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Twitter’s Music Strategy: No App, Just Better Listening

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Everything You Need to Know From Apple’s iPad Event



On the heels of the launch of its new iPhones, Apple unveiled new hardware and software updates at a keynote event in Cupertino, California, on Thursday.

Among Apple‘s announcements was a launch date for Apple Pay, the iPad mini 3, its thinnest-ever iPad Air 2 and an iMac with retina display

Here’s a closer look at everything you need to know (you can watch the full event here).

iPad Air 2

The star of Thursday’s event, the new iPad Air, has been…

Doctors Perform World’s First Cataract Surgery on a Falcon



A female lanner falcon is recovering from the world’s first falcon cataract surgery, performed at Caves Animal Hospital in Deering, N.H.

The falcon, named Banner, lives at the New Hampshire School of Falconry, in Deering, N.H. She has had cataracts in each eye for nearly two years. Her condition had debilitated to the point where she could no longer fly or hunt.

Help arrived for the bird on September 29, when a veterinary team sedated her, removed her…

8 Vines That Show Off Upload and Editing Features



Last week, we challenged Mashable readers to use the features of Vine’s latest update to create unique six-second videos

We saw submissions that showed off the uploading capability, as well as the duplicating and editing tools. Some Vines even used multiple aspects of the update, resulting in cool compilation videos of special effects and all-natural shots.

Some of our favorites are featured, below. Scroll through…

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Obama Chooses Dying Medium to Address War-Weary Nation



President Obama will interrupt viewers of CBS, ABC, Fox and NBC at 9 p.m. on Wednesday for a rare prime-time address about his strategy for fighting Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria.

Those viewers — Americans seeking a mindless reprieve from the stresses of their daily lives through shows like NBC’s America’s Got Talent, ABC’s Modern Family, FOX’s Hell’s Kitchen and a CBS football special — will hear from a president who is relying on the gravity of a prime-time address to convey…

2 Makers Build a Better Home for Your Keys



In our new series Duality, Mashable paired creators, equipped them with Intel-powered tablets and gave them 16 days to build something special. This video documents the creation by Matt Richardson and Ben Light.

Meet Ben

ben light

Image: Ben Light

“I’m a designer, teacher and maker,” says Ben Light, whose work has been included in exhibitions displayed in the Museum of Arts and Design, the MoMA Design Store, the Cameron Art Museum, the American Design Club and Core77. “I love to make things, so I…

Australia Government Buys Bombproof BMW Fleet for G20 Summit



SYDNEY — The Australia Prime Minister has ordered a fleet of bombproof BMWs to protect leaders during the G20 summit this year.

The $6.2 million fleet can withstand AK47 fire, attacks with explosive devices or armour-piercing weapons.

“The optimised-armour plates are made from an incredibly strong special steel, and fit the bodywork of the car like a second skin,” car manufacturer BMW said on their website. “And reducing the…

U.S. Troops Tried to Rescue Foley and Others in Syria, But Couldn’t Find Them



WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama sent U.S. troops to Syria earlier this summer to rescue a number of Americans held by a violent extremist group, including slain journalist James Foley, but the troops did not find the hostages, senior Obama administration officials said Wednesday.

The officials said the rescue mission was authorized after intelligence agencies believed they had identified the location inside Syria where the hostages were being held. But the several dozen special…

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul Reunite for ‘Barely Legal’ Exploits



Is it an TV show ad? Is it a car ad? Is it a spoof of reality show Pawn Stars? Is it a weird Breaking Bad binge-watching-induced dream? Yes

In a six-minute Audi-sponsored Emmys ad, titled “Barely Legal Pawn,” Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reunite to run a very legitimate (but creepy) pawn shop. Enter Julia Louis-Dreyfus, shy on cash due to a drunken island purchase (relatable), who is trying to make some money by selling her old Seinfeld Emmy award

Yeah, b***h

(Pause the video at 4:20 for…

Elaine Stritch, Broadway Vet and Emmy Winner, Dead at 89



Elaine Stritch, a Hollywood icon best known for her work on stage and in television, has died. She was 89.

According to reports, Stritch died Thursday at her home in Michigan

Brassy-voiced Stritch began her career in the ’40s but her career took off after being nominated for her first Tony in 1962, for her role in Bus Stop. Four more nominations would follow, in 1962 for Sail Away, 1971 for Stephen Sondheim’s Company and 1996 for her role in the revival of A Delicate Balance. In 2002, her…