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Uber driver accused of rape after company promises better background checks



An Uber driver in Boston has been charged with raping his passenger — less than a day after the company promised it would “develop more ways … to ensure the safety of riders.”

The driver, 46-year old Alejandro Done, was arraigned without bail in Cambridge, Massachusetts, late Wednesday. Prosecutors allege he told a female passenger she’d need to pay in cash, drove her to an ATM, got in the back with her, locked the car, covered her mouth and sexually assaulted her

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Facebook now auto-enhances photos posted from iPhones



Facebook is taking a page out of Google+‘s playbook, and is now automatically editing photos posted to the social network from mobile devices.

Smartphones and apps have made photographers out of everyone; the problem is that many of us still don’t have pro-level photo-editing skills. Now, when a Facebook user posts an image using the iOS app, it is automatically “enhanced” for clarity, lighting and shadow. What’s more, they won’t have to decide between individual filters, like on Instagram….

7 things you need to know about the last sequential date in your mortal life



It’s a bittersweet day for mathletes: Dec. 1 or 12/13/14, marks the last sequential date of the century.

Unless you count 01/02/34, but who does that? That doesn’t count

Being that most people reading this will probably not be alive when the next sequential date rolls around in 2103, we’ve decided to commemorate this important day with a few pertinent details — significant facts for a significant day.

1. The next sequential date…

Barry confronts Reverse-Flash in ‘Flash’ midseason finale sneak peek



Barry Allen is going to come face-to-face with his mother’s killer in the Flash midseason finale — and Mashable has a sneak peek at the big moment

In the above video, Barry, of course, does not call Reverse-Flash by that name, but he nonetheless has no doubt that the man in the yellow suit is the one he saw on that fateful night when he was just a boy. And now he wants answers

Those, however, probably won’t come easy

Stripe is the breakthrough startup of 2014



Patrick and John Collison were walking home from dinner one night in October 2009, talking yet again about their latest idea for an online payments company, when John stopped and turned to his brother

“Why don’t we just go build it?” John said, as Patrick later recalled. “It probably won’t be all that hard.”

Never mind that the payments industry was notoriously complex and already home to major, established tech companies like PayPal. Never mind that Patrick was just 21 and John was still a…

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Black Friday sees record-breaking online shopping



Although there was no shortage of in-store mayhem this Black Friday, shoppers are increasingly opting to take advantage of the major discounts online—and on their phones— new reports show.

Black Friday online sales broke new records this year, according to new data from IBM, with mobile traffic outpacing PC traffic for the first time ever leading up to Black Friday.

Analyzing customer transaction data, IBM found that on…

16 TV shows you should catch up on during Thanksgiving weekend



Finding a TV show to marathon is not a difficult task by any means, but the problem with the lists upon lists that purport to aid you in the discovery of a series worth binge-watching is that they aren’t exactly useful when your free time consists of only a few days

Thus, as Thanksgiving approaches — and, if you have an especially thanks-worthy life, a four-day weekend — Mashable has culled a list that won’t tell you to marathon The West Wing or Breaking Bad while drifting in and out of your…

Facebook Launches Standalone Groups App To Stoke Micro-Sharing

Facebook Groups

Built In Brooklyn: HowAboutWe Is An Online Dating Service With An Offline Focus

HowAboutWe founders

‘Real World/Road Rules Challenge’ star Diem Brown dies after cancer battle



Diem Brown, a former Real World/Road Rules challenge competitor turned prolific blogger, has died following a battle with cancer. She was 32

Three weeks before debuting on MTV’s Real World/Road Rules Challenge in 2006, Brown was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, but kept her diagnosis a secret until the first competition. She went on to place fourth that season

After completing treatment and entering remission, she went on to compete in another Challenge, The Duel. While on the mend, Brown was…