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Implosion takes down American Airlines’ headquarters in mesmerizing footage



This old American Airlines’ building was demolished, and the footage will make you want to hit replay. We won’t be able to explain why, except for the fact that it simply looks awesome. Read more…

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Either Trump Wrote His Own Press Release or He Had a 4th-Grader Do It

Under normal circumstance, we try to stick to policy in our defense of conservatism and America. Rarely do we make fun of anyone for being silly; that’s the stuff for rags like Salon or Gawker. However, the way that a Presidential candidate communicates gives us insight into how they would act if elected and Donald Trump’s self-written press release is a clear example that this man is not fit to be President.

At this point, we haven’t confirmed that it was written directly by Trump but after…

YouTube is building a new version of its app for virtual reality



MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — YouTube will soon have a much better virtual reality experience.

Google is making a standalone YouTube app for Daydream, the company’s newly-announced Android-based virtual reality platform.

Watch The Lonely Island sing ‘I’m On A Boat’ with Jimmy Fallon and the Roots



If you had access to the Internet in 2009, then you remember The Lonely Island’s

Demi Lovato grills Nick Jonas about his dating history in Carpool Karaoke



Carpool Karaoke is back again, and this time it’s Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas joining James Corden behind the wheel.

As well as the usual epic harmonising and quirky anecdotes, there’s also an entertaining sequence where Lovato, Jonas and Corden (or “JND,” as they’re keen to be known) play on a street corner in front of some mildly bemused onlookers.

Oh, and Nick Jonas gets a thorough…

Scotland’s independence party fails to win a majority in key elections



The pro-independence Scottish National Party (SNP) Friday secured a third term in government with an historic third consecutive victory in the county’s parliamentary elections.

With all seats declared, the SNP had secured 63 compared to the Conservatives with 31, Labour with 24, Liberal-Democrats with five, and six for the Green Party.

However, despite their extraordinary performance the SNP failed to win enough seats…

Golfer Stewart Cink quits PGA Tour to support wife Lisa after breast cancer diagnosis



Pro golfer Stewart Cink says his wife Lisa has been his “biggest supporter” since their teenage years.

Golfer Stewart Cink quits PGA Tour to support wife Lisa after breast cancer diagnosis



Pro golfer Stewart Cink says his wife Lisa has been his “biggest supporter” since their teenage years.

Good genes: Mom, son to make history competing at 2016 Olympics together



If 18-year-old Tsotne Machavariani gets nervous competing in his first Olympics this summer, he’ll have one teammate he can really count on: his mother.

Why you shouldn’t believe every single iPhone ‘leak’ and rumor



The iPhone 7 will not have a headphone jack. It will have a headphone jack. It won’t have a headphone jack.

The rumor mill just can’t decide if Apple will kill the headphone jack on its next iPhone or not.

For months, speculation has been the iPhone 7 will be the first iPhone to eschew the 50-something-year-old 3.5mm audio jack. Apple will reportedly release new Lightning port-based earbuds and headphones to…