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Illinois town wants cyclists to stop pooping on bike path



Town supervisors in Hampton, Illinois are kindly requesting that local cyclists cut the shit and stop pooping all over the bike path.

After two years of cleaning up feces left on the local bike trail, fed up supervisors have been forced to post two large signs that read, “Stop pooping on bike path.” And while many interpret this as a warning to dog owners, the message is actually meant for humans.

“It’s just pretty nasty to talk about,” Scott McKay, Hampton’s Public Works supervisor, told…

Six men arrested after synagogue attack in north London



LONDON — Six people have been arrested after a group of men forced their way into a synagogue in Stamford Hill early Sunday morning in what police called an “anti-Semitic” incident.

The men, who were described as drunk, had left a nearby party and attempted to get into the synagogue. One man was punched in the face when he tried to stop them.

Police said they were stepping up patrols in the area following the incident.

At 01:15 group of…

Everything is awesome in Lego ‘The Matrix’



Neo and Trinity are back, but this time they’re Lego and their feet snap into the floor

Following the awesome trend of recreating movie scenes and trailers with Lego, YouTuber Snooperking recreated the infamous lobby scene from the 1999 film, The Matrix.

The stop-motion recreation was no easy task, as shown in this behind-the-scenes clip which highlights a six second portion that took an hour and a half to film and…

No one’s getting anything done during March Madness, so don’t even try



Why have good grades when you could have a great bracket?

These basketball fans have fallen victim to the productivity black hole that is March Madness and it’s only going to get worse. With 32 games being played in a 48-hour period, midterms and Excel spreadsheets are quickly taking a backseat

Banning cellphones won’t stop these people from missing upsets, they’ve already found creative ways to get their basketball fix in the…

Sleepy Great Dane still can’t adjust to Daylight Saving Time



Reesa the Great Dane is having a rough time finding the motivation to get to work.

In this powerful metaphor for all of our lives, the grumpy gentle giant clearly tries to work himself into a more lucid state, but just can’t seem to get rid of that morning fog.

The three-minute clip, which was posted to the videos subreddit, is yet further proof that we need to get rid of Daylight Saving Time forever.

10 moments that made us love Top Gear



Everyone’s favorite car series, Top Gear, is known for going hard on their vehicle reviews, tests and challenges. For their 350 million weekly viewers, the producers of Top Gear like to kick things up a notch beyond just a quick detail of a luxury trailer

Whether blowing things up or pitting man and machine against each other, presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are always up to some ridiculous antics. Read…

Basketball players defend a bullied cheerleader with Down syndrome



It takes a strong person to stand up to bullies, even when someone else is the target.

Eighth grader and cheerleader Desiree Andrews has Down syndrome, and that doesn’t stop her from cheering on the basketball team at their games at Lincoln Middle School in Kenosha, Wisconsin. But when she was being bullied from the stands during a game, three players from the team decided to support her by walking out on their own game.

‘Dinosaurs’ singing Notorious B.I.G.’s ‘Hypnotize’ is everything



This mashup is sicker than your average mashup.

Dinosaurs had a short but memorable run in pop culture, as did Biggie Smalls. Maybe that’s why this video of Earl Sinclair singing “Hypnotize” by Notorious B.I.G. resonates with us. That, or the fact that it’s just absurdly funny and Earl is essentially just Biggie but with scales and a tail.


Like Mike: College hooper slams eerily accurate Air Jordan impression



The hops. The pose. The number. The name. The brutal poster dunk. It’s all right there

But this isn’t Michael Jordan somehow transporting himself back to college hoops. No, this is Rysheed Jordan, a 6-4 sophomore guard from St. John’s who did a picture-perfect impression of His Airness this weekend. The two Jordans aren’t related genetically — only cosmically

First, the video evidence of Jordan…

Documentary highlighting China’s smog crisis censored on mainland websites



The Chinese government’s apparent distaste for a popular new documentary that spotlights China’s air quality woes has resulted in the film’s removal from major mainland video websites

Despite initial praise from the country’s environment minister and coverage in state-run media, authorities later suppressed the buzz surrounding Under the Dome, which attracted 100 million online views when it debuted last weekend, according to multiple reports

On Monday, China’s propaganda officials…