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Following Login Changes, Facebook Extends Social Login Dominance



Facebook‘s recent login changes are returning some measurable, positive results.

The social network has extended its dominance in the area of social logins, now claiming 55% of all social logins, according to recent data from Gigya, social-login provider for customers like Verizon, CNN and ABC. Clicking “log in with Facebook” on a site — or Twitter or Yahoo, for that matter — is considered part of the social login market; Facebook is used more than half the time.

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Mamabear Raises $1.4 Million For A Parenting App That Monitors Children’s Social Media Use And More


10 Ways to Dress Like an Adult Baby



Millennials love two things: living with their parents and dressing like adult-sized babies

Plastic shoes, one-piece jumpers and bucket hats are fine sartorial choices for the trendy, ’90s-obsessed hipster

And really, who wouldn’t want to dress like a baby? An outfit inspired by your favorite two-year-old rolls comfort and irony into one perfectly nostalgic package.

You haven’t left your fondness for Rugrats behind, so why…

‘Prison Break’ Alum Wentworth Miller to Play Capt. Cold on ‘Flash’



Capt. Cold is coming to CW’s Flash

The executive producers announced Friday that the character — who’s also known as Leonard Snart — would debut in episode 4 of the freshman season, which kicks off in October, and will be played by Prison Break alum Wentworth Miller. “We’ll be seeing his origin and the origin of the Rogues,” said executive producer Andrew Kreisberg during a panel for the show during the Television Critics Association press tour

Amazon’s First Fire Phone Ad Is All About the Content



A month after announcing its first smartphone, Amazon has rolled out its first ad for the Fire Phone, which places heavy emphasis on Amazon’s content.

The ad features a woman in her 30s who overhears two kids chatting at a cafe

“So what you got on deck?” one kid asks. “Skyfall, Lean In and Pinterest,” says one. “You?”

“Twitter, Minecraft and then some Hunger Games,” answers the other. Then, the kids then explain that the…

20% of Colleges Flout Federal Law in Handling Sexual Assault, Report Finds



College rape survivors and activists have claimed for years that schools fail to fully investigate sexual assaults and offer survivors adequate support — and a survey of 440 four-year institutions by the office of Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) backs up these assertions.

Among other shortcomings, the report, released last Wednesday, finds widespread disregard for federal law and Title IX regulations in reporting and investigation practices. It also finds the phenomenon of athletic…

Google Ventures Says Uber Will Be Worth More Than Toyota



As quickly as Uber has grown, it’s hardly been easy street for the startup. The car-booking service has faced massive protests from cabbies in Europe. It’s been the target of lawsuits and regulatory scrutiny in the U.S. And it now finds itself in a race to hire drivers, dangling

The Beach Is the Top Vacation Destination, Survey Says



What is the ultimate vacation destination around the world? There’s no contest: the beach.

And its popularity is on the rise. In a survey released Monday, 56% of worldwide respondents said they had taken a beach vacation in the past year, and 75% said they will likely take a beach vacation in the next year. That’s up from last year, when 46% said they had taken a beach vacation, and 64% said they were likely to in the next year.

“The beach…

The 410 Million-Year-Old Spider Climbed Up the Water Spout



Scientists have recreated the movements of an ancient arachnid, and luckily for us, they have done so with computer software.

A team of paleontologists digitally rebuilt fossils from the Natural History Museum in London to model a trigonotarbid, a precursor to modern spiders. They scanned thin slices of fossilized legs and used specialized software to construct a 3D model of the spider, layer by layer.

Final Season of ‘Boardwalk Empire’ Gets a Premiere Date



The end is nigh for HBO’s Boardwalk Empire

The cable network today announced that the fifth and final season of the period drama will bow Sept. 7 and consist of eight episodes

The announcement comes on the heels of Thursday’s Emmy Awards nominations, in which the Steve Buscemi-led series received seven nominations, including Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series. Last year, Bobby Cannavale walked away with the Supporting Actor in a Drama win

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