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Project and Task-Management Tool Trello Hits 5 Million Users



Trello, the web-based project and task-management system, announced on Thursday that it now has more than 5 million users.

Functioning much like a visual to-do list, Trello shows what needs to be done, and what is happening at various stages of a project or assignment. Think of it as a 21st-century interpretation of a Post-it board.

Trello originally launched in 2011 as a product under Fog Creek Software. The…

‘The Bone Clocks’ Is the Must-Read Book of Fall 2014



If you are looking for your next great read, you will find it in the The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell. Fans of Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas and those who are reading him for the first time will find Bone Clocks is a literary maze from which you won’t want to escape, and we’re thrilled to announce it is our next official MashableReads selection

In his 2004 masterpiece Cloud Atlas, Mitchell cemented himself as the kind of author who can propel innovation in fiction without sacrificing the…

Mo’ne Davis: Get to Know Little League’s Biggest Star



Mo’ne Davis, the 13-year-old pitcher who has become a Little League World Series sensation, is set to take the mound again on Wednesday night. Her team from Philadelphia plays a squad from Las Vegas on ESPN at 7:30 p.m. ET

Baseball fans and non-fans alike will tune in from across America to follow one of summer’s sweetest sports stories. The Internet will no doubt hang on Davis’ every curveball; Twitter will light up with each 70-mph heater she hurls down the pipe. A win will put her team in…

Feeling Successful Doesn’t Require a Huge Salary, Study Finds



How much money do you need in order to feel successful? Most people say it doesn’t require an overflowing bank account, according to new research.

Even though nearly two-thirds of workers aren’t yet satisfied with their earnings, most think they can feel successful without earning large paychecks, finds a new study from CareerBuilder.

Specifically, more than half of those surveyed said they feel successful when making less than $70,000, while 23% said making between $70,000 and $100,000 is…

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The Near-Death And Resurrection Of Teen Social Network Let

let homepage

How to Reclaim Your Goals When the Path to Success Gets Foggy



I want to have an extraordinary career — and really make an impact inside my company, and out in the world.

But there are so many little things that need to get done every day.

It’s so hard to stay focused on the big picture.

Sound like you?

If so, I can relate. In running my own business, I know how challenging it can be to get all of the “little things” done, while still making progress toward your bigger, more meaningful career goals.

Some days, it can feel like you’re drowning in…

These 16 Aussie ‘Coffices’ Make Working From Home Brilliant



SYDNEY — So you’ve scored the dream. A sweet little gig from the comforts of your living room. This is all fantastic, until you start talking to the chair. Human interaction is a life necessity and you don’t get it when you are holed up in your house working from your inappropriate couch

With almost half a million Australians working from home, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, coffices (cafe-offices) are becoming a melting pot of activity, ideas and much-needed social…

When Should You Send Marketing Email? Data Science FTW



This article is part of SWOT Team, a new series on Mashable that features insights from leaders in marketing, brand-building and public relations.

When we think “data science,” most of the headlines that come to mind are tales of the creepy and the overreaching. And unless you’re Tommy Wiseau, creepy is contrary to a good customer experience. Especially at a company like MailChimp, where I work as Chief Data Scientist.

MailChimp is the world’s largest email service provider, and the way it…

High-Tech Cooler Will Be the Coolest Thing At Your Party



A Portland, Oregon man has raised over $4 million in a Kickstarter campaign for a new and improved cooler.

Gunning for $50,000 when it first went live, the campaign has been funded over 80 times that amount in less than one week

Cheekily called the Coolest, the product is like a regular cooler but with extra features tacked on, including Bluetooth speakers, a blender, a USB charger, LED lights and a bottle opener

“As of today, there’s…

Tinder’s Sean Rad To Join Us At Disrupt SF 2014

sean rad