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So, does anybody want Twitter?

Getty Twitter TC.001

So, does anybody want Twitter?

Getty Twitter TC.001

Ford gave its $450,000 GT supercar a limited-edition ’60s race car makeover



Just over a week ago, the Ford GT won its class at the 24 Hour of Le Mans race in France.

This impressive achievement came 50 years after the Ford GT40 Mark II, the predecessor to the 2017 GT, took the same checkered flag in 1966.

Commemorating both wins,

‘Hamilton’ adds an extra show just for Hillary Clinton



Broadway mega-hit Hamilton

Social media companies really want you to know that it’s ‘Brexit’ voting day



LONDON — On the day of the historic referendum in the UK to decide whether the country should stay in the European Union or leave, major social media companies are encouraging people to get to the polls and vote.

4 Reasons the GOP Should Take Trump Up on His Offer to Self-Fund Campaign

Donald Trump may or may not want the GOP’s help with his campaign. Depending on the day of the week and who he’s talking to, he either loves the GOP or hates it. He either wants their help or he doesn’t. His latest perspective (as of eight hours ago, so it may have changed already) is that if support for Trump from the GOP continues to waver, he’ll go at it on his own.

There are four reasons that the GOP should accept his offer and none of them include doing it out of spite. It makes…

Your feet on running vs. your feet on walking



Promoted by The Athlete’s Foot

Your feet help you do some amazing things.

Whether it’s climbing mountains or simply crossing the street, your feet are the mini engines that propel you — and shoes are the tyres. Sneakers provide support, stability and traction while running and walking, not to mention some much-needed protection for your delicate tootsies.

Avid runners and walkers know that the foundation to a good day on the trails is a great pair of shoes. But their needs aren’t exactly the…

Jhené Aiko will kick off Uber’s summer concert series on Monday… and you can go for free




Finding your queer family — when you’re 65 years old



When a new member walks into the GRIOT Circle community center in Downtown Brooklyn, a number of seniors come up to him and strongly suggest that he try a garlic knot.

“Everyone’s eating them,” one member says while passing him a plate, the knots bulging with joy and carbs. “Why aren’t you?”

Located on one of Brooklyn’s busiest streets,

Michael Bay tweets picture of new ‘Transformers’ Bumblebee



Bee still my heart. OK that was lame. But I am not at all sorry.

Director Michael Bay tweeted out a pic of the next Bumblebee Camaro for the upcoming 2017 Transformers: The Last Knight