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Travel Back 50 Years to 1964 New York World’s Fair



In 1964, the New York World’s Fair opened with radical technologies and dazzling futuristic displays.

Fifty-one million visitors descended on Flushing Meadows Park in Queens, N.Y. over two six-month seasons in 1964 and ’65 to experience innovations like “picturephones,” lunar crawlers and Belgian waffles. The Ford Times called it “a lively and lavish concoction of spectacular entertainment.”

Though a conflict with the Bureau of…

Apple Fixes Heartbleed Bug in AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule



Back in early April Apple had told us its key web-based services aren’t affected by the Heartbleed security vulnerability, but it forgot to mention that some of its hardware — namely, the 2013 AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule — are vulnerable

Now, the company has released a firmware update that fixes the issue for both products.

Apple describes the bug as follows:

“An out-of-bounds read issue existed in the OpenSSL library…

Now You Too Can Get Apple OS X Betas



Apple rolled out its new OS X Beta Seed Program to all Mac customers Tuesday — meaning users get to see future operating systems early.

Historically, only developers (who pay $99 a year) had access to beta versions of the latest OS X releases. Now Apple is opening up that opportunity to everyone.

On the OS X Beta Seed Program landing page, Apple describes the program as giving users “the opportunity to run pre-release software” so that…

Withings Pulse O2 Fitness Tracker Monitors Your Blood Oxygen



As competition in the fitness wearables category continues to heat up, Withings is adding a blood oxygen monitor to its latest-generation fitness tracker as a part of an effort to stand out.

Called the Pulse O2, the company is breathing new life into its Pulse wearables lineup, going beyond the typical ingredients seen in similar products, such as tracking steps taken, sleep cycle and heart rate. In fact, the original Pulse was the first fitness tracker to record heart rate.


One Man’s Quest for the Perfect Hand: 39 Years and a 3D Printer



Jose Delgado, Jr., likes the reaction he’s getting to his new 3D-printed hand. “Wow,” his bosses at the warehouse say. “Where did you get that?”

It’s the most realistic prosthesis he’s ever owned, though it took Delgado, 53, five decades to get here.

When he was a teenager, Delgado was often picked last for softball or baseball, even though he and his brothers regularly played catch. “They didn’t think I could hold a ball or a bat,” said Delgado, who was born without a left hand.

At the…

How Unbreakable Is Batman’s Armor?



Bruce Wayne by day and vigilante by night, Batman may not have superhuman abilities, but his use of high-tech weapons, gadgets and armors make him a mighty force to be reckoned with

Through the visualizations of DC Comics and directors like Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan, the ‘Batsuit’ has evolved over time. From latex to titanium mesh, there are pinnacle properties that have remained the same, such as the memory-cloth cape, protective undersuit, utility belt and bat-like graphite cowl….

Earth Day Google Doodle Shows a Different Animal Each Time You Click



In honor of Earth Day on Tuesday, Google has a special, animated doodle on its homepage, which shows you a different animal species each time you click on it.

Some of the animals featured are the Japanese macaque, rufous hummingbird, moon jellyfish and the veiled chameleon. You can also share it on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Google Doodle Earth Day

Earth Day Google Doodle features several animal species, which change each time you click on the…

3D-Printed Ketchup Cap Will Prevent That Gross, Watery Mess



If you want to get students excited about new technologies like 3D printing, you have to let them follow their passion — even if that passion is ketchup.

Tyler Richards and Jonathan Thompson, two high school seniors from Liberty, Mo., have a shared love for the popular condiment and creativity. The teens are part of the Project Lead the Way program (a national STEM learning initiative) and decided to focus their attention on a particularly frustrating problem: minimizing the watery mess…

AT&T Expanding Fiber-Optic Internet to 21 Major Cities



AT&T Inc. plans to extend its fastest fiber-optic Internet service to 21 major cities, further ramping up competition with Google Inc. and cable providers.

The largest U.S. phone company said in a statement today that it plans to expand its GigaPower fiber-optic service to as many as 100 cities and municipalities. To provide service in select communities, AT&T will have to get approval from local officials. AT&T’s proposal is to deliver Internet speeds of as fast as 1 gigabit a second, about…

Lytro Unveils Its Second-Generation Camera, the Illum



When Lytro first unveiled its light-field photography concept — whose most useful feature is the ability to refocus photographs around any object within them — there was a lot of excitement. But once the startup released its first camera in spring 2012, the criticism began. The product got mixed reviews, with some saying the expensive, low-res camera didn’t quite live up to the vision.

Now Lytro is ready for its second act. It unveils Tuesday a camera aimed at “creative pioneers,” which…