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We found a copy of Prince’s 1994 video game. You’re welcome.



Did you know Prince was the star of his very own (sort of) video game?

Prince Interactive

Shots acquires Mindie to build a teen video app empire


Shots acquires Mindie to build a teen video app empire


You’ll soon be able to post Prince George’s beaming face to your friends



LONDON — You’ll be seeing a whole lot more of Prince George’s smiley face in the coming weeks.

To mark the Queen’s 90th birthday on Thursday, a new Royal Family photo has been unveiled — and the faces contained within it are all being turned into special edition stamps.

Yep, that’s right — Prince George will be making his first royal stamp appearance.

How, and when, can we get hold of these?

Have something to add…

Inspired by Malala, this 15-year-old Syrian is fighting child marriages



LONDON — A 15-year-old Syrian girl is campaigning against child marriage, offering drawing and acting classes to her peers at the Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan to stop them from making the life-changing decision so young.

Vine releases a Watch button because scrolling is too much work


‘Super Girls’ invade D.C. for White House Science Fair



The Super Girl Scout troop was back in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday for the White House Science Fair, one year after they first made an appearance at the annual event and stole President Barack Obama’s heart.

The scouts are hard to miss with their identical red capes, and it wasn’t long before people took notice.

They found a fan in one of Obama’s senior advisors.

And another in Bill Nye.

The girls became famous in…

Action Bronson and Seth Meyers grill a whole octopus on ‘Late Night’



Cooking segments: not just for the Today Show

Ant-Man geeks out over other heroes in new clip from ‘Captain America: Civil War’



Ant-Man is really excited to meet Captain America. Like, really

Brothers fake a zombie apocalypse for their sister’s drive home from dental surgery



In what is likely the most terrifying prank to play on a drugged-up little sister, a pair of brothers convinced their sister Millicent of an impending zombie apocalypse during the drive home from her dental surgery.

The dudes don’t mess around. There are fake radio announcements, fake calls from mom and fake texts from dad who “wants us to meet him in Mexico.”