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‘Maleficent’ director ready to ‘set a foundation’ with first film for Oculus



PARK CITY, Utah — Oculus won’t wait for Hollywood to produce virtual-reality movies for Rift, choosing the tech-drenched Sundance Film Festival to announce Story Studio, an original content imprint with Pixar alum Saschka Unseld at the helm and Maleficent director onboard to create its first project.

The untitled Stromberg project is already in development with the new team, which hopes to release it in the next few months.

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Left wing Syriza meeting with right wing Independent Greeks seeking coalition



Greece’s left-wing Syriza party is preparing to launch coalition talks hours after a landmark general election victory fought on a pledge to rewrite the country’s massive bailout deal with the eurozone.

Alexis Tsipras’ Syriza just missed a majority in parliament after defeating Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’ conservative coalition by a wider than expected margin.

With 99.8% of the vote counted, Syriza won 149 seats in the 300-member…

The weak euro is good for something: A European vacation



Currency exchange rates have never made a European getaway look so good — at least not since more than a decade ago.

The value of the dollar against the euro is at its highest in years. At about $1.12 to 1 euro on Jan. 25, it’s the most favorable exchange rate for the American currency since 2003. In the years since, the relative value of the euro has varied between $1.26 and $1.60.

In a Mashable survey conducted by SurveyMonkey, 53%…

Obama burns Republicans in ultimate State of the Union comeback



President Obama had a sassy response to his Republican critics in what may be the greatest State of the Union comeback in American history.

Reading from prepared remarks Tuesday night to the entirety of the American government (minus one), Obama said “I have no more campaigns to run.” That remark elicited applause from his critics in the crowd, who were all too happy to see him go.

But Obama wasn’t done, snapping back: “I know…

Mark Zuckerberg throws shade at Google Glass



You probably won’t see Mark Zuckerberg wearing smartglasses anytime soon

During a live Q&A session in Bogota, Colombia Wednesday, the Facebook cofounder and CEO was asked by an audience member how he imagines Facebook may look in 10 years, with Google Glass mentioned in the question as one example of how technology is changing. While he didn’t mention Glass specifically in his response, he suggested that Google’s product and smartglasses in general still have a long way to go.

“In another 10…

Hockey player clotheslines himself in this painful Vine



For anyone who’s ever performed an epic public fail then tried to play it off all cool like nothing happened: This is for you. In other words: This for all of us

Mitchell Skiba is a junior hockey player for the Alpena Flyers in Alpena, Michigan. While skating off the ice after being ejected in a recent game, he — there’s no other way to put this — somehow managed to clothesline himself. It looks painful, but we also can’t stop watching the clip over and over again

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Ohio State won the title but the Oregon duck mascot won the Internet



Ohio State pounded Oregon behind 246 yards and four touchdowns from running back Ezekiel Elliott to win college football’s first playoff national championship 42-20 on Monday night

So yes, the Buckeyes won the title. But a Vine of Puddles, more colloquially known as the Oregon duck mascot, won the Internet

It’s beautiful in its simplicity, really — just that goofy Oregon duck mascot taking the field like some…

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The evolution of video, from technicolor to streaming to 4K



Tech Time Machine:

The Evolution of Video

By Eli Epstein

presented by

Today, when we watch a Facebook video on our smartphone or a CGI-drenched film on Netflix, we tend to overlook the tremendous progress that’s been made in the fields of filmmaking and video formatting this past century.

From the cinematograph in 1895, to the first consumer camcorders in the 1980s, and 4k resolution and stereoscopic 3D graphics in the aughts, video pioneers have continued to invent new ways of creating and…

How to get around China’s blocking of Gmail



When the Chinese government cut off direct access to Gmail in June, Internet users responded by using Gmail third-party clients

That route, though, was blocked this weekend when the Chinese government closed a gap in its Great Firewall.

However, there is still a way for Chinese Internet users to access Gmail by using software commonly known as VPNs or “virtual private networks.”

VPNs can get around China’s firewall…

20 people who really owned the whole DIY thing this Christmas



Congratulations, Internet. You’ve just won Christmas.

The holidays are the perfect time to bake, decorate and do all kinds of artsy things with your friends and family — and no one understands that more than these craft-obsessed individuals

While some people bake a batch of cookies or spend an afternoon making a few ornaments for their holiday crafting, these people go above and beyond the call of DIY duty to make creative, one-of-a-kind pieces of…