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What Will We Do With a 12.9-Inch iPad?



By this time next month, the rumors about a new, larger iPhone will be put to rest. By next year, if those rumors hold true, we’ll also have the super-sized 12.9-inch iPad alongside the regular 9.7-inch model and the mini

It’s a product I don’t fully understand, but there are scenarios in which a bigger iPad is truly better.

It’s not the first time we’re heard the giant iPad rumor, and it won’t be the last, either. If you listen to analysts and…

‘Mad Men’ at the Emmys: Can Hamm, Moss & Hendricks Get Its Groove Back?



Mad Men was on a roll going into the 2012 Emmy Awards. For the previous four years, the period drama had beat out, among others, the final season of Lost, the final season of Friday Night Lights and the debut season of HBO phenomenon Game of Thrones and walked away with arguably the prize of the night, Outstanding Drama Series.

But 2012 proved to be the upset — Homeland scored the trophy, breaking the streak that still has yet to start again. (Breaking Bad won in 2013.)

Moreover, Mad Men has…

11 Weirdest Moments at the 2014 VMAs



Perhaps the weirdest part of the MTV Video Music Awards was the total lack of weird.

To be fair, it’s hard to follow Miley Cyrus’ infamous tongue-flicking acid trip of a performance from last year. But, still, this year had so much potential — Nicki Minaj had even enlisted dangerous reptiles

While this year likely won’t stick out in VMAs history, here are a few bizzaro things to keep you on top of the celeb gossip at work.

Have something to…

Drones Don’t Just Star In ‘The November Man’ – They Helped Make It



We saw drones firing missiles at Jeremy Renner in The Bourne Legacy, but in the spy game, those clunky old warbirds have got nothing on the stealthy eye-in-the-sky drones of The November Man.

Starring former 007 Pierce Brosnan, The November Man has modern hovering drones woven into the story: As the deadly ex-CIA agent stalks his mark, a drone is stalking him, allowing his team of handlers to coordinate his every move.

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“The drones are always…

The ‘Communist Agitators’ Blamed for Inciting Unrest in Ferguson



At a few minutes after 9 p.m. last Wednesday night in Ferguson, Missouri, a crowd of protesters, led by a self-proclaimed communist with a bullhorn, faced off against a line of St. Louis County police.

The man, who was white and appeared to be in his late-50′s, wore a black T-shirt that displayed the words “the system has no future for the youth, the revolution does,” and sang a song about revolution.

”Won’t be…

Facebook Takes A Stand With Free Access To Women’s Rights Info In Africa


For the New York Times, a Profit Shortfall



It’s the same old story for the New York Times: Digital subscriptions continue to rise, but not enough to offset falling revenues and earnings.

Profit fell 21% to $55.7 million or $0.07 a share, versus the average analyst estimate of $0.085 in The New York Times Company’s second quarter. An overall 4.1% slump in overall ad revenues weighed on the results as did increased investments in “strategic initiatives,” the company said.

A 32,000…

Three Out-of-Print J.D. Salinger Stories Are Now Legally Republished



Right under the noses of J.D. Salinger fans and the publishing world, three out-of-print short stories by Salinger were legally republished and have been available since May.

The stories “The Young Folks,” “Go See Eddie” and “Once a Week Won’t Kill You” were published by small, independent publisher Devault-Graves after a very careful, arduous process of acquiring the rights.

According to their website, the book, entitled Three Early Stories,…

There’s No Photobomb Like a Queen of England Photobomb



Here’s a selfie photobomb to rule them all — no, really. The Queen of England is in it.

Hockey players Jayde Taylor and Anna Flanagan captured one of the most regal selfies of all time, featuring the one and only Queen Elizabeth. Better yet, the Queen is actually smiling — a rarity for Her Majesty.

The picture was taken at the Glasgow National Hockey Centre where the Commonwealth Games are currently taking place. Taylor and…

Why Facebook and Twitter Are Embracing Ecommerce



Likes and retweets are fine, but the new buzz word at Facebook and Twitter seems to be “buy.”

Facebook announced on Thursday that it has begun testing a Buy button that appears on ads and Page posts from a select group of businesses in the U.S. In effect, that means users can now purchase products advertised by these businesses without leaving the social network.

Just a few hours later, Twitter announced that it had acquired CardSpring, a…