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How Well Can You Recognize Famous Film Locations?



Hey cinefreaks, you may pride yourself on knowing every detail of film trivia, but can you see the bigger picture?

The quiz below uses Google Street View to test your knowledge of famous sets from film and television. So basically, you could know the name of every Hobbit in the Shire, but your Lord of the Rings trivia is useless if you don’t recognize the locations of the films

Some scenes are a dead giveaway, but others aren’t as easy. You’ll…

360-Degree Panoramic Video Is Out of This World



“The more the merrier.”

That’s how German photographer and journalist Jonas Ginter feels about using GoPro cameras to create 360-degree panoramic footage.

After two years of practice — and a lot of trial and error with rubber bands, cable ties and wood — Ginter has successfully produced a rig that captures an interesting point of view that’s out of this world

The rig incorporates six GoPro cameras and a 3D-printed mount.



Finland Unhappy About Russia Conducting Military Drills on Its Border



The Finnish army has started a “24-7 live-monitoring” operation following a Russian military air-force drill that is occurring just 150 miles from the border between the two countries.

It has people asking: Is Finland the next Crimea?

After #Crimea, do we need to talk about #Finland and #Belarus? #Putin‘s former advisor Andrei Illarionov thinks so: http://t.co/hPnAJRBIKy

— The Moscow Times (@MoscowTimes) March 31, 2014

The Finnish army’s alertness comes after a former advisor to Russian…

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Superman With a GoPro



The Internet has a barrage of GoPro videos. Some people may use the versatile camera for thrilling stunts or seeing the world from their pet’s point of view, but nobody does a GoPro video like the Man of Steel.

Internet video production company Corridor Digital used drones to capture high-flying footage that mimics what Superman might see. The superhero soars over the bustling metropolis, fighting crime and rescuing citizens.

The Mashable Community’s Best SXSW Photos



SXSW 2014 is officially over. This year’s Austin-based gathering of the latest in tech, music and movies was packed with inspiring participants and attendees, and the Mashable community was there to catch it all in photographs.

Last week’s photo challenge garnered submissions ranging from Grumpy Cat selfies to beautiful pictures of Austin landmarks and portraits of the characters roaming 6th Street at night. We’ve selected a few of our favorites below, but you can view the whole #MySXSW…

‘Veronica Mars’ Kickstarter Backers Offered Refunds After Download Complaints



Some Kickstarter backers of the Veronica Mars movie hoping to watch it online experienced problems Friday when attempting to view the title via Flixster/UltraViolet, the distribution service chosen by the filmmakers

Meanwhile, those who didn’t support the film were able to easily download it using services like Amazon or iTunes, or simply catch the premiere at a local movie theater

The unexpected digital format hurdles — some reported…

Report: Leaked iOS 8 Photo Reveals New Apps



iOS 8, the next version of Apple’s mobile software for the iPhone and iPad, is expected to arrive in June with new features that have a strong focus on fitness. Now, an alleged leaked photo of iOS 8 reveals what other types of apps we’ll see added to the update

According to a picture shared on Chinese social network Weibo, Apple will be adding iOS versions of some of its existing OS X apps for Macs, including Preview and TextEdit. These tools will reportedly help users view files stored in…

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Julian Assange at SXSW: All Talk but Nothing to Say



AUSTIN, Texas — Embattled WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange made a rare onstage appearance at SXSWi on Sunday via Skype in a wide-ranging conversation about the NSA and WikiLeaks’ role in the political discourse and online communications over the past decade.

The interview, conducted by Benjamin Palmer of the creative agency Barbarian Group, was marred by technology issues for those at SXSW as well as those trying to view the live stream online.

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Great White Shark Just Keeps Swimming — Into the History Books



A great white shark is swimming through new, unexplored waters — at least for her kind. She’s set to make history as the first of white shark to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

Named Lydia, this 14-foot-long, satellite-tagged female shark was, at time of writing, 1,000 miles from the coasts of County Cork, Ireland, and Cornwall, England. That’s just above the mid-Atlantic ridge, the underwater mountain range that serves as a boundary line between the east and west Atlantic.

See also: Google Maps…

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The First Street View Images That Aren’t From Google



Google added images of Hawaii to its Street View photo library on Thursday, but for the first time ever, those shots weren’t taken by Google’s Trekker staffers.

As a part of a pilot program that launched last year and lets third-party organizations borrow its high-tech Street View Trekker equipment, the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau (HVCB) snapped pictures from popular destinations in Oahu and the Big Island for the mapping platform’s growing collection. The HVCB is first Google…