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Aereo files for bankruptcy, but its impact could still be huge



We now return you to your regularly scheduled, non-Internet programming.

Streaming television startup Aereo has filed for bankruptcy, putting the company in a position to wind down its operations.

Aereo announced on Friday that it has filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, a move that is typically expensive and allows for the company to restructure its debt. While filing for bankruptcy does not necessarily mean the end of the business, CEO Chet…

Secret Service arrests woman with gun outside White House



Minutes after President Barack Obama finished his nationwide address regarding immigration reform Thursday evening, Secret Service officials arrested a woman with a gun outside the White House.

The Michigan woman was walking along the north fence line of the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue around 8:30 p.m., a Secret Service official told CBS. Obama was in the White House at the time.

Secret Service spokesman says special agents…

Read Ronald Reagan’s expert apology to Margaret Thatcher



It may be little remembered today, but for one brief moment in 1983, the enduring “special relationship” between the UK and the U.S. — and the very special friendship between President Ronald Reagan and Prime Minster Margaret Thatcher, in particular — was seriously endangered. Now we know exactly how they kissed and made up.

The topic that drove a wedge between the two leaders? The U.S. invasion of a tiny Caribbean nation called Grenada. A former British colony that gained independence in…

Barnes & Noble ad pushes print as the perfect holiday gift



It may be a forgone conclusion that Amazon will once again steal Christmas, but that’s not stopping Barnes & Noble from making its case.

The bookstore chain has rolled out a new ad narrated by actress Sigourney Weaver, stating that “a book is a gift like no other.” The ad portrays the wonder and joy that a print book can bring, showing a bustling B&N store during the holidays. Near the end of the 30-second segment, the “the new Nook by Samsung” gets a shout-out — but then the ad shifts back…

You Can Now Watch All 552 Episodes of ‘The Simpsons’ on Your iPad



Good news, cable subscribers: All 552 episodes of The Simpsons are now available to stream online and on smartphones and tablets. Say goodbye to the rest of your work week.

The Simpsons debuted on cable network FXX in August. Now, as promised, the FXNow streaming app has the first 25 seasons of The Simpsons available to view at your leisure.

In addition to a special Simpsons World section of the FXNow app, SimpsonsWorld.com

Twitter’s Music Strategy: No App, Just Better Listening

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Everything You Need to Know From Apple’s iPad Event



On the heels of the launch of its new iPhones, Apple unveiled new hardware and software updates at a keynote event in Cupertino, California, on Thursday.

Among Apple‘s announcements was a launch date for Apple Pay, the iPad mini 3, its thinnest-ever iPad Air 2 and an iMac with retina display

Here’s a closer look at everything you need to know (you can watch the full event here).

iPad Air 2

The star of Thursday’s event, the new iPad Air, has been…

Doctors Perform World’s First Cataract Surgery on a Falcon



A female lanner falcon is recovering from the world’s first falcon cataract surgery, performed at Caves Animal Hospital in Deering, N.H.

The falcon, named Banner, lives at the New Hampshire School of Falconry, in Deering, N.H. She has had cataracts in each eye for nearly two years. Her condition had debilitated to the point where she could no longer fly or hunt.

Help arrived for the bird on September 29, when a veterinary team sedated her, removed her…

8 Vines That Show Off Upload and Editing Features



Last week, we challenged Mashable readers to use the features of Vine’s latest update to create unique six-second videos

We saw submissions that showed off the uploading capability, as well as the duplicating and editing tools. Some Vines even used multiple aspects of the update, resulting in cool compilation videos of special effects and all-natural shots.

Some of our favorites are featured, below. Scroll through…

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Obama Chooses Dying Medium to Address War-Weary Nation



President Obama will interrupt viewers of CBS, ABC, Fox and NBC at 9 p.m. on Wednesday for a rare prime-time address about his strategy for fighting Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria.

Those viewers — Americans seeking a mindless reprieve from the stresses of their daily lives through shows like NBC’s America’s Got Talent, ABC’s Modern Family, FOX’s Hell’s Kitchen and a CBS football special — will hear from a president who is relying on the gravity of a prime-time address to convey…