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Beyoncé hates your stupid Etsy crap



Who run the craft world? Beyonc

Paris fashion week debuts butt plugs in reaction to censorship



Paris Fashion Week is known as a time to debut trends, but this year it’s also a reaction stage for recent crises and issues of censorship involving the city itself.

Belgian fashion designer Walter Van Beirendonck debuted his menswear collected, “Explicit Beauty,” on Wednesday. In it, Van Beirendonck styled politically minded clothing with an unusual accessory: butt plugs

His first model opened the show in a clear plastic tank top,…

Hockey player clotheslines himself in this painful Vine



For anyone who’s ever performed an epic public fail then tried to play it off all cool like nothing happened: This is for you. In other words: This for all of us

Mitchell Skiba is a junior hockey player for the Alpena Flyers in Alpena, Michigan. While skating off the ice after being ejected in a recent game, he — there’s no other way to put this — somehow managed to clothesline himself. It looks painful, but we also can’t stop watching the clip over and over again

See also: Ohio State won…

melodii copii

Hackers can hijack the Internet of Things, FTC chairwoman warns



LAS VEGAS — The Internet of Things may be a term so vague as to be useless in describing connected devices and their associated apps

But that didn’t stop Samsung CEO BK Yoon from painting a bright picture of a connected utopian future at CES this week — and it certainly didn’t stop the Federal government from pouring cold water on that vision as fast as possible.

“Any device that is connected to the Internet is at risk of being hijacked,” Federal Trade Commission chairwoman Edith Ramirez…

Mini-pop princess Sophia Grace drops 2015′s female power anthem



Step aside, Beyonc

The history (and politics) of clean drinking water



On January 9, 2014, American Water warned 300,000 customers in and around Charleston, West Virginia, that local tap water was no longer safe. Ten thousand gallons of 4-Methylcyclohexane Methanol (MCHM), a chemical used to clean coal, had leaked from a rusty holding tank into the Elk River, upstream of the water treatment facility. State officials warned that exposure to the licorice-scented solvent could cause “burning in throat, severe eye irritation, non-stop vomiting, trouble breathing or…

10 food trends that dominated in 2014



If in the last year you’ve slurped ramen, guzzled beer cocktails and stuffed your face with donuts, your food choices were on-trend for 2014.

Restaurants and home cooks alike brought back old favorites like refreshing punches, and and took up trickier hobbies, like sausage making

Mashable reached out to chefs from the Institute of Culinary Education for a closer look at the year’s biggest food trends. Plus, they shared…

Arizona officials cleared in 2-hour execution, but lethal drugs will change



TUCSON, Ariz. — Arizona officials said Monday they have been cleared of any wrongdoing in an execution this year that lasted nearly two hours, but they are nevertheless changing the drugs they use to put inmates to death.

According to a letter from Department of Corrections Director Charles Ryan to Gov. Jan Brewer, the agency no longer will use the drug combination used in the controversial July execution of Joseph Rudolph Wood. He was given 15 doses of the drugs and gasped over and over…

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9 now-and-then images of melting glaciers



Even as we witness rising sea levels, record high temperatures and increasingly violent storm systems, it’s still easy for us to ignore the harbingers of global warming and convince ourselves that drastic climate change is either too far off in the future or only happening in distant lands.

As well tell ourselves that, however, one of our national treasures, Glacier National Park in Montana, is becoming ground zero for global warming.

Bad Santa: Man dressed as Father Christmas arrested in Glasgow



A man dressed as Santa Claus was bundled into a police van after scaling a statue in Glasgow, Scotland, Wednesday.

The imposter was apprehended after he mounted the Duke of Wellington statue in Royal Exchange Square.

The monument of the two-time British prime minister is an iconic landmark, appearing on postcards of Glasgow. However, it has also long been adorned with traffic cones by pranksters