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Boom! 10 Great Fireworks Moments From Pop Culture



If you’re not a skittish poodle, chances are you’re looking forward to Fourth of July fireworks. (If you are, congrats! You’re a dog that can read!)

In prep for the big fire shows in the sky taking place across this land we call the U-S of A, we’ve scoured the dry, weedy parts of our memories for the ten best fireworks displays we’ve ever seen … from our couch

Special honoree: the greatest fireworks scene ever


A Gift to Google+ on Its Third Birthday: No More Facebook Comparisons



Google+ turns 3 years old on Saturday, a birthday the service is celebrating with little fanfare (if at all)

Google didn’t make any major announcements or release any special features to commemorate the moment. Google+ didn’t even rate an appearance at Google I/O, the company’s biggest tech conference, which wrapped up on Thursday

Google, for whatever reason, seems to be content to let the event pass. The birthday is just happening:…

Why the Supreme Court Cellphone Ruling Is a Really Big Deal



Thanks to an unanimous Supreme Court decision on Wednesday, police officers will no longer be allowed to search your cellphone after an arrest without a warrant — a ruling hailed as “groundbreaking” and “big win for digital privacy.”

The ruling concerning two separate but similar cases could have far-reaching implications on digital privacy, according to experts. The judges argued that cellphones, unlike other physical objects, hold an inordinate amount of personal, private, information and,…

How to Enable Emoji on iOS



Emoji are more than just silly little smiley faces. These lovable icons have become a universal language ingrained in our messages, and an integral part of communication.

If you spend a lot of time conversing through text, you may want to punctuate your messages with colorful animals or planes.

Until iOS 5, you could only access an emoji keyboard by downloading third-party apps. Luckily, iOS devices now have a built-in keyboard for these illustrated…

32 Outstanding World Cup Names (and How to Pronounce Them)



If you thought the World Cup was only a showcase for the best soccer on Earth, think again. It’s also a diverse festival featuring some of the greatest names you’ll ever see or hear

With coaches submitting their final 23-man World Cup rosters to FIFA on Monday, the final field for the tournament (barring any catastrophic injuries) is set in stone

We took a spin through all 32 World Cup rosters and picked one of the most…

Prisoner Swap Frees U.S. Soldier Held by Taliban for 5 Years



Breaking with its long-held policy of refusing to negotiate with terrorist organizations, the White House has agreed to release five Taliban prisoners held at Cuba’s Guantanamo Bay detention camp in exchange for U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who has been held by the Taliban in Afghanistan since June 30, 2009

The peaceful transfer of Bergdahl into the hands of American special-operations forces took place on Saturday at 10:30 a.m. ET

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New ‘Game of Thrones’ Beer Picked By You And Tastes Like Vengeance



If vengeance were bottled up and made to drink, it might have a sweet, fruity finish with a slightly bitter aftertaste. That is, of course, if it came from the land of Westeros.

Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown, New York has had major success with its series of Game of Thrones-inspired beer, and its back with its fourth installment: Valar Morghulis, meaning “all men must die” in the fictional language of Valyrian.

The latest…

Have We Reached Peak Star Wars Day?



There’s a date in May that quickens the pulse of every true Star Wars fan. The very mention of the date recalls the excitement and unexpected joy of the franchise’s 1977 beginnings; the moment an independent filmmaker confounded expectations with a movie that only 40 theater owners had shown any initial interest in screening. It was a day that shocked the world, and changed everything about the way we entertain ourselves.

I speak, of course, of May 25, Star Wars’ birthday

As for May the 4th?…

May the Fourth: We Grilled Chewie, Han and Luke With Cantina Trivia



Any wacky dad can slip into a Jedi robe

Ronald McDonald Loses the Jumpsuit, Is Ready for His Selfie



Ronald McDonald is taking a page out of the millennial playbook.

The 51-year-old clown revealed an updated wardrobe and a hashtag of his very own Wednesday, an effort which is meant to make the fast food mascot appear more modern and sophisticated while highlighting his work in communities around the world.

Ronald’s threads have been updated periodically since his debut in 1963. This time he is trading in a voluminous yellow jumpsuit…