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Political Siri, Big Data Startups Rise Amid Indian Elections


Dropbox Unveils Project Harmony, Mailbox for Android



Dropbox on Wednesday unveiled a suite of fresh apps and Project Harmony, a new collaboration tool for Microsoft Office

Project Harmony allows Dropbox for Business users to see when others are viewing the same Microsoft Office document in real time. Currently, the feature is only compatible with Microsoft Office, but the company said the feature will soon be coming to more applications

Dropbox also unveiled the long-awaited Mailbox for…

What’s the Deal With Facebook’s Privacy Dinosaur?



If you’ve posted to Facebook recently, you may have noticed a new graphic with a prehistoric twist: the privacy dinosaur

The company is testing a pop-up reminder that encourages users to pay attention to who they’re sharing with on its platform, and the privacy dinosaur — a blue laptop-wielding cartoon dinosaur — accompanies the message.

Facebook has been testing the reminder for the past few weeks, and the dinosaur has been a fun, albeit…

Apple Engineer Reveals the Secret History of the iPhone



Apple senior engineer Greg Christie was part of the team that conjured up the iPhone back in 2005. Now, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal — preceding the next chapter in the legal battle between Apple and Samsung — he reveals some of the fascinating details about the device’s early history

Christie, who is credited with a patent for iPhone’s “slide to unlock” feature, describes the original team behind the iPhone as “shockingly small.”

Android Wear Makes the Smartwatch Ecosystem Even More Fragmented



What does the Android Wear announcement mean for Samsung and other Android smartwatch makers? What does it mean for developers?

Tuesday’s debut of Android Wear made it clear that Google is committed to the wearables space, and smartwatches in particular. It makes sense: If wearables are going to be the next big platform, it’s in Google’s best interest to be there and be there early.

Motorola and LG are first out of the gate with Android Wear devices — both expected to debut this summer —…

Comcast’s Uber-Inspired App May Ease Your Hatred of Cable Companies



Comcast wants to roll out an Uber-inspired app to help alleviate the frustrations of customers stuck waiting at home for the cable guy.

CEO Brian Roberts teased an app during an interview with USA Today that would allow customers to make appointments and see the location of Comcast technician’s vehicles. He lauded taxi and car service app Uber as “fantastic.”

Comcast is working to boost its profile and build goodwill ahead of…

Refresh Yourselves on ‘Game of Thrones’ in 25 Minutes



Only a few short weeks remain until Game of Thrones makes a triumphant return to television, which means you have just a few short weeks to clear up the hazy memories that remain of last season

Who’s dead? Who’s alive? Who is where and who is married to whom?

If the Red Wedding is the only thing you can recall from Game of Thrones’ third season, HBO has you covered. In preparation for the premiere of the Season 4 on April 6,…

29 Unbelievably Realistic Scenic Renderings



The magic of 3D rendering has made the dream world more lucid than ever before.

The images below are not photographs, but architectural designs created digitally by talented designers with 3D software. These scenic renderings, curated by 3D model store CG Trader, are some of the most photorealistic examples in the world.

The designs were made for anything from commercial use to school projects to additional portfolio work. While photographers can…

Current Caller ID App Update Protects Users From ‘One-Ring’ Scams



It starts with an incoming call from a number you don’t recognize. Your phone rings once, then the caller hangs up

If you call the number back, you’ll probably be greeted with a recording that asks you to hold for an operator or a similar message. But the 10-digit phone number you just dialed isn’t a U.S. number; it’s an international number that charges by the minute — much like a 1-900 number — and that’s on top of the international fees your carrier charges.

Human Rights Group Accuses Venezuela of Torturing 18 Protesters



The Venezuelan government has tortured 18 protesters since the beginning of the demonstrations in the country, according to a local human rights organization.

The Foro Penal Venezolano, an association of human rights lawyers, is keeping track of the number of people detained and arrested as a result of the protests that have been sweeping Venezuela for more than two weeks. The group reports that there have been 18 cases of “torture,” with authorities beating up protesters, and there’s even a…