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Sony May Be Releasing Perfume Bottle Selfie Camera



Taking a selfie is almost an art form nowadays — but one electronics company may make it a thing of beauty.

Images that surfaced on Asian social media site Weibo this week allegedly show a Sony camera shaped like a perfume bottle, sparking rumors that the company could launch it in Asian markets soon. Even stranger than the shape, it seems the camera is specifically for selfie-taking

Below are two photos posted on Weibo that supposedly show the…

Spotify Serendipity Maps People Playing the Same Song at the Same Time



Spotify already tells users what their friends are listening to. Now it’s expanding that idea to international proportions, thanks to a new tool.

Serendipity records where and when at least two people start playing the same song within a tenth of a second of each other. The map quickly zooms in on the two users and plays the song for a few seconds — then, it’s off to the next pairing.

While Serendipity is…

Walmart Slashes iPhone 5C Price to 97 Cents



Walmart has drastically cut the prices of the iPhone 5C and 5S, suggesting an upcoming debut of the iPhone 6 (which, granted, Apple hasn’t even announced yet)

The iPhone 5S has been reduced from $99 to $79, and the iPhone 5C (in any color) has been reduced from $29 to just 97 cents. The new prices are available with the purchase a two-year contract from AT&T, U.S. Cellular, Sprint or Verizon; the offer is only good in stores, not on online orders.

Report: Windows 9 Will Debut as Early as Sept. 30



Windows 9 may be coming even before you begin thinking about a Halloween costume. A new report says Microsoft will give the world a first look at the new version of Windows on Sept. 30 or soon afterward at a press event to announce a developer build of the software.

The Verge reports the date is tentative, but the general timeframe is the end of September/beginning of October. The software will be a “preview” version meant for developers, the report says, so it’s unclear if the rumored…

Those Free AOL CDs Were a Campaign for Web Domination. It Worked.



For his day job, Brian McCullough is the CEO of ResumeWriters.com and has founded several companies in the online careers space. He started the Internet History Podcast as a crowd-sourced history project in February of this year. You can subscribe to the podcast here.

Jan Brandt is a legend in the world of marketing. She singlehandedly led the famous AOL “carpet-bombing” campaign that put millions of AOL trial discs and CDs in everything from magazines to popcorn boxes to banks. In the most…

Oh, This Bracelet? It’s Just My Wearable Device Charger



Wearable devices are increasingly seen as tools primarily designed to track your life, but a new entrant into the category has a far more practical mission: charging your devices

The QBracelet looks like a stylish piece of wrist candy, but is in fact a portable charger capable of delivering juice to your iPhone or Android device

Part of the genius of the device – which sports a minimalist design suitable for a man or a woman — is that…

Product Hunt, the Reddit of New Tech Products, Is Now an App



If you like to keep close tabs on what Silicon Valley is up to, you probably know Product Hunt, the site that serves up a daily list of new software products and services, ranking them with Reddit-like upvotes.

Product Hunt now has a product of its own, an iOS app that brings an enhanced experience to iPhone users.

“People come to the site multiple times a day, but the mobile experience isn’t great right now,” says Ryan Hoover, Product…

Google Glass Update Brings Access to All Your Phone Contacts



Google has updated its Glass software, letting you access all of your phone’s contacts (as opposed to only 10) on Glass

The top 20 contacts are now available by voice, while the rest can be accessed by swiping

Other changes include a new way to choose how you message a contact — tap one, and you can switch between an email, SMS or Hangouts

Android users will be able to use this new functionality as soon as they get the latest Glass…

Emergency Responders Are Building a Star Trek-Style Communication Device



The Launchpad is a series that introduces Mashable readers to compelling startups. If you would like to have your startup considered for inclusion, please see the details here.

Name: OnBeep

One-Liner Pitch: OnBeep is developing wearable devices that promise to let groups communicate without ever having to pull out their smartphones.

Why It’s Taking Off: The startup aims to change the way groups collaborate in real time.

Jesse Robbins has a tendency to move in the opposite direction of the…

Netflix Plus Oculus Hack Shows What Binging in Virtual Reality Is Like



Netflix may be using Internet distribution as a means to disrupt the traditional broadcast and cable-network model, but this week, the company showed off a brand new experiment that could become a future reality: Oculus meets Netflix

The mashup, appropriately dubbed Oculix, shows a user sitting in front of his laptop while wearing the virtual-reality headset to peruse Netflix‘s catalog

But the real fun begins when the…