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Surf Legend Laird Hamilton ‘Shoots the Pier’ on Huge Hurricane Wave



Laird Hamilton is a surfing legend and legends never die — even, apparently when they tempt fate on massive waves before a beach full of gobsmacked onlookers

Watch the man purported to be Hamilton — who news reports confirm has been in the area — catch a huge wave at Surfrider Beach in Malibu before shooting the pier like a true daredevil. “Shooting the pier,” in surfing lingo, means to ride a wave through the gaps in a pier’s…

Amazon Acquires Game Streaming Platform Twitch for $970 Million



Amazon will acquire game streaming service Twitch for approximately $970 million, the companies announced Monday afternoon.

The deal was announced following a summer full of rumors that the streaming service was being acquired by Google for a similar amount.

“We chose Amazon because they believe in our community, they share our values and long-term vision, and they want to help us get there faster. We’re keeping most everything the same:…

All Clear Given After U.S. Army Reported ‘Active Shooter’ at Fort Lee



Fort Lee officials gave the all clear after the Twitter and Facebook pages for the U.S. Army’s Fort Lee reported an “active shooter” on the base Monday morning.

“All personnel should enact active shooter protocols immediately. The installation is being locked down until further notice. More info to follow,” Fort Lee’s Facebook page had said.

According to Fort Lee’s Facebook page, the base, located in Central Virginia, is home to the U.S. Army Combined Arms…

Germany’s Merkel Urges Cease-Fire in Eastern Ukraine During Kiev Visit



KIEV, Ukraine – German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for a bilateral ceasefire during a working visit to Kiev on Saturday, and said she believed a diplomatic solution to the bloody conflict in eastern Ukraine was possible.

“Our focus cannot lie with military conflict, which unfortunately is necessary today,” Merkel said during her first visit to the Ukrainian capital since 2008. “There has to be a bilateral cease-fire. Deeds now have to follow words, and I think on the Ukrainian side, much…

Ferguson Officer Who Shot Mike Brown to Get $250,000 in Donations



A campaign to support Darren Wilson, the officer who shot six bullets into unarmed Ferguson resident Mike Brown and killed him, has collected nearly a quarter-million dollars in just four days’ worth of online donations — and that money will go to Wilson and his family, according to the creators of a controversial fundraising page on the website GoFundMe.

“These funds will be used to cover potential legal fees, relocation and living expenses of both Officer Darren Wilson and his immediate…

Photos on Facebook, Instagram Go Viral in Support of Gaza and Israel



As fighting in Gaza continues between Israeli forces and Hamas militants, users of Instagram and Facebook are getting creative.

A campaign on Instagram voices support for the Palestinians with users from around the world taking photos of the hashtag #IStandWithPalestine scribbled on hands holding their passport.

Gramfeed, a website for viewing Instagram photos, shows more than 4,000 results under that hashtag — many, however, aren’t…

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Samsung Finally Shows the Outcome of Bizarre ‘Galaxy 11′ Soccer Ad



Better late than never?

Samsung released the sequel to its bizarre Galaxy 11 ad Tuesday, two days after the World Cup finals ended

The six-minute video picks up where the first left off: in the middle of a soccer game between Earth and an alien race called Hurakan to determine who gains control over the planet. Human players include Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney. The team uses Samsung Galaxy technology to face off against the horned creatures, who have a penchant for…

Singapore to Destroy Copies of Book About Gay Penguins



Singapore plans to destroy copies of three children’s books, including one about two male penguins raising a chick, following complaints that the works’ contents violate the country’s family values.

And Tango Makes Three, The White Swan Express: A Story About Adoption and Who’s In My Family: All About Our Families will be removed from Singapore’s state-run libraries and pulped, according to multiple reports

“The prevailing norms, which…

iTunes Extras Finally Arrive on Apple TV



Good news, film fanatics — Apple just released a new version of iTunes Extras along with long-awaited support for the Apple TV.

iTunes Extras are digital versions of the extra features you get on a DVD or Blu-ray. These include featurettes, behind-the-scenes commentary and deleted scenes.

Apple has supported iTunes Extras since 2009 — but the new version offers all-new extras for HD movies. The bigger news, for Apple TV fans, is that the company’s $99 set-top box will now deliver the premium…

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‘Big Brother 16′: Our Post-Eviction Power Rankings



The Big Brother 16 house has officially bid farewell to its first house guest.

Blue-haired feminist Joey was sent packing after a unanimous vote that surprised absolutely no one. At least, it shouldn’t have been a surprise, considering Joey dug her own grave earlier this week with a failed attempt to start an all-girls alliance. That move instantly blew up her face, and all hope for damage control went out the window after awkward meetings with both Devin and Caleb. Then there was Joey’s…