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Never Let The Internet Spoil Your Favorite TV Show Again


An Unofficial Guide for #ThrowbackThursday Etiquette



Weekly Internet trends have taken over, and your baby pics are cool as ever because of it.

Hashtags provide a number of useful ways to track topics and trends on social media, including the ability to fuel our obsession with nostalgia. Throwback Thursday, better known as #TBT, is a weekly reminiscent photo movement that has taken off globally, particularly on Instagram.

Who doesn’t love a good photo blast from the past? There’s…

Ironically, Anonymous App Secret Is Hatching IRL Meetups



On anonymous social media app Secret, you can be anyone you want — even yourself.

My new acquaintance, whom we’ll call Steve, has just organized one of the first Secret IRL meetups, which began with this simple Secret: “Starting yet another expensive, consumption habit: artisanal whiskey. San Francisco, you can keep your $4 toast.”


The Secret appeared in my feed because Steve is a “friend of friend,” meaning a contact saved in my phone book is also saved in his. It could easily be someone…

Tapping Into the Emotional Side of Video Games: Developing Hope, Healing and Love



“Video games have always been a part of my life,” said Jenovah Chen. “I always played games with my friends, but as I got older, my friends stopped playing.”

Chen, president and co-founder of thatgamecompany, wondered why that was. While his friends said they were too busy, it wasn’t that they didn’t have time for other forms of entertainment.

“People still read novels, watched movies, listened to…

Line Starts Letting Users Make And Sell Their Own Stickers On Its Messaging Platform

Line Creators Market

Now Facebook Wants You To Share Where You’re “Traveling To”


Weibo May Look Like Twitter, But Its IPO Probably Won’t



Bill Gates uses the site to talk about public policy issues to his more than 3 million followersTom Cruise uses the service to promote his latest films and press appearances to more than 5 million followers. Prominent politicians like David Cameron and Shimon Peres are on it talking about their travels, though with significantly smaller followings

No, it’s not Twitter, but rather Weibo, a Chinese social network whose name literally translates to “microblog.” In 2009, three years after…

Talkwheel Raises $1.2M To Visualize Customer Conversations Across The Web

talkwheel screenshot

Twitter And Tumblr-Focused Analytics Provider Union Metrics Now Does Instagram Too

Instagram Brands

Photo-Sharing App Frontback Comes To Android

Frontback Android