unique departure from most of the wearables we’ve seen in the past

The Neptune Due is actually composed of two separate devices: the Hub and the Pocket…

Twitter Finally Launches An Official WordPress Plug-In

twitter rainbow

If You Think Tinder Needs More Cute Pets, BuzzFeed Has The App For You

buzzfeed pug

The Web: Headliner Or TV’s Supporting Actor?


5 UK general election issues taking center stage at +SocialGood UK



With the UK general election mere months away, the +SocialGood UK conference on March 27 will take a closer look at some of the issues playing an important role in the future of the Connected Generation both in the UK and beyond.

Speakers including government officials, policymakers, social entrepreneurs, technologists and corporate leaders from around the world will be meeting to discuss how technology is driving social change…