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1930s British portraiture by renown photographer Edwin Smith



Hailed by poet Sir John Betjeman as a “genius at photography” and by photographer Cecil Beaton as “an understanding and loving connoisseur of his subject,” Edwin Smith (1912–1971) captured the essence of the places, landscapes and buildings he photographed.

But some of Smith’s finest work is portraiture

For a short period he worked as a Vogue fashion photographer, but went later focused his lens on British communities comprised of miners, dockers and circuses.

Smith was sought after by…

Watch Today’s Solar Eclipse Live



A partial solar eclipse will darken North American skies Thursday afternoon, and you can watch the dramatic celestial event online if clouds hinder your view.

The online Slooh Community Observatory will air a special three-hour webcast for the partial solar eclipse today starting at 5 p.m. EDT. You can watch the show — which will feature live views from Arizona’s Prescott Solar Observatory and other telescopes around the world — at www.slooh.com.

You can also watch the solar eclipse webcast…

Google Street View Spotlights Chimpanzees Studied by Jane Goodall



Google Street View now allows you to get a close look at the Tanzanian chimps Jane Goodall famously studied.

The company partnered with the Jane Goodall Institute and Tanzania’s National Parks to map out the country’s Gombe National Park, home to the chimpanzees Goodall began studying in the 1960s.

The Street View collection features the chimps who live in the park (there’s one named Google) and the Jane Goodall Institute…

Apple Reports Stellar 4th Quarter



Apple handily beat Wall Street’s estimates Monday, reporting earnings per share of $1.42 and revenues of $42.12 billion for its fiscal 2014 fourth quarter, which ended Sept. 28

Analysts had been expecting earnings of $1.31 and revenues of $39.8 billion. Apple also said international sales accounted for 60% of revenues for the quarter

iPad sales were the only sour note for the quarter: Analysts had predicted sales of 13.1 million, which was a 6.8% drop from the year-ago quarter. Instead, the…

Tim Cook Says iPad Sales Slump is a ‘Speed Bump’



Apple’s iPad sales have fallen in the past three quarters — but CEO Tim Cook doesn’t see that as a sign that the product line is doomed

“To me, I view it as a speed bump, not a huge issue,” Cook said during a fiscal 2014 fourth-quarter call with analysts on Monday

Cook pointed out that if you compare fiscal 2014 iPad sales with those from fiscal 2013, sales are only down 4%. “That said, we want to grow,” Cook said. “We don’t like negative numbers on these things.”

Guy Jumping 1,200 Feet Into Rooftop Pool Is All About That BASE



No matter how amazing your weekend was, you probably didn’t drop in for the best party entrance of all time

BASE jumpers John Van Horne, Matt Frohlich‎‏ and ‏‎Andy Lewis took a terrifying plunge off of the 1,099-foot Kuala Lumpur Tower in Malaysia, landing safely in a rooftop pool party on another building. It’s safe to say they were the life of the party that evening

There’s always next weekend.

15 Dogs With Jobs That Put Your Resume to Shame



Dogs are obviously very talented. They can chase tennis balls, cuddle and even play video games.

But their superior sense of smell and people-pleasing disposition also provide skills that make them valuable members of the workforce. From bomb sniffing to acting, dogs have plenty going on that will make your parents wonder why you’re not doing more with your life.

If you need to improve your resume, check out these dogs with…

Google Employs Camel to Take Liwa Desert Street View Imagery



We’ve seen Google place its Trekker — a special type of camera for taking 360-degree visuals — on a car, bicycle or even a snowmobile

But to take Street View imagery of the Liwa Desert in the United Arab Emirates, Google placed the Trekker on a camel, which the company claims was a way to minimize the disruption of the desert environment

You can check out the resulting imagery — which includes 82-131-foot-tall dunes, and the…

Dinner recipes Android

American Kid Wins Canadian Poutine-Eating Championship



Toronto residents were disgusted and delighted in equal measure Saturday as the 5th annual World Poutine Eating Championship got underway in Yonge-Dundas Square.

The event, sponsored by Smoke’s Poutinerie, is the largest eating competition in Canada — and the largest poutine eating competition in the world.

The dish, which was born in Quebec, is a combination of french fries, gravy and cheese curds. It’s exactly as unhealthy as it sounds — but Smoke’s isn’t ashamed of the dish in the…

How Ultrasound Technology Is Helping Wearables



In our latest Ask a Dev video, Atlas Wearables CEO Peter Li discusses the hardware innovations that folks in the wearables industry are talking about.

Li mentions UBeam, a wireless charging platform that sends electricity to devices through the air via ultrasound technology. This automatic charging opens up a ton of potential for everything from wearables to the Internet of Things

He also calls out Assisted GPS, or AGPS, which enables…