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13 content delivery networks to speed up your website



Speeding up your website and content delivery should be near the top of your to-do list, with speed being a factor in ranking. A CDN (content delivery network) could help, as it will drastically reduce server lag by storing static resources on a network of fast-loading servers spread all over the world

Choosing a CDN to fit your specific requirements is key, so it’s important to assess your budget, bandwidth needs, audience (where are the majority of your visitors based), streaming…

You can now enter the U.S. with $100 worth of Cuban cigars



Rolled up in the list of changes to U.S.-Cuba policy announced on Wednesday was a win for cigar-lovers: American travelers who visit Cuba will be allowed to enter the U.S. with $400 worth of goods — $100 of which can consist of Cuban cigars and booze.

The U.S. hopes those travelers — which now includes families of Cubans, government officials, journalists, business travelers, educators and a handful of other authorized travelers —…

Indiegogo Life lets you fund personal causes for free



Indiegogo launched a standalone service Monday that lets users raise money for anything from medical expenses and tuition payments to vacations and parties — without charging them a fee

The Indiegogo Life platform caters to personal causes that directly impact the life of the individuals involved and waives the site’s usual transaction fees — which traditionally go up to 14%, depending on the funding plan and method of payment. The new service also claims to offer a more simple set-up…

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White House enlists travel bloggers to get students to study abroad



The White House hosted 100 travel bloggers in a summit on Tuesday to sell them on the government’s plan to promote study abroad among U.S. students.

Bloggers who attended the event — called the White House Travel Blogger Summit on Study Abroad and Global Citizenship — were largely on board with this message, which they promoted via social media Thursday, using the hashtag #StudyAbroadBecause.

The National Security…

The power of GIFs: Imgur’s plan to become a serious business



If a picture is worth a thousand words, then all the GIFs and memes on Imgur must be worth something to marketers. At least that’s what the team at Imgur is hoping

The popular photo sharing platform is in the process of hiring a proper ad sales team and plans to launch a native ad product in mid-2015 with the goal of ramping up revenues significantly

“We are going to spend the first half of the year hiring a sales…

The barber, the baker, the plumber: Syrian children on the job



SANLIURFA, Turkey — Ongoing clashes between the Islamic State militant group and Syria’s Kurdish Democratic Union Party have driven 200,000 refugees to Turkey, where many have settled in the city of Sanliurfa. Nearly half of these Syrian refugees are children

Many of these children have no choice but to work seven to 12 hours per day in order to financially support their families. They work in clothing stores,…

You can now buy Nick Offerman’s wooden emoji to benefit charity



Though Nick Offerman’s wooden emoji began as a joke, these handcrafted odes to texting can finally be yours IRL — and for a good cause.

The mustachioed Parks and Recreation star is known on- and off-screen for his craftsmanship, and is the proud proprietor of Offerman Woodshop. When his fake informercial for wooden emoji aired on Conan in November, fans wrote in to express serious interest in purchasing real ones

Thanks to the outpouring of support, Team Coco is now offering real,…

Senate rejects Keystone XL pipeline



The Democrat-controlled Senate has defeated a bill to approve the Keystone XL oil pipeline.

The Senate’s 59-41 vote Tuesday night was a nail-biter to the end.

The bill needed 60 votes to reach the White House. The House passed it overwhelmingly last week.

President Barack Obama did not support the bill, but the White House has been mum on whether or not he would veto it.

Seen on C-SPAN2: U.S. Senate rejects #KeystoneXL

The Senate votes on Keystone: 5 things you need to know



The Senate is holding lengthy deliberations on Tuesday before voting on a bill that would approve construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. The controversial project would send Canadian oil to ports in Texas.

The transfer would start at the oil sands of Alberta and move southward through the Central U.S., ending at in Texas, where the Canadian oil would then be exported to foreign markets. The project has become the subject of heated protests over the past few years, as climate activists…

Apple Pay rolling out to hundreds of U.S. grocery stores



Buying your Thanksgiving turkey with Apple Pay just became much more of a reality at hundreds of grocery stores across the United States.

With Thanksgiving just more than a week away, Apple announced on Tuesday that a number of grocery chains with stores in New England, southeast Texas and Chicago now support Apple Pay. Associated Food Stores, Shaw’s Supermarkets, Jewel Osco, Albertson’s and Bi-Lo Holdings (Harvey’s Winn-Dixie) join Whole Foods, which was one of the original Apple Pay launch…