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Skype for Android Update Makes It Easier to Find Your Contacts



Skype updated its Android app Wednesday, and the 5.0 version syncs users’ address books from their phones to their Skype accounts.

First, users will have to verify their phone numbers in the app to sync contacts. Then, the phone’s address book will instantly import information on the Skype contact list. Those who have Microsoft accounts will also be able to automatically import contact lists from other Microsoft programs like Outlook.

Here’s how the…

The Methane-Sniffing Super Computer That’s Looking for Aliens



Biologically speaking, methane’s kind of a big deal. When it comes to finding life on other planets, it’s an even bigger deal

Researchers at the University of Cambridge have developed an absorption spectrum (i.e. supercomputer) that’s able to detect methane, via light absorption on other planets, at temperatures of up to 2,228 degrees Fahrenheit — more than 2,000 times more powerful than any devices before it

Elliott’s super pumped about it in the…

Reddit’s Live Feature Is Now … Live



Reddit’s live thread feature, which has been embraced by the site’s news junkies covering topics like the Syrian civil war and the conflict in Ukraine, has been rolled out to all users.

“I’m pleased to announce that reddit live is now… ahem… live,” a Reddit representative wrote in a blog post.

Reddit live is the site’s first project that exists primarily outside the subreddit system that the site uses to organize topics, links…

Foursquare Checks Out of the Check-in Game, Reveals New Logo



Foursquare’s attempt to transform itself from a check-in app into Yelp continues with a new app and a new logo.

Back in May, Foursquare announced that it was taking the check-in out of the main app and wrapping it into Swarm, a new distinct app. When Swarm was released, users who didn’t download the app could continue to use Foursquare to check-in to their favorite locations.

Starting Thursday, that will no longer be the case. If you want…

Microsoft Admits to Killing the Surface Mini



Microsoft has confirmed it cancelled plans to release a Surface Mini tablet in the spring.

During Tuesday’s quarterly earnings call, CFO Amy Hood said that part of the reason revenue from the company’s line of Surface tablets took a hit was because it had decided to kill an unreleased product.

“During the quarter, we reassessed our product roadmap and decided not to ship a new form factor that was under…

Scientists Use a Sponge to Turn Sunlight Into Steam Energy



Nearly all utility plants generate electricity with steam. Whether it’s a coal plant or a nuclear plant or a solar thermal plant, all of these facilities use fuel to heat water to create steam that turns a turbine that generates electricity.

Now researchers at MIT have developed a completely new structure for turning sunlight into steam: a sponge. The advance could one day lead to an efficient, inexpensive and

There Will Be One Windows for All Your Devices. Soon.



Windows Pro, Windows RT, Windows Phone — it’s all very confusing, isn’t it? Microsoft thinks so, too.

But pretty soon, you won’t have to worry about what version of Windows your device is running, because they will all be the same.

At least that’s what CEO Satya Nadella said to analysts during the company’s quarterly earnings call on Tuesday. All signs were already pointing in this direction — the different versions of…

RoboCup 2014 Is the World Cup for Robots



The 2014 RoboCup is an annual robot-soccer competition that brings together thousands of people to further robotics technology, and to crown a RoboCup champion. This year, the competition will be held in Jo

Amazon Fire: The Phone That Makes You a Star



Amazon took its time in launching the Fire phone, and it shows. Where you might expect a device carelessly thrown together to capitalize on the popularity of the Kindle Fire tablets, you instead find a remarkably well-designed piece of technology. And it’s fun to use, too.

Even without its fancy marquee features, the Fire phone is an odd duck. It’s the first and only phone to run Amazon’s forked version of Android, Fire OS. Yet Amazon’s smartphone experience doesn’t feel anything like a…

IBM’s Watson Will Help Veterans Prepare for Post-Military Life



From Jeopardy contestant and customer-service agent to master chef, IBM‘s Watson supercomputer has taken on a number of roles in the past few years.

Now, IBM is partnering with United Services Automobile Association to put the world’s most famous supercomputer to a new use: helping members of the military prepare for civilian life.

USAA, which provides financial services to military personnel and their families, is rolling…

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