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Interracial couples are finally getting some emoji representation



Interracial couples are finally getting emoji representation, and the company that’s doing it first might come as a surprise.

Vine shuts off sharing, launches Vine Camera


Vine shuts off sharing, launches Vine Camera


Even the L.A. Chargers’ new coach calls the NFL’s lamest team the San Diego Chargers



You couldn’t have scripted a more perfect blunder.

Twitter is showing some users tweets from people they don’t follow (Updated)



UPDATE: Jan. 11, 2017, 3:34 p.m. EST According to the Twitter, a bug caused the “Liked by ___ and # others” label to not display along with the tweets. The bug has been fixed and tweets in your timeline from people you don’t follow, but who are within your broader network, should properly show the label again.

The original story follows below.

Seeing tweets in your Twitter timeline from people you don’t follow? Stay calm, you’re not going crazy.

Some Twitter users started reporting on…

We now know when Twitter will shut down Vine



All good things must come to an end. And now we know exactly when Twitter will take its Vine app to a nice farm where it can run around free and play with other defunct apps.

In a tweet posted on Wednesday afternoon, the app confirmed it will cease to exist as we know it on Jan. 17, completing its regeneration to “Vine Camera.”

Man’s live tweets from a café prove love isn’t dead



It’s not everyday that you find yourself in the middle of a timeless love story.

Twitter user @notjerryclayton, however, might have found himself in just that.

While sitting in a caf

Prisma launches a social feed to see if style can transfer into a platform


Evernote reverses controversial privacy policy but damage is already done



Evernote has decided to “revisit” its controversial privacy policy following a swift backlash from its users.