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BMW, Intel and MobilEye to bring fully autonomous car to the roads by 2021



BMW, Intel and MobilEye have teamed up to make fully autonomous cars a reality by 2021.

The companies are combining forces and know-how to build a ‘future-proofed’ platform for automated driving vehicles.

Although the first production creation from the trio won’t be ready for five years, the companies have promised jointly created platform-based test cars by 2017.

We already know the flagship vehicle from BMW based…

Tesla Autopilot victim may have been watching ‘Harry Potter’ during crash



Florida Highway Patrol found a portable DVD player inside the Tesla Model S that collided with a tractor trailer on Wednesday, according to reports. The driver was killed when both he and the Autopilot system failed to see the truck crossing the highway.

The driver of the truck involved the crash, Frank Baressi, said a Harry Potter movie was still being displayed on the DVD player, a Reuters report said.

Baressi could…

Facebook Messenger has more than 11,000 bots



Facebook just moved one step closer toward making its bot ambitions a reality.

Just months after introducing the first bots for Facebook Messenger at F8, the social network now counts more than 11,000 bots on its platform, the company announced. The milestone comes alongside some major improvements to how the bots work inside of Messenger.

The updates add more functionality — like the ability to use GIFs and other media with…

Snapchat went down for an hour, and the millennials panicked



Snapchat selfie sharing came to dramatic halt on Friday, and not surprisingly, its core user base was not happy.

The popular photo-swapping network experienced at outage this morning, as users were unable to send snaps to friends or post to their Snapchat stories. However, users were still able to view existing stories, as well as content on Snapchat’s Discover channels.

Snapchat told Mashable the issue lasted for less…

Facebook can now translate your posts into other languages



You don’t need to be bilingual to post in other languages on Facebook.

The social network is testing a new AI-powered tool that allows people to simultaneously post updates in multiple languages. Facebook previously made this tool available to page owners earlier this year but is now beginning to test it more broadly.

The 12 most impressive social good innovations from June



We are all full of good ideas — and sometimes those good ideas can change the world.

Whether it’s an innovative take on an existing invention or a brand-new way to tackle a tough problem, inventors aren’t shy when it comes to setting their impactful ideas into motion.

From a re-engineered condom to solar-powered charging stations for refugees, here are 12 innovations that caught our attention in June.

1. A prosthetic that is…

Facebook gives up on Paper



The words “Facebook Paper” might only be vaguely familiar to you. This is because Facebook’s iPhone-only

How Change.org became a legitimate force in Australian politics



Until recently, politicians could safely ignore clicktivism.

Hundreds of online petitions could fill their inboxes and they could look the other way, but that’s changing. Now campaigns started on Change.org are translating into activism beyond the Internet and Australia’s elected officials are taking notice.

Apple rejects Spotify’s app update, Spotify calls approval process a ‘weapon’



Apple has rejected an update to Spotify’s iOS iPhone app, and Spotify is crying foul.

The remote controlled Segway miniPRO that will not catch fire



Fifteen years after the self-balancing Segway was introduced, Ninebot has introduced the Segway miniPRO, or “miniPRO” for shortMashable‘s