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You’ll never think about domestic abuse the same way again after this Super Bowl ad



An anti-domestic violence organization is once again using a Super Bowl ad to shine a light on how bystanders can stop abuse.

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Clinton calls Flint water crisis ‘immoral’ in break from New Hampshire



Taking a detour from New Hampshire’s campaign trail, Hillary Clinton said Sunday that a water crisis in a Michigan city was “immoral” and demanded that Congress approve $200 million in emergency aid to address the community’s battle with lead-contaminated water.

The Democratic presidential hopeful made a quick visit to Flint, an unusual stop for a candidate trailing in polls against rival Bernie Sanders in the first…

This Mexican cocktail has an Asian twist that puts other boozy drinks to shame



Get your mixer out and try this savory, Asian-inspired michelada cocktail recipe. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere…no it’s really not, but that shouldn’t stop you.

Read more about this michelada recipe: http://on.mash.to/1SGruXb Read more…

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British ‘bus stop cat’ gets touching memorial after vicious attack



LONDON — A small community of commuters gave a fitting tribute to a lost little pal.

A friendly cat that became known for always hanging around the same bus stop in Portsmouth, UK, has been given a memorial by locals after it was put down following a random attack.

People have been leaving flowers and drawings for Missy, who was taken to the vet and euthanised after suffering multiple injuries at the hands…

How aging candidate Bernie Sanders is grabbing Iowa’s youth vote



MOUNT PLEASANT, Iowa — At 74-years-old, Bernie Sanders is the oldest candidate in the 2016 election

But the white-haired bespeckled politician, whose speaking style can sometimes ring reminiscent of a grumpy next door neighbor, is finding support among an unlikely population among America’s youngest voters.

During a campaign stop in Iowa Wesleyan, a tiny college of just 650 students, Sanders gracefully switched from…

Hip San Francisco park reopens with new open-air urinal




FBI video shows deadly shooting of Oregon militia member Robert Finicum



Editor’s note: Videos included in this post show graphic imagery, including the shooting death of one militia member.

The FBI has released a grainy aerial video of the traffic stop Tuesday night that led to the capture of the Oregon militia leader and the shooting death of one member, Robert LaVoy Finicum

The roughly 25-minute video follows two vehicles carrying groups of militia members from the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, which they had occupied for several weeks in protest of…

Pro skier has terrifying 1,000-foot fall down Alaska mountain



Pro-skier Angel Collinson was shooting a documentary in Alaska’s Neacola range in April 2015 when she tumbled, flipping onto her back, and fell 1,000 feet down the snow-covered mountain. The footage of the fall was released on January 21 by Teton Mountain Research as part of its 2016 Safety Week. Collinson’s microphone kept recording as she fell, and after coming to a stop, she could be heard saying, “I’m okay, I’m okay.” [Additional reporting by Storyful] Read more…

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Oregon standoff leader Ammon Bundy arrested, one militia member killed in shootout



Oregon standoff militia leader Ammon Bundy was arrested alongside several other militia members following a traffic stop on Tuesday night and one militia member was killed in an ensuing shootout with law enforcement

Another militia member was hurt, according to authorities, but his injuries were not life-threatening.

A joint statement from the FBI and Oregon State Police confirmed the incident, which occurred around 4:25 p.m. PT, and confirmed arrests of Ammon Bundy, his brother Ryan Bundy,…

Kylie Jenner blow dries her crotch in CVS bathrooms just like anybody else



Lifestyle guru Kylie Jenner realized something cool to pass on to her dedicated Snapchat following: when you spill soda on your lap, find a CVS with a bathroom and dry yourself off down there.

The reality star did just that on a fun adventure with her pals, proving that she’s a resourceful girl and not just a pair of lips

When the spill went down, she immediately requested a stop at CVS.

She took advantage of the…