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Built By 15 Year Olds, FollowPlants Posts Social Media Updates From Plants


Built By 15 Year Olds, FollowPlants Posts Social Media Updates From Plants


12 beautifully random comments on Walmart’s Facebook page



The retail giant Walmart has over 32 million likes on their Facebook page, so with that amount of reach, you can expect a variety of comments, ranging from genuine feedback, to trolling and confusion

Some people have a different approach to social media. We’re not sure which category these customers’ comments fall under, but we’re happy that they exist

Except for the woman looking for socks —someone please help her find…

The Difference Between Theoretical Social Media and Practical Social Media

This is the type of blog post that will get me into trouble with the wrong people. That’s absolutely fine by me. The people I want to reach are the people who need help for their business, not the people who make a business out of preaching social media.

There are two types of social media “gurus” out there today. One is like the law professor – more knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the law and its applications than most judges. In both the legal and social media marketing…

Facebook users donate $10 million to Nepal



Facebook users have proven the “donate now” button on the social platform is an extraordinarily powerful tool.

It has only been two days since the donation button to help the people of Nepal affected by a devastating earthquake went live at the top of Facebook feeds across the world. In that time, more than half a million people have donated and raised more than US$10 million in funds for International Medical Corps (IMC), according to Facebook.

Why the pope is a feminist



On Wednesday Pope Francis gave his weekly address before a large crowd and said something remarkable: “Why is it taken for granted that women should earn less than men? No! They have the same rights.”

This inequality, he said, is a “scandal.”

It was a call for gender and pay equity heard round the world.

Pope Francis is fighting for equal pay for women, @Pontifex you’re the best Pope I’ve ever seen

— Amanda…

There’s only 1 month left to submit your work for the 2015 Mashies



From marketing and advertising to social media and PR, the Mashies are all about the very best in digital.

Want to attend? There’s only one month left to submit your work to be considered for Mashable‘s annual celebration of the agencies and brands that are paving the future of communication on new digital platforms

Submit your work now by 12 a.m. on June 5 for the chance to win. There are several new awards

Go Ahead, Play Prince Of Persia In This Tweet

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Pinterest’s Evan Sharp: Guys are on here, too




Twitter’s New Dedicated Food Account Could Help Broaden Appeal

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