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Toddler and dog are equally ecstatic that dad is home



Dogs and toddlers definitely have one thing in common: patience is not their strong suit

When dad comes home from a long day of work, this toddler and his trusty dog companion are equally ecstatic, and basically have a joyous meltdown

Because dad’s been gone all freaking day and they missed him.

Hillary Clinton on gun violence: ‘Our country is better than this’



Hillary Clinton made her push for new gun control measures Monday, calling gun violence an “epidemic” that “knows no boundaries, knows no limits of any kind.”

While campaigning in New Hampshire, Clinton unveiled her plan, which would strengthen background checks on gun buyers and end legal immunity for those who sell guns.

Clinton on her gun proposals: “They’re not new. There’s nothing unique about them other than the…

Uber fears new proposals will ‘end’ how it operates in London



LONDON — Things could get a lot more difficult for Uber in London if new leaked proposals from the city’s transport body are implemented.

Confidential Transport for London documents reportedly seen by The Telegraph indicates they are pushing for a mandatory wait time of five minutes between when a customer orders an Uber and when it turns up — this is so that operators could provide booking confirmation before the journey begins.

New York City employee gets in trouble for speaking like a robot



Despite all the technological innovations in the world, it seems some places still require a human touch.

One employee in the New York City’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, is in trouble for, among other things, speaking like a robot.

Ronald Dillon, who works as a computer specialist in the Health Department, spoke in a robotic fashion on two occasions in 2014 while on the job, according to his employer’s…

10 things you need to know about Jeremy Corbyn’s big Labour Party speech



LONDON — The new Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn made his first speech to the Labour Party conference in Brighton on Tuesday

Corbyn, who earlier this month beat more mainstream rivals for the party leadership, faces the challenge of a divided Labour Party with many members having misgivings about his socialist and left-leaning politics

However, he got a warm welcome from delegates gathered to hear his big speech and more than one standing ovation

Actor Ioan Gruffudd in his boxer shorts is the best reaction to Wales’ rugby win



LONDON — A lot of people were pleased about Wales’ 28-25 win against England this weekend, but no one quite so much as actor Ioan Gruffudd really who lost it he was so happy

In a video shared by his wife and fellow actor Alice Evans, Gruffudd seen taking the sports-fan-dad stereotype to a whole new level

Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook dining at top table for White House China state dinner



A powerhouse lineup of Hollywood, diplomacy and big business made the guest list for President Barack Obama’s lavish dinner for Chinese President Xi Jinping.

From “Empire” creator Lee Daniels to Disney CEO Bob Iger, from diplo-eminence Henry Kissinger to uber-philanthropist David Rubenstein, the attendees represented the Obamas’ effort to bring together an A-team of luminaries for Xi at the culminating event of Friday’s daylong state visit.

Australian politics is eerily similar to ‘House of Cards’ in hilarious video



Australian politics during the past two weeks has been crazy, to say the least. Former prime minister Tony Abbott was removed from office by his colleague, Malcolm Turnbull, in a messy leadership contest and the consequences are still being felt

Many believe the volatile situation bears a striking resemblance to the politically-charged Netflix show, House of Cards. So naturally, the genius that is video producer Ace Alderman made an edit of House of Cards episodes explaining the…

Review: ‘Scream Queens’ is more ‘Heathers’ than ‘Mean Girls’



Glee executive producers Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan have cooked up another primetime confection, and this time, it’s a wicked fun ride set at Kappa Kappa Tau, a college sorority house

But KKT isn’t your mother’s sorority house: gone are matching sweater sets and pearls. In their place are college couture and utter disdain for those who don’t live up to the high standard set by Chanel (Emma Roberts), the sorority’s queen bee

A man singing sweetly to his 93-year-old wife is the only comfort you need



Erin Solari’s grandparents, Howard and Laura, have been married for 73 years

Solari captured a sweet moment between her grandparents while by Laura’s side at a hospice care center recently. In the clip, Howard sings Laura their favorite song, “You Never Know,” as performed by Rosemary Clooney and Harry James. In the video’s description, Solari writes that the song comforted Laura when her husband was away during World War II

“At family gatherings, it was not uncommon for the two of them…