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10 painfully awkward moments we wish we could Warp Strike away from



The world is chock full of intra-gaming situations when we wish we could apply the magic of FINAL FANTASY XV to resolve the objects of our daily awkwardness. Who hasn’t, for instance, wanted to vanish from a sticky situation at some point in their lives?

The Sincerity Machine Is a Typewriter That Only Writes in Comic Sans



Comic Sans has long been the red-headed stepchild of the font world.

But one artist says the typeface may not be as bad as everyone thinks. Pittsburgh-based artist Jesse England created the Sincerity Machine, a typewriter that only types in Comic Sans, to prove his point.

England insists that the much-maligned font is simply misunderstood. “It’s a mark of sincerity from those who do not have graphic design experience,” he…

The Typewriter Is Back — to Save Privacy



You know how to make sure a government agency — or if you are a government agency, then Wikileaks — won’t eventually read everything you type? By dumping your laptop and clacking the keys on something like an old-fashioned Selectric, then hand-delivering the result to your correspondent

That appears to be the rationale behind the Russian government’s decision to purchase new typewriter equipment. The country’s Federal Guard Agency has placed an order for 486,000 roubles worth of electric…

Turn Your Mac Into a Noisy Old-School Typewriter

Did you ever long for the romantic old days where the act of writing evoked the sound of clacking typewriters punctuated by the chime of a bell?

Then the Noisy Typer 1.0 is for you. Theo Watson, an inventor, introduced the free app earlier this month. It may be the perfect thing for the nostalgic and/or pretentious writer in your life, especially if she happens to be a Mac user. Unfortunately, no Windows version exists yet.

Watson isn’t the first to attempt to bring the joys of…