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UK vinyl sales pass 1 million mark for first time in 18 years



LONDON — It’s been dismissed as pastime for hipsters, but collecting vinyl is once again big business — a

Londoners chant ‘hands up don’t shoot’ as Ferguson protests spread



Protesters gathered at the U.S. Embassy in London on Wednesday in the latest solidarity demonstration to spring up in the wake of the Ferguson grand jury decision

While protests spread like wildfire across the U.S. on Monday and Tuesday, activists across the Atlantic have now taken to the streets. Hundreds gathered at the U.S. Embassy in London on Wednesday night before marching through the city.

Calls for police…

French inventor claims his pills make farts smell like chocolate



Christian Poincheval is a 65-year-old French inventor who has dedicated the past eight years of his life to making farts smell better.

He claims that his Lutin Malin — which translates to “crafty imp” — line of pills ease digestion and “perfume” farts into smelling like roses or violets. Poincheval claims that his newest creation, just in time for the holidays, makes farts smell like chocolate.

According to Poincheval’s…

Ferguson library offers hope in community rattled by violence



In the midst of a community rattled by violence, a library has become the symbol of resilience.

While local schools have been forced to shut their doors and businesses have been boarded up in Ferguson, Missouri, the Ferguson Municipal Public Library has stayed open, offering support for a community on edge.

“We are a public library, we serve the whole public. Every human being in Ferguson is welcome to come in those…

3 great smartphones to look for on Black Friday



If you’ve been holding out all year from getting a new smartphone, you made a wise move: All the new fall models are finally available, and they’re some of the best phones we’ve seen in years. From big batteries to big screens to big specs, this season’s smartphone harvest has something for everyone.

Here are our picks for the top phones for the 2014 holiday:

Good: Droid Turbo ($199 with a 2-year contract for 32GB)

Motorola Droid Turbo

With the

Amazon cuts the price of unlocked Fire Phone to $199



Aiming to fuel sales of its struggling Fire Phone, Amazon has cut the price again and is now throwing in a free year of Prime to try to unload the item as the holidays hit.

When Amazon launched the phone in July, it sold for $649 unlocked or $199 with a two-year contract. This week, Amazon cut the unlocked price to $199. The latest price cut, first reported by Re/code comes after Amazon had already knocked $200 off the price of an unlocked model. In September, it also cut the price with a…

Brown family attorney: ‘This process is broken’



During a press briefing on Tuesday, Michael Brown’s family vowed to continue their push for justice, citing a ‘broken’ grand jury process as the reason Officer Darren Wilson wasn’t indicted in the shooting death of 18-year-old Brown.

“We could foresee what the outcome was going to be, and that’s exactly what occurred last night,” said family Attorney Benjamin Crump. “A first year law student would have done a better job cross examining than the…

Pope Francis calls on Europe to be more accepting of immigrants



Pope Francis used a visit to Strasbourg, France, to deliver a message to the European Parliament on Tuesday, encouraging them to change the way it currently treats immigrants

The pontiff, who is the first non-European pope in more than 1,000 years, said Europe needs to craft a unified and fair immigration policy. The last pope to address the Parliament was John Paul II in 1988.

Francis said the tens of thousands of…

Mycestro hands on: An innovative wireless mouse, with compromises



When the finger-mounted “3D mouse” called Mycestro blew through its Kickstarter funding goal last year, it seemed like the device might be a hit. The makers of the device were only looking for $100,000, but ended up raising over $350,000 by the time the campaign was over

But now, nearly a year after the device began shipping to the crowdfunding backers of the device, and after all the initial excitement, we haven’t heard much chatter about the device. That could change now that the company…

15 creative parents who raised the bar in 2014



Some parents go above and beyond posting cute pictures of their kids on Facebook.

Whether they’re bringing new life into the world or just bringing smiles to their kids’ faces, many moms and dads put their creativity to the test with photography series, DIY projects and viral videos in 2014.

These ingenious parents deserve a hand. Without them, the Internet wouldn’t have those cute baby YouTube videos to watch all year. Read more…