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Bring it Back to Basics With This Week’s Clay-Themed Vine Challenge



Let’s go back to the good ol’ days of crafting as kids. For this week’s Mashable Vine Challenge, use clay as your main material

Claymation is one of the many forms of stop-motion animation. A malleable substance like clay can allow for creative building and sculpting. You can use basic modeling clay, Play-Doh, Silly Putty, Crayola’s Model Magic or any other similar material. Just grab a chunk and create a character, hand-build pottery, or…

10 Vine Videos of Creatures Big and Small



Last week’s Mashable Vine Challenge was all about creatures. We asked our readers to animate fantasy monsters and animals in creative six-second videos, and reviewed all submissions uploaded on Vine with the hashtag #CreatureCrawl.

Many utilized the traditional stop-motion technique, while others reenacted horror scenes and used digital artwork to create a unique and interesting look. Here’s a look at a few of our favorites:

1. Escher’s Revenge

2. Muck Beast

3. Self-Made Monster

4. Stray…

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Facebook Takes Another Crack At Read-It-Later With “Save” Button

Facebook’s quest to become a newspaper has seen it launch multiple News Feeds, the standalone Paper app, trending topics, and more. But you’re not always able to stop what you’re doing and read what you discover, so Facebook is now testing a read-it-later Save button on feed articles that creates a section of bookmarked websites on your profile. Read More

9 Super Simple Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier



You’ve got a busy life. Work, school, social gatherings, family time — there’s a lot to pack into one day.

Technology is here to save you. While unwinding can sometimes mean putting away the gadgets, there are plenty of ways that a few apps can actually simplify your life.

Here are nine free, quick-step apps to make your life less complicated



Sometimes we forget how to stop and breathe. Calm is a meditation…

Twitter #Music To Be Pulled From App Store Today, Will Shut Down Completely On April 18

Twitter just announced that it will be removing its #Music app from the App Store “later this afternoon.” For those who have already downloaded it, the app will stop working on April 18. #Music’s disappearance is no surprise. After a high-profile launch early last year, the app’s popularity waned and by the fall it was regarded as a failure, with both AllThingsD and The New York Times reporting… Read More

Here’s Your First Look at ‘Mad Men’ Season 7



It’s that time of the year again — sexism, booze and a complete disregard for office etiquette or the institution of marriage. It’s the season premiere of Mad Men!

The hit drama about Don Draper and his advertising firm returns with the first half of its seventh and final season on April 13, but until then, AMC is giving us a sneak peek at what’s in store

The 15-second teaser and accompanying images don’t offer much to go on. Is…

Students Pay School to Stop Them Playing Bieber



Justin Bieber’s music is so grating that people will pay money to make it stop.

Starting Monday, administrators at a Washington state high school played the troubled pop singer’s 2010 hit “Baby” over the loudspeaker during lunch and between classes. They told students that the only way the music would stop playing was if they collectively donated a total of $500 for a school in Ghana.

The school supported by the…

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7 Pro Tips to Make Travel More Efficient



The ability to waltz elegantly through chaotic airports like an individual actually on vacation isn’t something you’re born with; it is earned. Packing and planning for optimal travel serenity can take years of trips filled with stress and anxiety before you finally hit your stride and start coming out on top, no matter the lines or the hold-ups. The airport, or the train station or cruise ship dock is where many trips begin, and thus is your launchpad for an awesome trip, be it for work,…

Adoption Agency Explains Why Dogs are Better than People



People: They’ll let you down. But dogs will always be there for you.

That’s the message Mayhew Animal Home is sending in its new dog adoption PSA, “Unloved.” The video follows stangers having a terrible day, due to others’ unkindness and ignorance. But at the end of the day, as long as there’s a dog in your life, you have something that unconditionally loves you.

Not only will this PSA convince you that you need to run out and get a dog right…

Seth Rogen Tweet-Shames Senators for Skipping His Speech



Seth Rogen delivered a serious message to the Senate on Wednesday: Alzheimer’s needs more awareness and support, not only for those who suffer, but for their families as well

Rogen attended a congressional hearing Wednesday to share a personal story of his family’s struggle with the disease. His mother-in-law suffered early onset Alzheimer’s, an illness that rendered her unable to speak, feed herself or use the bathroom on her own by the age of 60.