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Mitt Romney focuses on the poor as he talks 2016 presidential run



SAN DIEGO — Mitt Romney is telling fellow Republicans that he’s weighing another presidential run, one in which he would show more compassion for the nation’s poor and middle class.

In a speech to the Republican National Committee aboard a moored aircraft carrier, the 2012 GOP nominee says he is “giving some serious consideration to the future.”

During his speech, Romney made an artful reference to his last run for the…

Drone video shows scale of destruction at Donetsk airport



The $400 million Donetsk Airport now lies in ruins after months of battles between Ukrainian forces and separatists vying for its control, a video flyby confirms

On Friday, separatist in Donetsk claimed they had taken control of the entire airport that has become a symbol for the struggle for control in the country’s east

Ukrainian authorities were quick to deny the report.

Drone footage taken on Thursday gives an aerial view of the scale of the destruction at the airport that has been at…

Pope Francis says global warming is ‘mostly manmade’



As the United States Senate prepares to vote on a non-binding resolution on whether or not manmade global warming exists, Pope Francis weighed in on the issue with his most extensive and forceful comments on the subject to date

Let’s just say that the pope is not aligned with many Senate Republicans, who doubt the reality and threat of manmade global warming, on this issue.

Speaking to reporters aboard his plane while flying to Manila from Sri Lanka, Pope Francis said the “majority” of…

13 head-turning photo spheres from around the world



Earth is one big and beautiful blue orb and panoramic photography really shows it. If you suffer from wanderlust, these images will make you want to walk into your boss’ office, hold all your calls and go on an adventure

For those who don’t have the privilege of up and leaving your real-work responsibility, Google Maps will do the trick. These interactive, 360-degree photo spheres span across the globe, from the frozen lunar landscape of Antarctica, to the scorching fringes of a volcano…

‘Dying Light’ live-action trailer’s zombie chase over rooftops will make your heart race



When the zombies come, what will you do to escape them?

In the world of Dying Light, scaling buildings, running across rooftops and pulling parkour stunts aren’t always enough. The upcoming title from video-game developer Techland features some of the fastest and most nimble zombies we’ve ever seen — those that are able to match your pace while you try to escape

That frenzied momentum is captured in this live-action trailer,…

Most Snapchat users don’t mind the ads, per a Snapchat-funded study



Most Snapchat users don’t wish that ads in their feeds would disappear, according to a third-party survey of 600 people commissioned by the company

Millward Brown Digital, a global branding consultancy established in 1973, analyzed Snapchat’s first ad products. “Our Stories” and “Brand Stories” went over well with Snapchat’s audience; 60% of users reported they enjoyed Our Stories, and 44% said the same of “Brand Stories.” Those levels of receptivity are three times higher than the norm,…

12 ugly sweaters selfies that took the holidays to the next level



Last week, Mashable partnered with DoSomething.org and Mentor Up to bring you our very own Ugly Sweater Photo Challenge

But we didn’t just ask you to share your ugliest sweater; we wanted you to show an adult how to snap a picture and share it on social media. ‘Tis the season of giving.

What ensued was hilarious. The sweaters were terribly tacky, yes, but the selfies with grandma made our hearts melt. Take a look at our favorites,…

Twitter Users Can Now Track Tweet Impressions, Engagement Numbers Right In The iOS App


You can now explore Google Street View with virtual reality



Google Cardboard, the tech giant’s low-cost virtual reality headset that’s literally made of cardboard and works with phones, is now compatible with Street View.

Google announced on Tuesday that users can wear the headset and experience Google Maps Street View in a new, immersive way

The headset, which costs as little as $10 and is available for purchase online (or you can make one at home), works with any Android phone that can fit…

Say farewell to ‘Colbert Report’ with a Google Street View studio tour



The Colbert Report ends on Thursday, as host Stephen Colbert gears up to become the next host of The Late Show. But for those of us who never made it into the studio audience, Google is offering a tiny silver lining.

Adding to its Google Maps Street View collection, the company is making it possible for users to take a virtual tour of the Colbert Report studio. You can click and scroll through the set up to examine it from different perspectives.