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Returning soldier gives son photobomb surprise on school picture day



When Corporal James Bass returned home on Friday after a year of deployment in Kuwait, he headed straight for his son Joshua’s elementary school in Durham, North Carolina.

There, the 8-year-old was gearing up for school picture day, ABC11 reports. When the moment came to take the photo, Bass quietly jumped into the shot behind Joshua

It was only when the school photographer showed the little boy his photo that a…

How getting laid off inspired one writer to travel the world



Of the dozens of trips Geraldine DeRuiter has taken in the past five years, none have stuck with her like a visit to Naples in 2008

The views of the Tyrrhenian Sea were majestic, the Napolitan cuisine was the type you travel more than 5,000 miles for, and the densely packed, buzzing streets were unforgettable — but it was a call from back home in the middle of the trip that defined the journey for her.

“I got an email from work that said I no…

Apple will reportedly use Samsung chips in next iPhone



Apple’s next-generation iPhone will reportedly include a chip manufactured by its rival Samsung.

According to a Bloomberg report, Samsung is lined up to build the Apple A9 processor chips that will go into the iPhone 6S, rumored to debut this fall.

While Apple has long worked with Samsung in the past to power its smartphones, the iPhone-maker recently turned to Semiconductor Manufacturing Co, ending Samsung’s long-running chip…

Zayn Malik says he knows he let you all down



LONDON — He knows his decision was “crazy” and “wild,” but Zayn Malik says he just couldn’t keep going with One Direction anymore

In his first interview since leaving the boy band, Malik told The Sun newspaper that he let Directioners down.

“Basically, I’m only upset [because] I feel like I may have let them down,” he reportedly said.. “It’s not that I’ve turned my back on them [the fans] or anything, it’s…

Pigeon.ly, A Startup Focused On Serving The U.S. Prison Population, Joins Y Combinator


Unlikely friends: WWII vet and 4-year-old boy reunite for birthday



Friends can come from the most unexpected places

Despite their 86-year age difference, World War II veteran Erling Kindem and 4-year-old Emmett Rychner, both from Minnesota, have kindled an unlikely friendship

The duo’s story went viral in July, after news of the next-door neighbor’s relationship spread “awws” throughout the country. But the cute story turned cry-worthy after the two were forced to move 30 miles…

‘Last Man on Earth’ is network TV’s big risk that paid off



Note: This post discusses the first episode of Fox’s Last Man on Earth in detail. Read with caution.

What if the only thing worse than being the last person on Earth is being one of the last two people on Earth — and you hate the other one?

From the Midas-like hands of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller — the comedic writing and directing duo responsible for injecting life into seemingly doomed-by-concept projects like the wonderful sitcom-turned-movie reboot 21 Jump Street and the…

How funeral directors keep your eyes closed after you die



Seeing your loved ones after they die can be extremely difficult, but it can provide crucial closure for people in mourning.

Funeral directors go through great lengths to alleviate the trauma of the experience by developing special techniques to make the dead look as close to they did when they were alive as possible

A Reddit user discovered the creative way some morticians ensure that the eyes remain shut after death, and it turned…

Violence against women in Turkey: Erdogan takes a surprising stand



ISTANBUL, Turkey—The murder of a 20-year-old university student in Turkey has thrust the taboo topic of violence against women into the national spotlight, with unlikely voices weighing in.

Beyond the usual activists who call attention to every murder of a woman in Turkey — 294 last year alone, according to one tally — throngs of ordinary citizens and politicians, across wide swaths of society, have turned their…

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler rightfully reclaim their ‘Weekend Update’ chairs



Leave it to the Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Jane Curtin to completely own the Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary special

The duo reclaimed their Weekend Update hosting gigs — they anchored together from 2004 to 2006 — in a very meta way, making jokes about the special, and how even they know there are way too many celebrity cameos happening tonight

Saturday Night Live turns 40 years old this week with a live,…