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‘House of Cards’ premiere: A darkly comic intro to ‘The ultimate power couple’



LONDON — After a sneak peek at the darkly comic Season 3 House of Cards premiere that introduced President Frank and First Lady Claire Underwood, stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright took turns name-dropping real presidents — with Spacey slipping into character as Bill Clinton.

“I love that House of Cards,” Spacey said, imitating the former commander-in-chief’s Arkansan drawl during a Q&A after the episode aired. “99% of what they do on the show is real. The 1% that isn’t is that you can’t…

Marijuana is legal in Washington, D.C. — kind of



As of midnight on 12:01 a.m. Thursday, marijuana became legal in Washington, D.C. But those looking to smoke a joint on the National Mall or have a puff while strolling past the White House are in for a disappointment.

The District of Columbia is the first jurisdiction on the East Coast to legalize recreational use of pot after the city’s voters approved the measure in a November vote, joining Washington state, Alaska and Colorado in making marijuana lawful for recreational use.

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The evolution of ‘Jihadi John’ as the masked face of ISIS



A well-known mouthpiece of the Islamic State (ISIS) militants, who came to be known as ‘Jihadi John’ after appearing in several of the group’s violent propaganda videos, was identified Thursday

According to reports, the man behind the mask is Mohammed Emwazi from West London, who became infamous after appearing in at least six different videos released by the group since August that show the detention and execution of foreigners taken hostage by the group.

First human head transplant could be possible by 2017, surgeon claims



LONDON — It might sound like something from a science fiction movie, but an Italian doctor says full-body transplants, where a living person’s head would be attached to a donor body, could be possible in two years.

Sergio Canavero, of the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group in Italy, first proposed the idea of transplanting a head onto someone else’s body in 2013, but he’s moving things forward by…

Welsh nosh: 5 delicious dishes for St. David’s Day



On March 1, Wales celebrates its patron saint Dewi Sant — or Saint David — who is said to have died on that date in 589 A.D. He was a Welsh bishop, teacher and preacher who founded various churches across the country, between pilgramages across the wider world

The Welsh celebrate St. David’s Day by wearing a daffodil or a leek (both national emblems) in parades, parties and processions. And as with any decent feast day, there’s also quite a bit of eating to be done.

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Earth’s other ‘moon’ could reveal mysteries of the solar system



We all know and love the moon. We’re so assured that we only have one that we don’t even give it a specific name. It is the second-brightest object in the night sky, and amateur astronomers take great delight in mapping its craters and seas. To date, it is the only other heavenly body with human footprints.

What you might not know is that the moon is not the Earth’s only natural satellite. As recently as 1997, we discovered that another body, 3753 Cruithne, is what’s called a quasi-orbital…

Forget food and guns, the first 3D-printed jet engines have arrived



One day there are 3D-printed Oreos, the next there are 3D-printed jet engines. The world of 3D printing has taken off, with the latest development straight out of Australia.

Researchers at Monash University in Melbourne with help from the CSIRO and Deakin University have printed not one, but two metal jet engines

The proof-of-concept prototype in partnership with the Monash’s commercial arm, Amaero Engineering, has already piqued the interest of international aerospace companies, such as…

Snippets of life from refugees who have fled the Islamic State



Millions of Iraqis and Syrians have fled the onslaught of the Islamic State, the radical group that seems hellbent on carving out a pseudo-state in the Middle East

The people who have run from ISIS have tried to make temporary homes at refugee camps in Jordan, Turkey, parts of Iraq and elsewhere, but many of them have little with which to make a new life. Some left their homes with nothing other than what they wore

What it would be like to live on the moon



The idea of building a lunar outpost has long captured people’s imaginations. But what would it really be like to live on the moon?

Space exploration has long focused on the moon, with Earth’s satellite the setting for a number of significant missions. A 1959 Soviet spacecraft photographed the moon’s far side for the first time, and in 1969, NASA landed people on the lunar surface for the first time. Numerous missions followed, including NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, which beamed home…

Dramatic house explosion in New Jersey captured on police dashcam



A police dashcam has captured the moment a house exploded in New Jersey, injuring fifteen people.

The blast, which was thought to have been caused by a ruptured gas main, happened 90 minutes after police received a report of strong gas smells during Tuesday in the Oak Avenue and Cedar Run area of Stafford Township.

Two of the fifteen injured people were taken to a hospital in Atlantic City where they’re said to be in…