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Senate rejects Keystone XL pipeline



The Democrat-controlled Senate has defeated a bill to approve the Keystone XL oil pipeline.

The Senate’s 59-41 vote Tuesday night was a nail-biter to the end.

The bill needed 60 votes to reach the White House. The House passed it overwhelmingly last week.

President Barack Obama did not support the bill, but the White House has been mum on whether or not he would veto it.

Seen on C-SPAN2: U.S. Senate rejects #KeystoneXL

The Senate votes on Keystone: 5 things you need to know



The Senate is holding lengthy deliberations on Tuesday before voting on a bill that would approve construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. The controversial project would send Canadian oil to ports in Texas.

The transfer would start at the oil sands of Alberta and move southward through the Central U.S., ending at in Texas, where the Canadian oil would then be exported to foreign markets. The project has become the subject of heated protests over the past few years, as climate activists…

Apple Pay rolling out to hundreds of U.S. grocery stores



Buying your Thanksgiving turkey with Apple Pay just became much more of a reality at hundreds of grocery stores across the United States.

With Thanksgiving just more than a week away, Apple announced on Tuesday that a number of grocery chains with stores in New England, southeast Texas and Chicago now support Apple Pay. Associated Food Stores, Shaw’s Supermarkets, Jewel Osco, Albertson’s and Bi-Lo Holdings (Harvey’s Winn-Dixie) join Whole Foods, which was one of the original Apple Pay launch…

The new push for NSA reform is more of the same. Will it finally be granted?



A coalition of tech companies is asking the U.S. Senate to pass a bill to curb NSA surveillance and let the companies be more transparent in reporting the number of data requests they receive. The group includes ones who have lobbied for this cause before, like Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft — as well as new ones, like Twitter, Evernote, LinkedIn and Dropbox.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because many of the companies in the coalition already came out in support of the USA Freedom Act…

Current Brings A Better Version Of Facebook To The Mac Desktop


Severe weather hits Australia as G20 agenda ignores climate change



The irony isn’t lost on us.

As the G20 Summit, the first in years without climate change on the agenda, is due to begin in Brisbane, the country has been hit with a fierce heatwave. Prime Minister Tony Abbott will be sweating.

The Australian Prime Minister announced the Summit would not focus on climate change and “what might happen in 16 years’ time”, but would instead focus on jobs and economic growth. So in what…

Chromecast now streams Showtime Anywhere and Starz to your TV



Showtime Anywhere and Starz now offer support for Google’s Chromecast device, which plugs into any HDTV to stream online videos and music, controlled from your tablet or smartphone.

This is big news for fans of Homeland, The Affair,Outlander and other shows exclusive to those premium networks

For example, Showtime subscribers can now access Showtime Anywhere on their mobile devices, select a show to watch on…

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For Microsoft Outlook for Mac, 2015 has come early



Microsoft Office for Mac won’t be coming until 2015 but the new Outlook for Mac is available now.

The company rolled out an updated version of Outlook for Mac for Office 365 users Friday and revealed new details about when the rest of its Office software will be available.

“This release offers a more familiar and consistent experience between Outlook on the PC, Outlook on the web and Outlook Web App (OWA) for iPad, iPhone and…

Microsoft’s Bing now supports emoji



Microsoft’s search engine Bing announced support for emoji, enabling users to type in the special characters into mobile or desktop search and receive results based on their meaning

Bing says the feature, which will be available in English markets, is a way for users to “search the same way you communicate every day.”

The search engine will offer up definitions for some of the more puzzling emoji. It can even combine different…

Planning a Career Move? Here Are 10 Job Openings in Tech and Digital



Are you on the job hunt? The Mashable Job Board is the ideal place to search for your next big move. More than 3,000 employers in tech and digital have posted on our board, and they’re looking to fill positions from Mashable‘s community.

Each week, we highlight 10 recently posted openings. Check out some of this week’s newest listings, below, and be sure to read our Job Search Series for valuable career tips.

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