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NBA Star Damian Lillard Is So Awkward in New Foot Locker Ad



If you want to be a true sports star, then you’d better put a ring on it.

That’s the message in a new ad from Foot Locker and Adidas featuring NBA All-Star Damian Lillard, who just inked a massive, eight-year deal with Adidas. Lillard’s deal is believed to be the third-largest shoe contract in the league — behind only Chicago’s Derrick Rose and Miami’s LeBron James — so the Portland Trail Blazers guard is in good company.

The Boston Stories You Must Read Today



In the year since two brothers allegedly set off a pair of bombs at the Boston Marathon, online outlets have published stories remembering the victims, investigating the perpetrators and spotlighting the survivors.

On April 15, 2013, the two blasts at the finish line killed three people and injured at least 260 others. The Boston Globe on Monday won a Pulitzer for its coverage of the bombing. We’ve rounded up some…

Google Buys Drone Firm That Facebook Pursued, Too



Google has purchased Titan Aerospace, a maker of drones that Facebook was reportedly interested in buying as well

“Titan Aerospace and Google share a profound optimism about the potential for technology to improve the world,” Google said in a statement provided to Mashable. “It’s still early days, but atmospheric satellites could help bring internet access to millions of people, and help solve other problems, including disaster relief and environmental damage like deforestation. It’s why…

Ionut Budisteanu: Engineering an Affordable Self Driving Car



Scientific innovation, particularly the kind found at student science fairs and competitions, is thrilling. There’s a sense of amazement when an individual accomplishes something ingenious or wildly clever. Enthusiasm is contagious among fair participants, who’ve been encouraged to lean into their brainpower. Maybe the best part: These young innovators can — and truly want to — use their intellect to make life better for all. Twenty-year-old Romanian computer scientist Ionut Budisteanu, who…

9 Children’s Book Morals for Adulthood



You don’t need to have kids in your life to revisit some of your favorite childhood storybooks

It turns out, a lot of the lessons in children’s books are still relevant throughout adulthood — and they’re even clearer when you don’t have to pause to sound out the words.

Before flipping through a season of Girls to cope with your growing pains, try picking up a classic from your past. (We won’t judge if you grab a juice box to go with…

72% of Americans Refuse Google Glass Over Privacy Concerns: Report



The main reason why Americans won’t wear Google Glass isn’t its high price or the less-than-stellar reputation of some of its users — it’s privacy.

A recent poll, conducted by market-research firm Toluna, found 72% of Americans cited privacy concerns as the biggest reason for not wanting to wear Glass.

Those polled were especially concerned about the possibility of hackers accessing personal data and revealing personal information,…

23 Potential Replacements for David Letterman



David Letterman announced on Thursday that he would retire in 2015, sending the comedic world in a frenzy.

The late night host debuted in 1982 with Late Night on NBC, then left in 1992 for Late Show on CBS, which debuted a year later

Letterman’s departure follows Jay Leno’s from Tonight Show — a spot that Letterman was once intended for — which has since been taken over by Jimmy Fallon. This left most of us wondering who will claim…

Google to Launch Improved Android Camera App, Report Says



Android users may soon see a series of new features on their devices’ camera app.

Google is reportedly working on a major update to Android’s camera app, which will include a new mode for taking portraits, as well as revamped panorama and Portrait Sphere modes.

Citing “sources aware of Google’s plans,” Engadget said Google is currently testing the new app, which will be pushed to Android users as a separate update, and won’t be part of the forthcoming…

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Caught Insulting Allies, U.S. Diplomat Calls Taped F-Bomb ‘Tactical’



Some call the leak a “new low in Russian tradecraft.” Others “a wake up call about the way you do business.”

But the State Department official caught saying “fuck the EU” in a bugged phone conversation about the future of Ukraine — which was promptly leaked to YouTube — has a new way of referring to the incident.

Assistant Secretary Victoria Nuland, who leads the State Department’s Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs and had yet to comment on the diplomatic diss (aside to say she won’t…

Search Area for Flight 370 Expanded After New Clues



The search area rescuers are combing in the hunt for Malaysia Airlines flight 370 shifted several hundred miles on Friday to an area northeast of the original search corridor.

Radar tracking information suggested that the jetliner flew faster and burned fuel more quickly than authorities originally thought.

Shortly after the search was shifted, a New Zealand military plane found objects floating in the…