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Your Mobile Phone Late Fees May Be Unlawful, Lawyers Claim



SYDNEY — Those pesky $15 late fees charged by your mobile phone company are now at the centre of a proposed class action lawsuit.

The major Australian telecommunications companies (telcos) are charging set fees for bills not paid by the due date and ACA Lawyers believe this is unlawful. They have announced a plan for a multi-million dollar class action suit against the telco giant, Telstra, with a view to also target the other major telcos and they want consumers to get on board.

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6 Meteor Showers to Watch For in the Next Month



Each summer, amateur astronomers from all over the world look forward to observing the famous Perseid meteor shower, but often overlook six lesser celestial fireworks displays that reach their peak between July 28 and Aug. 20.

This year, a bright nearly-full moon will seriously interfere with Perseid meteor observing, so why not take this opportunity to try and view the other six, all but one of which will enjoy dark skies. That minor meteor shower sextet begins on July 28, with the peak of…

NYPD Arrests Captain America and Spider-Man in Crackdown on Times Square Characters



The New York Police Department cracked down on Times Square characters this weekend, arresting Naked Cowboy, Captain America, Spider-Man and Jessie the Cowgirl from Toy Story.

The crackdown followed the Saturday arrest of Junior Bishop, who was dressed as Spider-Man at the time. The practice of dressing up as a kid-friendly character, and taking photos with tourists in exchange for tips, is common in New York’s busy Times Square area. Panhandling is legal in New York, but city officials see…

Google Updates Gmail App With Better Google Drive Integration



While sharing documents and files between Gmail and Google Drive has been a nearly seamless experience on the web for some time, integration between the two apps on the mobile side has been lacking— until now.

Google rolled out an update to Gmail’s iOS app Thursday that makes it easier for users to view and share documents and files between Drive and Gmail.

Gmail users on iOS can now view and save files on Google Drive directly from the…

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Interactive Map Pinpoints Every NYC Reference in Songs



There are countless songs that reference New York City, from its neighborhoods to familiar streets — and now you can see them all on a map.

The specific geography of NYC references in songs is detailed in this long list on Wikipedia, but that’s not very fun or user friendly. Constantine Valhouli, a real estate developer with a knack for viral side projects, got the idea to present the reference in map form

This new project,…

Shazam Debuts Fifth Harmony’s Video as More Artists Test Digital Tactics



Music-identification app Shazam is one of the many unconventional outlets with which artists are experimenting to promote their music. On Tuesday, girl group Fifth Harmony became the latest artists to debut a music video on Shazam before releasing it widely on Vevo and YouTube, where videos normally premiere nowadays

Fifth Harmony’s video for the quintet’s banging dance single “Boss,” which references First Lady Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey to relay the message of female empowerment,…

Symmetrical Photos Give a Breathtaking Bird’s-Eye View of NYC



Looking up at towering skyscrapers is a common sight for many city dwellers, but few get the chance to glance straight down at the bustling streets below.

Architectural photographer Donna Dotan‘s stunning personal photography series “Reflections From Above” captures the beauty of New York City from a bird’s-eye view

By angling her camera straight down from all-glass skyscrapers, the lights of the city are reflected…

Facebook Tries Being A TV Channel With New Mobile Video Player

Facebook Video Player

‘Keep Calm and Carry On’: The Unlikely Success of a Failed Slogan



“Keep Calm and Carry On” is now one of the most

Google Street View Cameras Are Taking Selfies in Museums



When Google launched its Street View project for museums in 2011, the goal was to create an archive of thousands of cultural artifacts around the world.

But something unexpected came of it as well: The cameras are taking selfies in museum mirrors.

In order to document about 250 cultural institutions around the world, Google mounted panoramic cameras on top of trolleys and set them to work.

Mirrors abound inside these…