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‘Downton Abbey’ Season 5 conclusion warmed our hearts



Editor’s note: The following recap was originally published in December 2014, in conjunction with the UK airing of the Downton Abbey Christmas special.

The festive Christmas episode of Downton Abbey , which is the last new episode of the season, was full of surprises, thrills, and a whole range of emotions.

Structured in two acts — the first of which was actually away from Downton — the two-hour Christmas Special provided resolution for some storylines, unveiled secrets from the past and…

Exclusive interview: ‘I’m a llama’



After two llamas on the run captured the nation’s collective consciousness for a few brief hours on Thursday (only to be superseded by a damn dress), we sought out a llama for an exclusive interview with Mashable

Rojo the Llama is a 12-year-old Bolivian long-wooled llama with a very unique personality. His owner, Lori Gregory, says he thrives on human love and companionship and that Rojo, and his other camelid companions at Mtn Peaks Therapy Llamas &…

The after-school special is over: How millennials want to talk about eating disorders today



Growing up, Jessie Kahnweiler thought she understood what addiction entailed: alcohol, drugs and sex, the vices that saturate our media.

But for more than 10 years, she didn’t realize she had her own type of addictive relationship — with food. Kahnweiler had an eating disorder. And she hadn’t figured it out sooner because no one talked about it enough. Particularly in entertainment media, there were few examples of people to learn from and relate to

“Any time there’s talk of eating disorders…

Facebook Patents Clever Way To Advertise Just To Important People


Claire redefines the cold shoulder in ‘House of Cards’ Season 3 teaser



If a picture is worth 1,000 words, the Underwoods’ official White House portrait is basically a thesis on failing marriages

Despite Netflix’s little leak last week of House of Cards Season 3, the company has continued to drop teasers of what’s in store for Frank and Claire. The latest 30-second clip shows the two awkwardly posing for a White House portrait

Claire’s icy grin will haunt us all the way until Feb. 27, when the new episodes are officially set to drop


Rise Of The Micro-Tinders

Rise Of The Micro-Tinder

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Rise Of The Micro-Tinders

Rise Of The Micro-Tinder

Drones will dance, fight and race in upcoming drone circus



Drones can do all sorts of things — take great videos, race or even smuggle meth — but how good are they at entertainment? We’ll likely find out this year during the world’s first drone entertainment show in Amsterdam.

Air 2015, as the show’s called, is slated to happen in the Amsterdam Arena sometime this year, but other details, including the exact date, are scarce. Still, the official trailer, posted on YouTube last week, promises ton of adrenaline-infused fun

“In this high energy and…

Lovebook turns your love life into a targeted ad campaign on Facebook



Your next date could come from a Facebook ad.

That’s the premise of Lovebook, a new matchmaking service that aims to help singles find dates by buying targeted Facebook ads.

Lovebook was created by self-proclaimed matchmaker, CJ James, who says he was inspired to create the service after watching a friend’s struggles with using conventional dating websites and wondered if there was a different approach

The service he created has three…

‘Dying Light’ is a bright spark in the wasteland of zombie games



I’ve been in a torrid love affair with zombie games since I first played Resident Evil in 1996. Over the years there’s been a gradual build-up of fatigue as far as the subject matter goes, and I find myself sighing when yet another “innovative” zombie apocalypse-themed survival horror game comes down the pipe

As much as I hate to say it, the genre has become hackneyed to the point where it’s nearly a parody of itself. Anyone can insert a zombie into a first- or third-person shooter and…