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Nepal desperate for supplies as death toll soars past 3,700



Nepal Earthquake

A Nepalese man carries his belongings from earthquake debris in Bhaktapur, on the outskirts of Kathmandu on April 27.

Image: Niranjan Shrestha/Associated Press

Shelter, fuel, food, medicine, power, news, workers — Nepal’s earthquake-hit capital was short on everything Monday as its people searched for lost loved ones, sorted through rubble for their belongings and struggled to provide for their families’ needs. In much of the countryside, it was worse, though how much worse was only beginning…

Here’s your first look at the new face of war in ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 3′



Mechs. Transforming chaingun hands. Some kind of lethal firefly swarm. These are your new tools of destruction in

Thousands call for removal of ‘beach body’ adverts amid online backlash



LONDON — Over 40,000 people have signed a petition calling for the removal of an advert that’s been deemed body shaming amid an online backlash.

Protein World’s ad campaign, which features a woman in a bikini and various products in the company’s “weight loss collection,” asks the question: Are you beach body ready?

It angered a lot of people – but the company aren’t backing down.

The posters have been defaced dozens of times,…

Indonesia will execute death-row prisoners in the coming days



Indonesia notified nine foreigners and a local man convicted of drug trafficking that their executions will be carried out within days, ignoring appeals by the U.N. chief and foreign leaders to spare them.

Authorities also asked the four Nigerian men, two Australian men, a Filipino woman, and one man each from Brazil, France and Indonesia for their last wish, the spokesman for the attorney general, Tony Spontana, said Sunday.

Makeshift amusement parks on the outskirts of Pakistani towns offer good times and hope



There are more than 400 amusement parks in the United States. There are more than 300 amusement parks in Europe. But in Pakistan, large commercial amusement parks are far fewer in number, and even those are too far away or too expensive for many families to enjoy.

As a result, makeshift amusement parks are constructed on the outskirts of Pakistani towns. These constructs may not be “The Happiest Place on Earth,” but the children who frequent them are thrilled by the merry-go-rounds, ferris…

In a world-first, new docking system means drones can refuel in mid-air



Drones are being used for everything from rounding up sheep to crowd control, but one significant hurdle is holding up progress — the limited endurance levels of most unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

One New Zealand-born man

Death toll in Nepal quake rises to more than 3,200



The death toll from Nepal’s earthquake rose to 3,218 on Monday, two days after the massive quake ripped across this Himalayan nation, leaving tens of thousands shell-shocked and sleeping in streets.

Aid groups received the first word from remote mountain villages — reports that suggested many communities perched on mountainsides were devastated or struggling to cope.

Landslides hindered rescue teams that tried to…

Build Your Own Solar Panel System

The failure of the North 2003 affected 45 million people in eight US states. Those who use alternative energy sources like solar panels have been able to benefit from its independence from the network. No food is spoiled in refrigerators, not sitting in the dark for them. The Council on Foreign Relations, a think tank, said the electricity consumption and production have steadily expanded, resulting in increased load on a system is not designed for such a large load, which means that

British boy charged with Australian Islamic State-inspired terrorism plot



British authorities on Thursday charged a 14-year-old boy with terrorism offenses in connection with an alleged plot to attack a war memorial ceremony in Australia.

The Crown Prosecution Service said the boy, who has not been named for legal reasons, allegedly incited another person to carry out an attack at a Veterans’ Day parade in Australia with the aim of killing or causing serious injury to people.

The boy is…

3 baby tigers abandoned by their mother are safe and sound at zoo



Three male Amur tiger cubs were born April 21 at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Powell, Ohio.

The baby tigers each weighed 2.5 pounds (1.1 kilograms) at birth, which falls within the typical range of 1.5 to 3 pounds (0.7 to 1.4 kg) for tiger cubs, according to zoo staff. An animal care team monitored the babies closely over a live video feed, and when their mother’s maternal instincts didn’t kick in, the team rushed in to nurse and care for the cubs themselves.